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Pakistan and TI ranking.

Byline: Naeem Abbas - Thul, Jacobabad

TRANSPARENCY International's latest report regarding corruption rankings shows Pakistan performance is quite abysmal. It has been placed at 120th out of 180 countries, which is three notches down than last year.

Despite the government's strict modus operandi to cap corrupt practices and its aggressive stance on the issue, it seems all government attempts to eradicate corruption have proved futile.

The Transparency International's report will not only result in undermining the government's efforts on recuing corruption but also providing opposition political parties an opportunity to strengthen their position. Above all, the country's image of being a good place for investment will take a battering.

It is, therefore, an opportune time for the government to re-evaluate its strategies and analyse what has gone wrong and plug the loopholes before it is too late.

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Author:Naeem Abbas - Thul, Jacobabad
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Feb 11, 2020
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