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Pakistani journalists slammed for actions.

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Pakistani journalists slammed for actions

It is, indeed, a disappointing and damningAa indictment of someAa psuedo Pakistani journalists reflected by some key appointments made in the last few weeks.Shaihid Masood has cashed in onAa his deliberate anti Musharraf onslaught and is now the Chairman ofAa Pakistan Television as a reward from his masters. So is the case with Javed Malik who has bagged the lolly for a Diplomatic assignment. Hussain Haqqani has already been gifted the Ambassadorship to the USA.Both Malik and Haqqani hold British and American nationalities respectively. How can they be Ambassadors for Pakistan when their allegiance is elsewhere?

It is a farce.None of these journalistsAa eitherAa find anything wrong with Pakistan now or consider America as an enemy of Pakistan. (See their broad grins on TV screens when they talk about Bush, Cheney or Condoleeza Rice!) What a shame

Waleed Mohammad


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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jul 30, 2008
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