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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (October 31, 2018)

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An Antimicrobial Cerebroside from the Liposoluble Constituent of Cervus Nippon Antler Velvet Layer. Bao, Nina; Yin, Yongguang; Wang, Panpan Report 2918
Bioinformatics Analyses of Bovine Adipose Tissue Transcriptome from Lilu Beef Cattle at Different Stages of Growth. Liu, Guifen; Liu, Xiaomu; Shahzad, Khuram; You, Wei; Loor, Juan J.; Wan, Fachun Report 4972
Both Quorum Sensing (Qs)-I and Ii Systems Regulate Escherichia coli Flagellin Expression. Yang, Yang; Liu, Yun; Zhou, Mingxu; Zhu, Guoqiang Report 3701
Characterization of Milk Proteins from Different Animal Species through Gel Electrophoresis. Huma, Nuzhat; Ghaffar, Fozia; Rafiq, Saima; Pasha, Imran; Sameen, Aysha; Hayat, Imran; Hussain, Imti Report 3419
Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts are Effective Cells to Study the Function of Chicken Neurexophilin 1 Gene. Sun, Dongmei; Chen, Meiling; Ahmad, Hafiz Ishfaq; Liu, Yun; Jiang, Xunping; Liu, Guiqiong Report 2610
Comparative Evaluation of Selected Biorational Insecticides against Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) on Cauliflower. Maqsood, Sumaira; Afzal, Muhammad; Aqueel, Muhammad Anjum; Wakil, Waqas; Khan, Hafiz Azhar Ali Report 5806
Comparative Performance of Jersey Sired Calves from Achai Dams and Azakheli Buffalo Calves Fed with Milk Replacer. Khattak, Azmat Hayat Khan; Islam, Muhammad Nauman ul; Khan, Muhammad Shakir; Iqbal, Muhammad; Shah, Report 2823
Construction and Evaluation of Novel Plasmid DNA Encoding Somatostatin Fused to a Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) in Mice. Dong, Fangxiao; Luo, Xuan; Yuan, Delu; Liang, Aixin; Yang, Liguo Report 5240
Correlation between Various Udder Measurements and Milk Components in Morkaraman, Tuj and Awassi Sheep. Turkyilmaz, Dogan; Ozyurek, Selcuk; Esenbuga, Nurinisa; Yaprak, Mustafa Report 4529
Damaging Effect of Gall-Forming Insects (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on Castanopsis hystrix in China. Zheng, Xia Lin; Xian, Zhen Hua; Yang, Zhen De; Yang, Xiu Hao; Lu, Wen Report 2160
Description of Factors Influencing Final Fattening Weight in Domestic Beef Cattle Breeds through MARS Algorithm. Erturk, Yakup Erdal Report 3266
Development and Evaluation of Clostridium perfringens Type D Toxoid Vaccines. Khan, Mumtaz Ali; Durrani, Aneela Zameer; Khan, Sher Bahadar; Bokhari, Shehla Gul; Haq, Ikramul; Kha Report 4187
Diversity and Altitudinal Distribution of Squamata in Two Distinct Ecological Zones of Dir, A Himalayan Sub-Zone of Northern Pakistan. Jamal, Qaisar; Idrees, Muhammad; Ullah, Saif; Adnan, Muhammad; Zaidi, Farrah; Zaman, Qaiser; Rasheed Report 3233
Effect of Diverse Factors on the Frequency of Clinical and Subclinical Mastitis in Kundhi Buffaloes of Sindh, Pakistan. Baloch, Hasina; Rind, Rahmatullah; Rind, Muhammad Rafique; Kumar, Viram; Baloch, Nazia; Oad, Rajesh Report 5155
Effect of Short-Term Starvation on Serum Metabolites, Antioxidant Enzymes and Endogenous Reserves of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Karatas, Tayfun Report 4908
Effect of Supplementation of Mannan-Oligosaccharides on Growth Performance, Viscera Development, Mineral Absorption and Caecal Microbiota of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Iqbal, Muhammad Anwar; Rehman, Habib; Hussain, Ali; Jabeen, Faiza; Ahmad, Ijaz; Ashraf, Kamran; Arsh Report 4856
Effect of Temperature on Demography and Predation Rate of Menochilus sexmaculatus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Reared on Phenacoccus solenopsis (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae). Iftikhar, Ayesha; Aziz, Muhammad Asif; Naeem, Muhammad; Ahmad, Munir; Mukhtar, Tariq Report 4784
Effects of Declawed Males on Laying Performances, Egg Quality Characteristics and Feather Cover of Layer Breeders in the Mating Cage. Li, Yan; Zhan, Kai; Li, Junying; Liu, Wei; Ma, Ruiyu; Liu, Shengnan; Cui, Haijun; Zhang, Xin Report 4136
Efficacy of Probiotics Supplementation on Mineral Digestibility, Haematological Parameters and Carcass Composition of Oreochromis niloticus Fingerlings Fed Canola Meal Based Diets. Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Aslam, Nosheen; Javid, Arshad; Liaquat, Shehzadi; Shahzad, Muhammad Mudassar Report 7936
Environmental Determinants of Zooplankton Community in the Damietta Estuary of the Nile River, Egypt. El-Tohamy, Wael S.; Hopcroft , Russell R.; Aziz, Nagwa E.M. Abdel Report 4843
Exclusive Characteristics of the Bhag Nari Cattle among the Other Indigenous Cattle Breeds of Pakistan. Ali, Irshad; Tariq, Mohammad Masood; Waheed, Abdul; Yousafzai, Ferhet Abbas; Bokhari, Farhat Abbas; Report 1202
Genetic Differentiation and Relationship between Two Karyotype Forms of Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Rodentia: Spalacidae) in Egypt. Shahin, Adel A. Basyouny; Mohamed, Amira M. Metwally; El Shatter, Abd El-Reheem A. Report 7658
Genetic Screening of COMT Gene for Aggression in Domestic Bovines of Pakistan. Javed, Maryam; Saghir, Farwa; Aziz, Naveera; Saeed, Maham; Nadeem, Asif; Shehzad, Wasim Report 1294
Homozygous Nonsense Mutation in the ASPM Gene Causes MCPH in Consanguineous Pakistani Families. Abbasi, Ansar Ahmed; Blasius, Kathrin; Ahmed, Imtiaz; Hu, Hao; Picker-Minh, Sylvie; Khan, Muhammad N Report 2286
Identification and Isolation of the Specific Allergens from Mutton by Western Blot, Chromatography and MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS. Chen, Jia; Deng, Yuanxi; Xu, Hui Report 3748
Impact of Mycotoxin Binders on Humoral Immunity, Lymphoid Organs and Growth Performance of Broilers. Nabi, Hazrat; Hussain, Irshad; Adil, Muhammad; Nasir, Amar; Sikandar, Arbab; Khan, Saeed; Khan, Nasr Report 5508
Improvement in Mineral Digestibility and Whole Body Composition of Catla catla Fingerlings Fed Phytase Supplemented MOSM Based Diet. Shahzad, Muhammad Mudassar; Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Jabeen, Farhat; Hussain, Abdullah Ijaz; Javid, A Report 9313
In Vitro Culture and Biological Characteristics of Sheep Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Lu, Tengfei; Pei, Wenhua; Zhang, Shuang; Wu, Yangnan; Chen, Fenghao; Han, Xiao; Guan, Weijun Report 5014
Metarhizium baoshanense sp. nov., a New Entomopathogen Fungus from Southwestern China. Chen, Zihong; Xu, Ling; Yang, Xiaona; Zhang, Yaguan; Yang, Yuming Report 4538
Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Fowl Adenoviruses Isolated from Commercial Poultry Flocks in Pakistan during 2014-15. Wajid, Abdul; Basharat, Asma; Shahid, Muhammad Akbar; Muntaha, Sidra Tul; Basit, Abdul; Hussain, Tan Report 5237
Nucleotide Polymorphism of Leptin Gene in Anatolian Water Buffaloes. Kaplan, Selcuk Report 3427
Occurrence of Rodent Species in Agricultural Lands during Cropping and Non-Cropping Seasons of Pothwar Plateau, Pakistan. Munawar, Nadeem; Hussain, Iftikhar; Mahmood, Tariq Report 5076
Pilot-Scale Electrochemical Treatment of Textile Effluent and its Toxicological Assessment for Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) Culture. Anwar-ul-Haq, Muhammad; Hashmat, Amer Jamal; Islam, Ejazul; Afzal, Muhammad; Mahmood, Abid; Ibrahim, Report 4113
Pork Jerky Fermented with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Angel Yeast. Zhao, Changqing; Chen, Zhuochi; Li, Yubin Report 4625
Rapid and Simple Detection of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) by Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification. Chen, Xi-wen; Wang, Qian; Yin, Miao; Pu, Zhong-hui; Guo, Ai-wei; Li, Lian; Luo, Wen-tao; Wang, Xiong Report 3324
Reconstruction and Subcellular Localization Analysis of Eriocheir sinensis Molting Protein-Protein Interaction Network. Wang, Bin; Ning, Qianji; Wang, Qian; Peng, Wei; Hao, Tong; Sun, Jinsheng Report 4685
Replacement of Fish Meal with Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal (MOLM) and its Effect on Growth Performance and Nutrient Digestibility in Labeo rohita Fingerlings. Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Arsalan, Muhammad Zubair ul Hassan; Javid, Arshad; Hussain, Abdullah Ijaz; A Report 6872
Reproductivity of Meloidogyne incognita on Fifteen Cucumber Cultivars. Kayani, Muhammad Zameer; Mukhtar, Tariq Report 3644
Review Article - Reactive Oxygen Species: Synthesis and Their Relationship with Cancer-A Review. Noreen, Ayesha; Bukhari, Dilara A.; Rehman, Abdul Report 9559
Seroprevalence and Immunization Program of Serotype O of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in Pigs in Zhejiang Province, China. Wu, Bo; Zhang, Hui; Li, Kun; Mehmood, Khalid; Zhao, Yan; Jiang, Bin; Xue, Chengjun; Javed, Muhammad Report 3135
Seroprevalence of Avian Influenza (H5) in Broilers from Five Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Zaman, Ali; Haleem, Abdul; Rahman, Sajjad Ur; Amin, Adnan; Saeed, Asma; Ullah, Sana; Ullah, Naimat Report 3564
Short Communication - Male Catfish Rita rita has higher Haemoglobin Concentration than Female Fish. Jalbani, S.; Narejo, N.T.; Khan, P.; Jalbani, Y.M. Report 1359
Structure Based Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking Studies for Identification of Allosteric Inhibitors against Zika Virus Protease NS2B-NS3. Fatima, Musrrat; Khan, Muhammad Saad; Rashid, Hamid; Kanwal, Asim Mehmood, Sumaira; Rasheed, Muhamma Report 2720
Teratogenesis Induced by Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole in Mice. Arshad, Madeeha; Asmatullah; Ara, Chaman; Andleeb, Shagufta; Ahmad, Naveed Report 2520
The Effect of Different Preparation Methods on the Flavor of Farmed Takifugu obscurus. Chen, Zhuanxia; Tao, Ningping; Qin, Xiao; Liu, Dayong Report 5661
The Efficacy and Persistence of Spodoptera littoralis Nucleopolyhedrovirus (SpliMNPV) Applied in UV Protectants against the Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) under Saudi Field Conditions. Sukirno, Sukirno; Tufail, Muhammad; Rasool, Khawaja Ghulam; Salamouny, Said El; Sutanto, Koko Dwi; A Report 5432
The Exploration of Beijing Fatty Chicken Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells with Multilineage Potential. Ning, Mingming; Zheng, Yanjie; Dun, Yuanyuan; Guan, Weijun; Li, Xiuxia Report 4854
The Fungicide Thiram may Disrupt Reproductive Cycle of Domestic Male Pigeon (Columba livia domestica) Subjected to a Long Photoperiod. Slimani, Souheila; Hamouda, Sonia; Souadi, Chahrazed; Silini, Sara; Abdennour, Cherif; Delimi, Leila Report 5197
The Gastrointestinal Parasites and Bacteria Community of Sable (Mates zibellina) in Northeastern China. Zhang, Danyu; Liu, Ying; Shi, Qinxin; Peng, Zhiwei; Hua, Yan; Hou, Zhijun Report 3109
The Microbial Community in the Feces of Cape Oryx (Oryx gazella) as Determined by High-throughput Illumina Sequencing Technology. Chen, Jun; Shang, Shuai; Wu, Xiaoyang; Yan, Jiakuo; Zhong, Huaming; Zhang, Huanxin; Sha, Weilai; Zhu Report 5756
The Predominant Incidence of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri in Suspected Cases of Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia in Sheep and Goats of Northern Pakistan. Rahman, Hanif Ur; Saddique, Umer; Hassan, Zahoor-ul; Ahmad, Shakoor; Shah, Muhammad Kamal; Shah, Sai Report 2998

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