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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (December 31, 2020)

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A Comparison of Somatic Condition and Testis Mass in Black-Spectacled Toad(Duttaphrynus melanostictus) between Two Populations at Different Altitudes. Report 3817
A New Species of the Genus Carniella Thaler and Steinberger from the Nepal Himalayas(Araneae: Theridiidae). Report 1955
Antimicrobial Properties of Aloe Vera Gel Extracts against Bacterial Isolates from Wound of Donkey. Safia Arbab, Rehana Buriro, Shams Uddin Bhugio, Atta Hussain Shah, Jamila Soomro, Qudratullah kalwar Report 3550
Associations of Diplotypes of Vldlr Gene with Egg Production Traits in Laiwu Black Chickens. Report 3776
Bioaccumulation of Metals in the Organs of Fish inhabiting Ravi River: Serious Threat to Fish and Consumer's Health. Report 4444
Bioconversion of Agricultural Wastes to Polyhydroxybutyrate by Azotobacter vinelandii. Report 2897
Characterization of Bioluminescent Bacterial Strain Isolated from Nemipterus japonicus Fish of Arabian Sea. Report 2342
Chelonine(Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Cheloninae) Parasitoids of Lepidopteran Leafminers in the Indian Subcontinent, with Notes on Taxonomic Character. Report 3290
Comparison of Models for some Testicular Characteristics in Karakas Male Lambs. Report 4063
Comparison of the Gut Microbiota in the Tibetan Wild Ass(Equus kiang) Collected from High and Low Altitude. Report 4393
Composition and Diversity of Dragonflies(Insecta: Odonata) in Tunan Waterfall Area, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Report 5801
Concentration Dependent Functions of FGF10 in Angiogenesis and Axon Guidance. Report 2319
Construction and Functional Verification of siRNA Eukaryotic Expression Vector Directed at the Follicular Inhibin Alpha Gene in Ye Mule Sheep. Zengwen Huang, WuReliHazi Hazihan, Baheti Bodai, Kadyken Rizabek, Nuralieva Ulzhan, Omarova Karlygas Report 5329
Cytotoxic Effect of MTH1 Gene Silencing in Gemcitabine Resistant Breast Cancer Cells. Report 4432
Debunking Myths about COVID-19, Paranoiac Misconceptions, Recent Developments and its Current Stance. 7695
Description of Amphibelondira sindhicus N. Sp. with Observation on Belondira paraclava Jairajpuri, 1964(Family Belondiridae) from Sindh, Pakistan. Report 2285
Determination of Number and Position of Knots in Cubic Spline Regression for Modeling Individual Lactation Curves in Three Different Breed. Report 4621
Do Seismic Signals Diverge at the Level of Cytotypes in Turkish Blind Mole Rats? Report 6025
Effect of Different Application Methods on the Nematicidal Activity of Bio and Synthetic Chemicals against Root Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita(Kofoid and White) Chitwood. Report 5728
Effect of Sublethal Doses of Bifenthrin and Chlorpyrifos Administered Alone and in Combinations on Esterases of Stored Grain Pest, Trogoderma granarium. Report 7321
Efficacy of Danshen(Salvia miltiorrhiza) Dripping Pills for Prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Report 6825
Environmental Characteristics in a Fish Farm with Copper Alloy Cage System in the Dardanelles. Report 3795
Evaluation of Different Brassica spp. Against Aphids, Under Multan Agro-Ecological Conditions. Report 4686
Evaluation of Different IgY Preparation Methods and Storage Stability as Potential Animal Feed Supplement. Report 3620
Expression and Localization of VIP in Different Segments of Pigeon Intestine. Report 3784
Genetic Association of Two Novel SNPs in CYP7A1 Gene with Lipid Traits of Tianzhu Black Muscovy(Cairina moschata). Report 6015
Length-Weight Relationship and Growth of a Marine Gastropod Mollusk, Hemifusus ternatanus(Gmelin)(Family: Melongenidae). Report 2936
Microarray and Bioinformatics Analysis of Differentially-Expressed MicroRNAs in Wnt/-Catenin Signaling-Activated Bovine Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells. Report 5903
Molecular Evidence for the Association of Swarm Forming Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregaria gregaria(Forskal) in Pakistan with Highly Prevalent Subspecies in Sahara Desert of Africa. Jam Nazeer Ahmad, Samina J.N. Ahmad, Mubashir Ahmad Malik, Abid Ali, Muhammad Ali, Ejaz Ahmad, Muham Report 6154
Multiple Metal Resistant Bacillus cereus 3.1S Isolated from Industrial Effluent has Promising Arsenite Oxidizing Potential. Report 6406
Physiological Effects of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Duranta erecta(L) on Albino Rat, Rattus norvegicus. Report 4909
Rab21, an Endocytic Rab GTPase, is Involved in Drug Resistance in Prostate Cancer Cells. Report 4121
Relationship between Giant Panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca Habitat use and Disturbance Density in the Daxiangling Mountains, Sichuan, China. Report 3291
Seasonal Variation in Ecdysis Process and Parasitic Prevalence in Indian Rock Python(Python molurus). Report 3428
Seasonality and Climatic Factors Affect Diversity and Distribution of Arthropods Around Wetlands. Waqar Majeed, Naureen Rana, Elmo Borges de Azevedo Koch and Shahla Nargis Report 6322
Sex Ratio, Habitat Selection and Foraging Behavior of Mandarin Duck in Water Systems of Poyang Lake, China. Report 3978
Short Communication - An Unusual Case of Hydramnios in Nili Ravi Buffalo. 1120
Short Communication - Autumn Time Budget and Diurnal Rhythm of Black-Necked Crane. Tong Zhang, Feng Xu, Ming Ma and Peng Ding 2508
Short Communication - Determination of Heterocyclic Amines in Ready to Eat Chicken Kabab Commercially Available from Pakistani Markets. 2737
Short Communication - Diversity and Distribution of Genera Schizothorax and Schizothorichthyes in River Swat, Pakistan. Report 2241
Short Communication - Dynamic Changes in Bacteria and Water Quality and their Relationship with Survival Rate during Penaeus monodon Larva Culture. Report 2236
Short Communication - Effect of a Rehabilitation Garden on Rehabilitation Efficacy in Elderly Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Report 1828
Short Communication - Impact of Two Attending Ants, Crematogaster subnuda and Camponotus compressus(Hymenoptera: Formicidae), on the Parasitism of Sugarcane Aphid Melanaphis sacchari(Zehnt.). Report 1769
Short Communication - Molecular Identification of Pakistani Lathy Rock Pigeon using Cytochrome B Gene. Sehrish Firyal, Ali Raza Awan, Muhammad Umair Latif, Muhammad Tayyab, Muhammad Wasim, Shagufta Saeed Report 1756
Short Communication - Prevalence of Tick Born Babesia Infection in Domestic Cattle of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Report 1603
Short Communication - Responses of Captive Ostrich Struthio camelus to Zoo Visitors at Central Zoo, Lalitpur, Nepal. 2948
The Effect of Different Levels of Matricaria chamomilla on Functional Status of the Liver in Rats Injected with Carbon Tetrachloride. Report 6352
The Use of Otolith Shape to Identify Stocks of Redlip Mullet, Liza haematocheilus. Report 4664
Three New Species of the Genus Microplitis Forster, 1862(Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Microgastrinae) from Saudi Arabia. Report 4156
UVB Irradiation Induces Human Skin Fibroblasts Senescence Through Regulation of -Catenin and Smp30 Expression. Report 3538
Variants of MT-RNR2, MT-TI and MT-TL1 Genes in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Families of Pakistan. Report 4207
Variation in Physiological Biomarkers with Different Clostridium perfringens Isolate Infections in Balkhi Sheep. Mumtaz Ali Khan, Sher Bahadar Khan, Shakoor Ahmad, Irshad Ahmad, Kashif Prince, Ghazunfar Rashid, Ma 4236
Wading Bird Habitat, Water Depth Utilization and Niche Separation in Poyang Lake, China. Report 3709

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