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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (February 14, 2020)

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Abattoir based Sero-Survey of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis in Bovines in District Faisalabad-Pakistan. Rais Ahmed, Muhammad Khalid Mansoor, Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Hammad Hussain, Amja 3116
Amino Acid Substitutions in Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone Receptor Genes Mutants in Camelus dromedarius. Sajida Sabahat, Asif Nadeem, Maryam Javed, Muhammad Yasir Zahoor, Shahid and Abu Saeed Hashmi 3226
Antelopes (Mammalia) from Pabbi Hills of Sardhok, Pakistan. Muhammad Khaled Siddiq, Fatima Yousuf Dar, M. Akbar Khan, Muhammad Adeeb Babar, Sayyed Ghyour Abbas, 4599
Biomarkers for Pathogenic Clostridium perfringens in Small Ruminants of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Mumtaz Ali Khan, Aneela Zameer Durrani, Sher Bahadar Khan, Naimat Ullah Khan, Muhammad Asfandyar Kha 5703
Changes in the Visual Response and Thoracic Temperature of Locusta migratoria manilensis Stimulated by LED Spectral Light. Qihang Liu, Yueli Jiang, Tong Li, Jin Miao, Zhongjun Gong, Yun Duan and Yuqing Wu 4780
Chemical Characterization and in-vitro Antimicrobial Screening of Ethanolic Extract of Propolis Collected from Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Al Bratty, Hassan A. Alhazmi, Desam Nagarjuna Reddy, Abdul Jabbar Al-Rajab, Sadique A. Jave 5528
Clinical Significance and Correlation of CXCL8 and its mRNA in the Children with Mycoplasmal pneumonia. Lin Sun, Xiaofang Bu, Jian Wang, Xiaorui Liu and Zhanyi Kong Report 6357
Comparative Virulence Assessment of Different Nematophagous Fungi and Chemicals against Northern Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne hapla, on Carrots. Manzoor Hussain, Marie Manasova, Miloslav Zouhar and Pavel RyA!anek 5378
Curve Fitting with Nonlinear Regression and Grey Prediction Model of Broiler Growth in Chickens. Hande Kucukonder, Pinar Celebi Demirarslan, Sezai Alkan and Ozgur Baris Birgul 5145
Distribution, Diet Menu and Human Conflict of Grey Wolf Canis lupus in Mahoodand Valley, Swat District, Pakistan. Muhammad Raza Khan, Tariq Mahmood, Hira Fatima, Faraz Akrim, Shaista Andleeb and Abdul Hamid 7661
DNA Methylation of the CYP1A1 Promoter Region is Associated with Anti-tuberculous Drug-induced Hepatic Injury. Qi Ren, Shufeng Sun, Chen Niu, Yuhong Li, Yingzhi Chong, Biao Li, Guoying Zheng and Fumin Feng 4227
Effect of Diet Composition on Milk Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Najdi Ewes. Abdulkareem Mohamed Matar, Moez Ayadi, Hassen Mohamed Sbihi, Imeddine Arbi Nehdi, Mutassim Mohammad 5661
Effect of Feeding Dried Orange Pulp to Lactating Dairy Cows on Nutrients Digestibility, Blood Constituents, Plasma Antioxidant Biomarker, and Pathogenic Fecal Bacteria. Sabbah M. Allam, T.M. El-Bedawy, M.H. Bakr and A.E.M. Mahmoud 5371
Effect of Oleander Aphid (Aphis nerii Boyer de Fonscolombe) on the Mortality and Biological Parameters of Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea Stephen). Mubasshir Sohail, Raza Muhammad and Qadeer Ahmed Soomro 3470
Effects of Mushroom Stem Waste (Flammulina velutipes) on Laying Performance, Egg Quality and Serum Biochemical Indices. Shad Mahfuz, Shuyuan Wang, Mo Chen, Fei Zao, Dong Zhen, Zhongjun Liu and Hui Song 5053
Efficacy of Ultrasound Microbubble-HGF Complex for Treating Hepatic Fibrosis and its Relation with Perfusion Weighted Imaging. Shou-Hong Zhang, Ying Zhang, Kun-Ming Wen, Wei Wu and Wen-Yan Li 3625
Expression Patterns of BMP15 Gene in Folliculogenesis of Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Jinfeng Liu, Yanhong Cao, Tong Feng, Laiba Shafique, Chan Luo, Peng Zhu and Qingyou Liu 3020
First Isolation of Brucella canis from Pet Dogs in Sichuan Province, China: Molecular Characterization, Pathogenicity and Antigen Location Analysis. Zhijun Zhong, Rui Tu, Xichun Wang, Yi Geng, Qicheng Xiao, Yinan Tian, Bin Wei, Jiaming Dan, Ya Wang 4387
Growth and Feed Conversion Response of Four Female Aseel Chicken Varieties to Antibiotic and Probiotic. Zia-ud-Din, Muhammad Nauman Aftab, Tanveer Hussain, Irfana Iqbal and Asma Zafar 5436
Higher Altitude and Lower Temperature Regulate the Body Mass and Energy Metabolism in Male Eothenomys miletus. Yue Ren, Peng-Fei Liu, Wan-Long Zhu, Hao Zhang and Jin-Hong Cai 4226
Impact of Selected Insecticides on Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) under Controlled Conditions. Muhammad Aslam Farooqi, Bakhtawar Irsa, Sajjad Ali, Asif Sajjad, Muhammad Waqar Hassan and Sohail Ak 3930
Improvement in Nutrient Digestibility and Growth Performance of Catla catla Fingerlings Using Phytase in Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal Based Diet. Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad, Syed Makhdoom Hussain, Afia Muhammad Akram, Arshad Javid, Majid Hussain, 8103
Influence of Different Dietary Rumen Degradable Protein Concentrations on Nutrient Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance, Blood Urea Nitrogen and Milk Yield of Lactatin Beetal Goats. Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Abdul Qayum, Anshan Shan, Shuli Chou, Hyeonsoo Jo, Syed Waqas Ali Shah and Is 5561
Isolation and Purification of 18KD Protein of Sika Deer Antler Plate and its Antibacterial Activity. Lin Qi, Lu Li, Danyang Chen, Mingxiao Liu, Yan Wu and Wei Hu 5304
Laboratory Evaluation of the Toxicity of Acetamiprid and Sulfoxaflor Against the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier). Saleh S. Alhewairini 3805
Molecular Characterization of Subfamily Schizothoracinae (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) using Complete Sequence of Mitochondrial 16S rRNA Gene. Tasleem Akhtar, Ghazanfar Ali, Nuzhat Shafi and Abdul Rauf 5941
More Insights into the Evolution of Fat Dormouse in the Old Growth Hyrcanian Forests. Zahra Eftekhar, Morteza Naderi, Mohammad Kaboli, Hamid R. Rezaei and Nematollah Khorasani 4358
Morphology, Surface Structure and Sensory Receptors of Larvae of Cueta lineosa (Rambur 1842) (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae). Sadreddin Tusun 2269
New Strategy for Expression of Recombinant Human Prolyl-4-Hydroxylase in Pichia pastoris. Yating Cheng, Wenlong Shi, Xue Xiao, Qirong Zhang, Qihao Zhang, Zhijian Su, Qi Xiang and Yadong Huan 5853
Pathotyping and Genetic Characterization of Avian Avulavirus-1 and Low Pathogenicity H9N2 Avian Influenza Viruses Isolated from Punjab, Pakistan. Irfan Irshad, Asim Aslam, Muhammad Yasin Tipu, Kamran Ashraf, Beenish Zahid and Abdul Wajid 2156
Population Structure and Habitat Utilization of Migratory Birds at Bakhira Bird Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India. Himanshu Mishra, Vikas Kumar and Ashish Kumar 5273
Potential of Lecanicillium lecanii (Zimm.) as a Microbial Control Agent for Green Peach Aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Abdul Hanan, Talha Nazir, Abdul Basit, Shahbaz Ahmad and Dewen Qiu 4326
Preliminary Assessment of Stock Enhancement in Swimming Crab (Portunus trituberculatus) Based on Molecular Markers. Shanshan Cai, Tianxiang Gao, Binlun Yan, Aiyi Zhu and Xiumei Zhang 5342
Prevalence and Genotypic Analysis of Hepatitis C Virus Isolated from Liver Center, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Muhammad Siddique, Muhammad Shafique, Abdul Mateen, Naveed Shahzad, Bilal Aslam, Nasir Ahmad and Muh 3960
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Bovine Tuberculosis in Cattle in Hyderabad and Tando Allahyar Districts, Sindh, Pakistan. Ambreen Leghari, Asghar Ali Kamboh, Shakeel Ahmed Lakho, Faiz Muhammad Khand, Kanwar Kumar Malhi, Iq 3687
Promoting the Reproductive Performance and Economic Indices of Zandi Ewes under an Accelerated Lambing System. Mahdi Khojastekey, Majid Kalantar, Jam Zaheer Ahmed, Samiullah Khan, Muhammad Altaf Hussain, Rajwali 5967
RNA Interference Mediated Knockdown of ATP Binding Cassette Subfamily A Member 1 Decreases the Triglyceride Content of Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells. Ping Jiang, Zhihui Zhao, Xiaohui Li, Mengyan Wang, Lixin Xia, Yang Cao, Runjun Yang and Xibi Fang 4357
Scale Differences in the Dependence of Seasonal Bird Diversity on Landscape Structure: A Case Study in Northeastern China. Min Li, Jingjing Wang, Suxian Hu, Philip Stott, Baoqing Lin, Lianshan Li, Hui Liu, Heng Bao, Duoying 8355
Scale of Illegal Killing and Trade Associated with Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) in Pakistan. Muhammad Waseem, Ahmed Raza, Hamera Aisha, Muhammad Naeem Awan, Tariq Ahmad, Rabia Nazir and Tariq M 5124
Seasonal Stress Affects Reproductive and Lactation Traits in Dairy Cattle with Various Levels of Exotic Blood and Parities under Subtropical Condition. Ihsanullah, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Sohail Akhtar and Syed Muhammad Suhail 6246
Short Communication - A Prl/RsaI Polymorphism in Exon 3 and 4 of Prolactin Gene in Dairy Cattle. Memis Ozdemir 2732
Short Communication - Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Functionally Substituted Monocyclic and Spirocyclic Cyclohexane Derivatives. Muhammad Shoaib, Arif Ismiyev, Khudaverdi Ganbarov, Aygun Israyilova and Sajid Umar 2078
Short Communication - Assessment of Milk Quality by Analyzing Aflatoxin M1 in Branded and Non Branded Milk Samples Collected from Different Shops/Areas in Lahore, Pakistan. Naseem Zahra, Nadia Jamil, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Imran Kalim, Muhammad Khalid Saeed, Ijaz Ahmed, Qurat 1688
Short Communication - Detection and Molecular Characterization of Virulent Newcastle Disease Virus in Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus). Beenish Zahid, Javed Iqbal Qazi, Amir Zohaib, Asim Aslam, Raheela Akhter, Haleema Sadia, Qurat ul Ai 2585
Short Communication - Distribution and Abundance of Vertebrate Pests of Cultivated Maize and their Eco-Friendly Management in District Bagh, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Abu ul Hassan Faiz, Fakhar-i-Abbas, Mehboob ul Hassan and Lariab Zahra Faiz 2151
Short Communication - Effects of Dietary Aflatoxin B1 on Physiological Biomarkers with Special Reference to Udder Health of Lactating Goats. Haq Aman Ullah, Aneela Zameer Durrani, Muhammad Ijaz, Aqeel Javeed, Muqadder Shah and Ikramul Haq 2763
Short Communication - Genetic Polymorphisms of IGF-1 Gene in Pakistani Marecha Camel. Sajida Sabahat, Asif Nadeem, Maryam Javed, Muhammad Yasir Zahoor, Abu Saeed Hashmi, Ghulam Yasein an 2479
Short Communication - Heat Shock Proteins and Cytochrome P450 1a1 Expression as Biomarkers of Exposure to Bisphenol A in Catla catla. Mehwish Faheem, Maleeha Rafeeq, Aisha Majeed and Saba Khaliq 2625
Short Communication - Identification of Three Cyprinidae Family Members through Cytochrome Oxidase I. Shahid Sherzada, Muhammad Naeem Khan, Masroor Ellahi Babar, Muhammad Idrees, Abdul Wajid, Muhammad N 2689
Short Communication - Molecular Characterization and Phylogeny of Chicken Anemia Virus Detected in Broiler Poultry Flocks in Punjab, Pakistan. Syed Maaz Nadeem, Muti ur Rehman Khan, Asim Aslam, Ali Ahmad Sheikh, Arfan Ahmad and Muhammad Anees 2805
Short Communication - The Ability to Deal with Metabolic Stress Correlates with Cell Proliferation Rates under 2D or 3D Cell Culture System. Rimsha Munir 1707
Short Communication - The Antioxidant Status of Serum and Egg Yolk in Layer Fed with Mushroom Stembase (Flammulina velutipes). Mo Chen, Shad Mahfuz, Yan Cui1, Liying Jia, Zhongjun Liu and Hui Song 2749
Urine-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Alleviate Radiation-Induced TGF-[beta]1 Production through the Inhibition of the NF-KB Signaling Pathway in MRC-5 Cells. Li-na Li, Sheng Li, Ping Gui, Jing-hui Li, Fen Ai and Li-li Cai 4999
Varietal Screening of Brinjal against Aphid (Aphis gossypii G.) Infestation and Population Fluctuation Plus Interaction between Aphid and Ladybeetle (Coccinella septempunctata L.) Populations. Qudsia Yousafi, Muhammad Aslam and Shahzad Saleem 5187

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