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Palace makes gays go stag.

Guests invited to Buckingham Palace will no longer be allowed to bring along domestic partners as a result of a recent incident in which two men kissed at a reception, The Sunday [London] Times reported June 13. Invitations had been extended to gay couples ever since Prince Charles invited Culture secretary Chris Smith to bring his partner to a reception a year and a half ago. The prince has also invited the partners of Sir Elton John and Sir Ian McKellen to palace events. In March, however, two gay priests kissed at a reception. Prince Charles's father, Prince Philip, who was not present at the event, was apparently upset enough to reverse the policy to its original form, which allows invitations to only married partners of palace guests.
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Title Annotation:Buckingham Palace to discontinue policy of allowing gays to bring partners to events due to priests who kissed at 1998 reception
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jul 20, 1999
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