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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (April 30, 2018)

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A Comparative Study for Egg Production in Layers by Decision Tree Analysis. Gevrekci, Yakut; Takma, Cigdem Report 4734
A Comparative Study of Inhibitory Properties of Saponins (derived from Azadirachta indica) for Acetylcholinesterase of Tribolium castaneum and Apis mellifera. Sami, Amtul Jamil; Bilal, Sehrish; Khalid, Madeeha; Nazir, Muhammad Tahir; Shakoori, A.R. Report 4699
An Assessment of the Growth and Profitability Potential of Meat-Type Broiler Strains under High Ambient Temperature. Rehman, Zia ur; Chand, Naila; Khan, Rifat Ullah; Khan, Sarzamin; Qureshi, Muhammad Subhan Report 5187
Antidiabetic Activity of Green Gold-Silver Nanocomposite with Trigonella foenum graecum L. Seeds Extract on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Virk, Promy Report 4758
Assessment of Optimum Salinity Level for Maximum Growth and Survival of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus 1758). Malik, Abdul; Abbas, Ghulam; Ghaffar, Abdul; Dastagir, Ghulam; Ferrando, Sara; Gallus, Lorenzo; Muha Report 4393
Assessment of Seasonal Distribution and Threats to Avian Fauna of Lahore Safari Zoo. Mehmood, Shahid; Khan, Bushra Nisar; Raza, Hassan; Ahmad, Rida; Muhammad, Azhar; Ali, Zulfiqar; Abid Report 3393
Association of Types of Overlapping Genes with the Size of Chromosome in Human Genome. Nawaz, Syed Kashif; Zubair, Faiza; Kanwal, Sidra Report 4569
Bird Species of Erzurum Marshes in Northeastern Anatolia, Turkey. Sari, Alptug; Arpacik, Ahmet; Baskaya, Sagdan Report 5139
Burrowing Activity of Rodents Alter Soil Properties: A Case Study on the Short Tailed Mole Rat (Nesokia indica) in Pothwar Plateau, Punjab, Pakistan. Faiz, Abul Hassan; Abbas, Fakhar-i-; Faiz, Lariab Zahra Case study 4089
Comparative Effect of Zinc Oxide and Silymarin on Growth, Nutrient Utilization and Hematological Parameters of Heat Distressed Broiler. Sultan, Asad; Ahmad, Sahal; Khan, Sarzamin; Khan, Rifat Ullah; Chand, Naila; Tahir , Muhammad; Ahmad Report 4515
Comparing the Productivity of Five Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Galleria mellonella. Rahoo, Ali Murad; Mukhtar, Tariq; Abro, Shoukat Ibrahim; Bughio Barkat Ali; Rahoo, Rehana Kanwal Report 4002
Creep Feeding Supplemented with Roughages Improve Rumen Morphology in Pre-Weaning Goat Kids. Htoo, Nay Naing; Zeshan, Basit; Khaing, Aung Tun; Kyaw, Than; Woldegiorgis, Erkihun Aklilu; Khan, Mo Report 4851
Determination and Analysis of the Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequence of Octopus dollfusi (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) from China. Yan, Yunjun; Lu, Zhenming; Wang, Tianming; Chen, Yongjiu; Yang, Jingwen; Guo, Baoying; Jiang, Lihua; Report 4988
Determination of Genetic Variability in Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus (AIBV) Isolated from Pakistan. Rafique, Saba; Naeem, Khalid; Siddique, Naila; Abbas, Muhammad Athar; Shah, Aamer Ali; Ali,, Akbar; Report 3822
Diversity and Relative Abundance of Pollinator Fauna of Canola (Brassica napus L. Var Chakwal Sarsoon) with Managed Apis mellifera L. in Pothwar Region, Gujar Khan, Pakistan. Akhtar, Tasleem; Aziz, Muhammad Asif; Naeem, Muhammad; Ahmed, Muhammad Sheraz; Bodlah, Imran Report 4869
Dynamics of Selenium Deficiency in Bovines in District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. Prince, Kashif; Khan, M. Sarwar; Ijaz, Muhammad; Anjum, Aftab Ahmad; Ali, Muhammad Asad; Khan, Jawar Report 5407
Effect of Butyrate on Genetic Expression of Sirt1/AMPK and Akt/mTOR Axes in Murine Adipose Tissue. Shakoori, Tania A.; Zulfiqar, Soumble; Khawaja, Khadija Irfan; Masud, Faisal Report 5755
Effect of Different Dietary Protein Levels on Growth and Proximate Composition of the Eggs and Broodstock of Giant Murrel, Channa marulius (Forsskal). Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Muhammad; Abbas, Farzana; Abbas, Ghulam; Javid, Arshad; Hussain, Ali; Andleeb, Sye Report 6378
Effect of Different Salinity Level on Breeding, Fertilization, Hatching and Survival of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Captivity. Malik, Abdul; Abbas, Ghulam; Ghaffar, Abdul; Ferrando, Sara; Gallus, Lorenzo; Shah, Syed Sajjad A. Report 5174
Effects of Consumption of Caged and Un-Caged Chicken Meat on Ovarian Health of Female Wistar Rats. Ahmad, Saara; Ahmed, Iftikhar; Haider, Saida; Batool, Zehra; Ahmed, Fatima; Tabassum, Saiqa; Madiha, Report 4656
Enhanced Production of Streptokinase by UV- and Ethidium Bromide-Treated Streptococus equisimilis Mutant. Naeem, Muhammad; Sadia, Bushra; Awan, Faisal Saeed; Zia, Muhammad Anjum Report 4862
Enhancing Forage Productivity and Organic Hanwoo Cattle Carrying Capacity through Growing Rye Legumes Mixed Fodder under Different Manure Levels. Ik-Hwan, Jo; Kwang-Won, Choi; Fiaz, Muhammad Report 4950
Epidemiology and in vitro Drug Susceptibility of mecA Positive MDR S. aureus from Camel Subclinical Mastitis. Ali, Mahboob; Avais, Muhammad; Hussain, Riaz; Prince, Kashif; Ijaz, Muhammad; Chaudhry, Mamoona; Fir Report 4649
Evaluation of Fish By-Products Meal Emerging as a Result of Aquaculture and Fish Processing Industry by using the Flash Dryer System. Altan, Ozgur Report 4481
Evaluation of Grapefruit Juice (Citrus paradisi) as an Alternative Disinfectant for Hatching Eggs. Batkowska, Justyna; Wlazlo, Lukasz; Drabik, Kamil; Nowakowicz-Debek, Bozena; Al-Shammari, Karrar I.A Report 5052
Field and Molecular Epidemiology of Peste des Petits Ruminants in Pakistan. Abubakar, Muhammad; Zahur, Aamer Bin; Naeem, Khalid; Khan, Muhammad Azeem; Qureshi, Subhan Report 4214
Genetic Characterization of the Endangered Brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis (Salmonidae) Populations from Tsinling Mountains in China using Microsatellite Markers. Liu, Haixia; Ye, Yuwei; Li, Yang; Liu, Xiaolin; Xiong, Dongmei; Wang, Lixin Report 4702
Genetic Diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Prevailing In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Ahmad, Bashir; Idrees, Muhammad; Ahmad, Kafeel; Ahmad, Dawood; Ali, Sajid; Bashir, Shumaila Report 4039
Growth Responses of Striped Catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage, 1878) to Exogenous Enzyme Added Feed. Khalil, Maryyum; Azmat, Hamda; Khan, Noor; Javid, Arshad; Hussain, Ali; Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Ulla Report 6579
Histophysiological Changes in Broilers Fed on Diet Supplemented with Mannanoligosaccharide and Organic Acid Blend. Saleem, Muhammad Usman; Masood, Saima; Zaneb, Hafsa; Durrani, Aneela Zameer; Aslam, Asim; Ashraf, Ka Report 6158
Identification of Frequent Exacerbator Phenotype in Local COPD Patients: Development of Predictive Models for Frequent Exacerbations. Shakoori, Tania Ahmed; Saeed, Muhammad Saqib; Hani, Asif; Mukhtar, Saima; Ghauri, Ayesha Report 6122
Identification, Molecular Characterization and Expression Pattern Analysis of SoxD Subgroup Genes in Yellow River Carp (Cyprinus carpio). Zhang, RuiHua; Jia, YongFang; Liang, TingTing; Yang, QianWen; Du, QiYan; Chang, ZhongJie Report 6230
Impact of Different Captive Environmental Conditions on Behavior of African Lions and their Welfare at Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo, Lahore. Khan, Bushra Nisar; Ahmad, Rida; Ali, Zulfiqar; Mehmood, Shahid; Raza, Hassan; Azhar, Muhammad; Zaki Report 5174
Impact of Different Salinity Levels on Growing Performance, Food Conversion and Meat Quality of Red Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) Reared in Seawater Tanks. Malik, Abdul; Abbas, Ghulam; Ghaffar, Abdul; Ferrando, Sara; Gallus, Lorenzo Report 4185
Incidence of Tapeworm Infection in Human Population of Swat, Pakistan: An Occupation Based Study. Khan, Wali; Nisa, Noor-Un-; Nawaz, Muhammad Asif Report 4610
Multicollinearity Problem and Bias Estimates in Japanese Quail. Sahin, Mustafa; Yavuz, Esra; Uckardes, Fatih Report 3335
Nutritional Assessment of Celiac Patients of Pakistan. Imran, Samra; Tanweer, Afifa Report 5729
Ovarian Tissue Transplantation in Mice and Rats: Comparison of Ovaries Age. Mohammed, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Report 3324
Oxidative Stress Biomarker in Assessing the Lead Induced Toxicity in Commercially Important Fish, Labeo rohita. Shaukat, Nazish; Javed, Muhammad; Ambreen, Faiza; Latif, Fariha Report 5087
Pathological Alterations during Co-Infection of Newcastle Disease Virus with Escherichia coli in Broiler Chicken. Nisa, Qamar-un-; Younus, Muhammad; ur-Rehman, Muti-; Maqbool, Azhar; Umar, Sajid Report 5090
Prediction of Body Weight of Turkish Tazi Dogs using Data Mining Techniques: Classification and Regression Tree (CART) and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS). Celik, Senol; Yilmaz, Orhan Report 5008
Short Communication - Characterization of 22 New Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci from the Endangered Buff-Throated Partridge (Tetraophasis szechenyii) by using Next-Generation Sequencing. Liu, Qin; Liu, Feiwei; Zhang, Xiuyue; Yang, Nan; Ran, Jianghong Report 2039
Short Communication - Clinico-Biochemical Effects of Xylazine-Ketamine and Isoflurane on Rabbits Undergoing Ovariohysterectomy. Maan, Muhammad Kashif; Khan, Muhammad Arif; Bokhari, Shehla Gul; Ijaz, Muhammad; Akbar, Hamid; Umar, Report 2845
Short Communication - Distribution of Wild Mammalian Fauna of Mahaban and Malka Valley District Buner. Akhtar, Naveed; Muhammad, Riaz; Saeed, Kausar; Khan, Muhammad Fiaz; Shah, Muzaffar; Zeb, Jehan; Ahma Report 1664
Short Communication - Microsatellite Loci Identified by Cross-Species Amplifications in the Globally Vulnerable Relict Gull, Larus relictus. Wang, Lin; Gong, Ye; Chen, Kelin; Wang, Haitao; Lyu, Xianguo Report 1976
Short Communication - Nucleotide Sequence of the Hypervariable Pre-S2 Surface Antigen Region of Pakistani HBV Isolates. Rasool, Muhammad; Zahid, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Ismail; Khan, Qadeem; Khan, Khalid Report 3089
Short Communication - Reproduction Potential of Entomopathogenic Nematodes on Armyworm (Spodoptera litura). Safdar, Hina; Javed, Nazir; Khan, Sajid Aleem; Arshad, Muhammad Report 2887
Short Communication - Studies on Semen Morphology and Effects of Artificial Insemination on Hatchability in Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). Irfan; Javid, Arshad; Ashraf, Muhammad; Mahmud, Athar; Altaf, Muhammad; Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Shah Report 1896
Short Communication - Supercooling Capacity of the Sweet Potato Leaf Folder, Brachmia macroscopa Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Zheng, Xia-Lin; Wang, Pan; Liu, Jun-Yan; Zhang, Yu-Jing; Li, Jun; Lu, Wen Report 2428
Short Communication - Susceptibility of Adult Engorged Ticks, Rhipicephalus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) to a Native Heterorhabditid Isolate (Nematoda: Heterorhabditidae) in Colima, Mexico. Molina-Ochoa, Jaime; Galindo-Velasco, Edelmira; Rosales-Gutierrez, Ana Maria; Gonzalez-Ramirez, Mart Report 2975
The Equine Influenza Outbreak in Pakistan 2016: Seroprevalence and Geo-Temporal Epidemiology of a Large Propagating Outbreak. Khan, Amjad; Mushtaq, Muhammad Hassan; Ahmad, Mansur ud Din; Nazir, Jawad; Fatima, Zahida; Khan, Asg Report 3108
The Expression of IL-18R[alpha] in Inferior Mesenteric Ganglion of Female Goat. Guo, Yanjie; Wu, Weini; Wang, Hongmei; Guo, Xiao; Xu, Yongping Report 4395

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