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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (February 28, 2017)

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A New Technique for Development of Rabbit Ear Keloid Model. Babar, Abdul Mannan; Nagi, Abdul Hannan Report 2264
A Novel Mutation Ser34Phe in GNRHR causes Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism during Pubertal Development in Boys. Riaz, Misbah; Mansoor, Qaiser; Akram, Maleeha; Ismail, Muhammad; Akhtar, Parveen; Mirza, Shakeel; Qa Report 4961
Age and Developmental Stage Dependent Changes in Plasma Concentrations of Growth Hormone and Testosterone and Linear Growth Velocity in Boys between the Age of 1 and 20 Years. Naseem, Afzaal Ahmad; Akram, Maleeha; Jahan, Sarwat; Afshan, Kiran; Iqbal, Zubaria; Tahir, Faheem; Q Report 8924
Analysis of Genetic Differentiation at ABO and Rh Loci among the Pashtun Populations Inhabiting Lower Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Rehman, Atta ur; Ali, Sher; Malik, Sajid Report 1787
Antiviral Activities of Capsicum annuum Methanolic Extract against Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2. Hafiz, Taghreed A.; Mubaraki, Murad A.; Dkhil, Mohamed A.; Al-Quraishy, Saleh Report 3474
Bax and CD68 Expression in Response to Liver Injury Induced by Acetaminophen: The Hepatoprotective Role of Thymoquinone and Curcumin. Fadda, Laila M.; Al-Rasheed, Nouf M.; Hasan, Iman H.; Ali, Hanaa M.; Al-Rasheed, Nawal M.; Al-Fayez, Report 5315
Behavioural and Some Physiological Assessment of Glyphosate and Paraquat Toxicity to Juveniles of African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus. Isaac, Ayanda Opeyemi; Joshua, Oniye Sonnie; Jehu, Auta Report 6087
Characterization, Tissue-Specific and Developmental Stage Expression of Somatostatin in Coilia nasus. Yang, Siyu; Du, Fukuan; Xu, Pao Report 4810
Comparison between Biological and Chemical Management of Root Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne hapla. Hussain, Manzoor; Zouhar, Miloslav; Rysanek, Pavel Report 4416
Comparison between Biological and Chemical Management of Sugar Beet Nematode, Heterodera schachtii. Hussain, Manzoor; Zouhar, Miloslav; Rysanek, Pavel Report 4493
Comparison of the Predictive Capabilities of Several Data Mining Algorithms and Multiple Linear Regression in the Prediction of Body Weight by Means of Body Measurements in the Indigenous Beetal Goat of Pakistan. Eyduran, Ecevit; Zaborski, Daniel; Waheed, Abdul; Celik, Senol; Karadas, Koksal; Grzesiak, Wilhelm Report 5787
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Blue-Throated Bee-eater Merops viridis (Coraciiformes: Meropidae) with its Taxonomic Consideration. Report 3804
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Fish Species (Perciformes: Amblyopinae): Genome Description and Phylogenetic Relationships. Liu, Zisha; Song, Na; Yanagimoto,Takashi; Han, Zhiqiang; Shui, Bonian; Gao, Tianxiang Report 5456
Determination of Early Colonizer Urban Blowfly Species Using Small Bait Traps on a University Campus. Acikgoz, Halide Nihal; Kose, Serdal Kenan; Acikgoz, Ali Report 6392
Diversity and Distribution of Fish Fauna of Indus River at Taunsa Barrage in Punjab, Pakistan. Muhammad, Haji; Iqbal, Zafar; Saleemi, Saira Report 3679
Effect of Carrot (Daucus carota) Leaf Powder on External and Internal Egg Characteristics of Hy-Line White Laying Hens. Duru, Metin; Duru, Asuman Arslan; Karadas, Koksal; Eyduran, Ecevit; Cinli, Harun; Tariq, Mohammad Ma Report 5907
Effect of Different Dietary Protein Levels on Egg Development and its Response to Inducing Agents during Induced Spawning of Channa marulius. Rehman, Muhammad Hafeez-ur-; Abbas, Farzana; Ashraf, Muhammad; Narejo, Naeem Tariq; Iqbal, Khalid Ja Report 5219
Effect of Different Types of Boxes on Rearing of Bumble Bee, Bombus terrestris. Imran, Muhammad; Ahmad, Munir; Naeem, Muhammad; Nasir, Muhammad Farooq; Bodlah, Imran; Nasir, Muhamm Report 4245
Effect of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles on Quality Traits and Fatty Acid Composition of Pork Belly. Kim, Sungil; Riaz, Muhammad; Farooq, Amjad; Park, Sungkwon Report 5878
Effect of Prokaryotic Expressed Nucleoplasmin on the Efficiency of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Banna Mini-pig Inbred Line. Cheng, Wenmin; Pan, Weirong; Qing, Yubo; Liu, Yingchao; Zha, Xingqin; Huang, Yan; Xin, Jige; Wei, Ho Report 5151
Effect of some Nematophagous Fungi on Reproduction of a Nematode Pest, Heterodera schachtii, and Growth of Sugar Beet. Hussain, Manzoor; Zouhar, Miloslav; Rysanek, Pavel Report 6668
Effect of Temperature on the Reproductive Potential of Indigenous and Exotic Species of Entomopathogenic Nematodes inside Galleria mellonella L. Larvae. Raheel, Muhammad; Javed, Nazir; Khan, Sajid Aleem; Aatif, Hafiz Muhammad; Ahmed, Sohail Report 1802
Effect of Variable Kisspeptin Doses on Prostatic Citric Acid Levels in Male Mice. Ramzan, Faiqah; Ramzan, Muhammad Haris Report 2701
Efficacy of Screen Bottom Board Tray with and without Soft Chemicals for Controlling Varroa destructor in Honeybee Colonies. Mahmood, Rashid; Asad, Saima; Ahmad, Waqar; Sarwar, Ghulam; Rafique, Muhamamd Khalid; Islam, Noor; Q Report 3905
Evaluation of Comparative Toxicity of Different Insecticides against Fruit Fly, Bactrocera zonata Saunders (Diptera: Tephritidae). Khan, Rashid Ahmed; Naveed, Muhammed Report 1962
Evaluation of Different Diets for Mass Rearing of Coccinella undecimpunctata L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae). Bakhtawar, Marryam; Saeed, Qamar Report 1267
Factors Influencing Vulnerability Towards Heroin Addiction in a Pakistani Cohort. Jabeen, Shagufta; Raja, Muhammad Saqlain; Saeed, Sadia; Zafar, Muhammad Mobeen; Ghani, Rizwana Abdul Report 4041
Fish Meal: Production and Quality Assessment forAqua Feed Formulation in Pakistan. Rahim, Abdur; Abbas, Ghulam; Naeem, Muhammad; Ferrando, Sara; Gallus, Lorenzo; Khan, Noor; Rehman, M Report 4731
Identification of Polymorphism in HTT Gene and its Association with Production Performances in Anhui Local Chicken Breeds. Guo, Pan-pan; Liu, Wei; Li, Yan; Ma, Rui-yu; Zaigui, Wang; Zhan, Kai; Li, Jun-ying; Liu, Sheng-nan Report 4315
Impact of Main Factors on the Catch of Portunus trituberculatus in the Northern East China Sea. Wang, Yingbin; Ye Ting; Wang, Xiaogang; Zhou, Congyu Report 3467
In vivo Anticoccidial Activity of Salvadora persica Root Extracts. Thagfan, Felwa A.; Dkhil, Mohamed A.; Al-Quraishy, Saleh Report 2840
Increased Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in Splenic Tissue of Lupus-Prone (NZB/NZW) F1 Mice Infected with Live but not Gamma Irradiated Plasmodium chabaudi. Abdel-Maksoud, Mostafa A.; Abdel-Ghaffar, Fathy A.; El-Amir, Azza; Badr, Gamal; Al-Quraishy, Saleh Report 4373
Influence of Hydrocolloid Gums on Textural, Functional and Sensory Properties of Low Fat Cheddar Cheese from Buffalo Milk. Murtaza, Mian Shamas; Sameen, Aysha; Huma, Nuzhat; Hussain, Fatma Report 5545
Measuring Predictive Performance of Data Mining and Artificial Neural Network Algorithms for Predicting Lactation Milk Yield in Indigenous Akkaraman Sheep. Karadas, Koksal; Tariq, Muhammad; Tariq, Mohammad Masood; Eyduran, Ecevit Report 4464
Melatonin Supplementation in Extender Enhances the Post Thaw Quality of Buffalo Bull Spermatozoa. Husna, Asma-ul-; Ansari, Muhammad Sajjad; Rakha, Bushra Allah; Ejaz, Rabea; Ullah, Nemat; Akhter, Sh Report 3203
Metabolic Profile of a Stored Grain Pest Trogoderma granarium Exposed to Deltamethrin. Hafiz, Ambreena; Riaz, Tanzeela; Shakoori, Farah Rauf Report 4157
Microbial Analysis of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus giganteus) Ejecta Collected from Two Public Parks in Lahore, Pakistan. Gulraiz, Tayiba Latif; Javid, Arshad; Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Shahbaz, Muhammad; Irfan; Daud, Sharoo Report 5732
Molecular and Serological Detection of Avian Influenza H9N2 Virus in Asymptomatic Commercial Layers in Faisalabad District, Punjab. Akhter, Hira; Aslam, Bilal; Shahzad, Naveed; Farooq, Tanzeela; Umer, Muhammad; Rasool, Muhammad Hida Report 2453
Molecular Characterization and Phylogeny of Panthera pardus (Common Leopard) in Pakistan. Ijaz, Usman; Tahir, Muhammad Sajid; Majeed, Khalid Abdul; Iqbal, Shahid; Huma, Iffat; Firyal, S.; Ah Report 2800
Molecular Classification of Pakistani Wild Rose-Ringed Parakeet through Novel Cytochrome B Gene Polymorphism. Awan, Ali Raza; Firyal, Sehrish; Tayyab, Muhammad; Rukh, Lala; Haq, M. Zia ul; Saeed, Shagufta; Wasi Report 2694
Monitoring DNA Damage in Gills of Freshwater Mussels (Anodonta anatina) Exposed to Heavy Metals. Sohail, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Naeem; Qureshi, Naureen Aziz; Chaudhry, Abdul Shakoor Report 4895
Morpho-Geometric Analysis of Eight Grass Mouse Species of the Genus Lemniscomys (Rodentia: Muridae). Salem, Imed Ben; Ibrahim, Aymen Ben; Chetoui, M'barek; Nouira, Said Report 1975
Population Dynamics of a Nematophagous Fungus Lecanicillium muscarium, and Root Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita to Assess the Disease Pressure and its Management. Hussain, Manzoor; Zouhar, Miloslav; Rysanek, Pavel Report 6171
Possible Role of Neuromedin S (NMS) in Male Reproduction: Effect of NMS on Adipokines Secretion in Male Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta). Ahmed, Shakeel; Jahan, Sarwat Report 3207
Potential of Some Nematophagous Fungi against Meloidogyne hapla Infection in Czech Republic. Hussain, Manzoor; Zouhar, Miloslav; Rysanek, Pavel Report 6287
Predation Efficacy of the Predator Coccinella septempunctata L. on the Aphid Species Macrosiphum rosae (L.) in Kastamonu Province, Turkey. Unal, Sabri; Er, Asir; Akkuzu, Erol; Salek, Lubomir Report 3191
Prevalence of Brucellosis in Human Population of District Swat, Pakistan. Report 2358
Prevalence of Retinopathy Detected by Fundoscopy among Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients Visiting a Local Hospital in Lahore. Farasat, Tasnim; Sharif, Saima; Manzoor, Farkhanda; Zafar, Muneeza; Naz, Shagufta Report 4100
Prevalence of Zoonotic Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in Animals of Quetta and Pishin Districts, Balochistan. Batool, Bibi Tayyaba; Tareen, Aemal; Ahmed, Shahjahan Shabir; Ejaz, Hira; Kakar, Mohammad Azam; Rehm Report 1859
Reproductive potential and Host Searching Ability of Entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema feltiae. Rahoo, Ali Murad; Mukhtar, Tariq; Gowen, Simon R.; Rahoo, Rehana Kanwal; Abro, Shaukat Ibrahim Report 4419
Seroprevalence of Brucellosis in Camels in Sindh, Pakistan. Baloch, Abdul Sattar; Rasheed, Abdul; Rind, Rahmatullah; Sahito, Jam Kashif; Buriro, Rehana; Ayoob, Report 2440
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Tibetan Pigs in Nyingchi, Tibet, China. Li, Rongrong; Li, Kun; Wang, Xiaoqiang; Luo, Houqiang; Qiu, Gang; Zhang, Hui; Lan, Yanfang; Li, Jiak Report 1927
Solenopsis invicta Suppress Native Ant by Excluding Mutual Exploitation from the Invasive Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis. Zhou, Ai Ming; Liang, Guang Wen; Zeng, Ling; Lu, Yong Yue; Xu, Yi Juan Report 6476
Synthesis and Application of Chitosan-Starch Based Nanocomposite in Wastewater Treatment for the Removal of Anionic Commercial Dyes. Sami, Amtul Jamil; Khalid, Madeeha; Iqbal, Sara; Afzal, Maira; Shakoori, A.R. Report 3845
Systematic and Integrated Analysis Approach to Prioritize Mastitis Resistant Genes. Mahmood, Iqra; Nadeem, Asif; Babar, Masroor Ellahi; Ali, Muhammad Muddassir; Javed, Maryam; Siddiqa, Report 2942
The Genetic Characterization of Turkish Grey Cattle with Regard to UoG Cast, CAPN1 316 and CAPN1 4751 Markers. Kok, Suleyman; Atalay, Sertac; Eken, Hasan Semih; Savasci, Mustafa Report 4379
Thermal Physiology and Bioenergetics in Ambient or Seasonal Acclimatization in Apodemus chevrieri. Zhu, Wan-Long; Wenrong, Gao Report 5383
Toxicity of Some Selected Pesticides against Neoseiulus barkeri (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Under Laboratory Conditions. Zahid, Muhammad; Bashir, Muhammad Hamid; Khan, Bilal Saeed; Shahid, Muhammad Report 6436
Two New Species of Oxyopes (Araneae: Oxyopidae) from Punjab, Pakistan. Mukhtar, Muhammad Khalid Report 4048
Water Scavenger Beetles (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) from Bingol Province of Turkey. Mart, Abdullah; Erman, Orhan Report 4392

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