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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Zoology (April 30, 2015)

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A Key to the Cicada Fauna of Pakistan Based on Structural Variation in the Timbals (Hemiptera: Cicadoidea). Ahmed, Zubair; Sanborn, Allen F.; Khatri, Imran Report 940
A New Species of the Genus Euseius Wainstein (Acari: Phytoseiidae) and Re-Description of Euseius septicus Chaudhri et al., 1979 From Pakistan. Honey, Sabyan Faris; Bashir, Muhammad Hamid; Khan, Bilal Saeed; Shahid, Muhammad Report 3653
A Report on Uterine Leiomyoma in Nili Ravi Buffalo. Iqbal, Umair; Awan, Furqan; Ijaz, Muhammad Report 1154
A Study on Acute Toxicity of Triazophos, Profenofos, Carbofuran and Carbaryl Pesticides on Cirrhinus mrigala. Mahboob, Shahid; Ghazala; Al-Ghanim, K.A.; Sultana, Salma; Al-Balawi, H. F. Alkahem; Sultana, Tayyab Report 3022
A Study on Molecular Detection of Theileria lestoquardi by PCR Amplification in Apparently Healthy Small Ruminants from Five Districts of Southern Punjab. Fatima, Madiha; Saeed, Sadaf; Shaikh, Rehan Sadiq; Ali, Muhammad; Iqbal, Furhan Report 3354
Age and Growth of the Bluemouth Rockfish, Helicolenus dactylopterus (Delaroche 1809) from the North-Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Turkey. Demirhan, Sefa Ayhan; Akbulut, Fatih Report 2194
Anti-proliferative Effects of Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead on Rat Pups Brain Cells. Ahmad, Aftab; Ashraf, Sadia; Al-Ghanim, Khalid; Mehmoob, Shahid; Toor, Rabail Hassan; Shakoori, Abdu Report 3341
Antioxidant and Modulatory Effect of Melatonin on Hepatotoxicity and Oxidative Stress Induced by Orange Yellow S in Male Rats. Fouad, Dalia Report 4987
Antiulcerogenic Effect of Carthamus oxycantha M. Bieb (Asteraceae) in Mice and Rat Models. Hussain, Liaqat; Naseem, Sabah; Ikram, Javaria; Ali, Mohsin; Imran, Imran; Moga, Marius; Zia-ul-Haq, Report 3301
Arterial Supply of the Cranial Cervical Ganglion in Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus). Kabak, M.; Onuk, B.; Atalar, K. Report 2768
Bacteriological Analysis of Street Vended Raw Milk in Multan. Riaz, Muhammad; Amir, Mamoona; Akhtar, Saeed; Farooq, Amjad; Ismail, Amir; Ismail, Tariq; Hameed, An Report 2267
Biodiversity of Spider Species, Interactions with Horticultural Crops and a New Record for Turkey. Kacar, Gulay Report 3549
Biosynthesis of Ergot Alkaloids by Penicillium citrinum through Surface Culture Fermentation Process. Shahid, Memuna Ghafoor; Ali, Safdar; Nadeem, Muhammad Report 2149
Blood and Biometric Data on an Established Salmo trutta macrostigma (Dumeril, 1858) Population in an Italian Stream: Preliminary Results. Arfuso, Francesca; Fazio, Francesco; Fortino, Gianluca; Piccione, Giuseppe; Faggio, Caterina Report 3808
Chemical Control of Codling Moth, Cydia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Relation to Pheromone Trap Catches and Degree Days in Upland Balochistan. Kakar, Asmatullah; Anwar, Mohammad; Kamran, Kashif; Iqbal, Farhat Report 5119
Cloning, Expression and Analysis of a Novel Defense Gene from Antheraea pernyi. Qian, Cen; Zhang, Xiao-Juan; Zhu, Bao-Jian; Wang, Lei; Wei, Guo-Qing; Sun, Yu; Liu, Chao-Liang Report 2935
Comparative Effect of Different Pest Control Practices on the Population of Sucking Insect Pests and Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Hussain, Syed Agha Shah; Iqbal, Tanveer; Mamoon-ur-Rashid, Muhammad Report 2213
Diversity and Distribution of Arthropod Community in the Lucerne Fields in Northern Sahara of Algeria. Kherbouche, Yasmina; Gasmi, Djemaa; Chaabna, Ahmed; Chakali, Gahdab; Lasserre-Joulin, Francoise; Dou Report 5801
Effects of Ketoprofen on Cellular Immune Responses in Mice. Hamdani, Dawood Ahmad; Javeed, Aqeel; Ashraf, Muhammad; Nazir, Jawad; Ghafoor, Aamir; Yousaf, Muhamm Report 3371
Efficiency of Metarhizium spp. (Sorokin) Strains and Insecticides Against Cotton Mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis (Tinsley). Ujjan, Aziz Ahmed; Khanzada, Muhammad Ali; Mahar, A.Q.; Shahzad, Saleem Report 5476
Ethanol-Induced Changes in Neuron and Astrocyte number in the Rat Cerebral Cortex. Zhao, Guoqiang; Hu, Yilan; Chen, Peng; Shen, Zhipeng Report 2674
First Record of the Aphid Genus Coloradoa Wilson (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Saudi Arabia, with some Morphological Notes on Variation in C. rufomaculata (Wilson, 1908). Hussain, Sabir; Aldryhim, Yousif; Dhafer, Hathal Al- Report 2119
Genetic and Clinical Features of Triploid Fetus: A Case Report in Han Chinese Population. Zhu, Jiansheng; Liu, Hui; Wang, Yaqun; Khan, Muhammad Riaz; Bukhari, Ihtisham; Wang, Baolong Case study 1723
Gross Morphometric Features of the Epididymis in Adult Male Pakistani Goats (Capra hircus). Khan, Hamayun; Rind, Mohammad Misri; Ahmad, Shakoor; Mehmood, Muhammad Usman; Sultan, Asad; Shahzad, Report 2297
Heavy Metal Concentrations in Tissues of Short-Finned Squid Illex coindetii (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) (VACopyrightrany, 1839) in Iskenderun Bay, North-Eastern Mediterranean. Duysak, Onder; Dural, Meltem Report 4571
Heavy Metals Concentration in Soil-Plant-Animal Continuum under Semi-Arid Conditions of Punjab, Pakistan. Khan, Zafar Iqbal; Ahmad, Kafeel; Akram, Nudrat Aisha; Mustafa, Irfan; Ibrahim, Muhammad; Fardous, A Report 3503
Intestinal Absorption Function of Broiler Chicks Supplemented with Ginkgo Leaves Fermented with Bacillus Species. Yu, Wanwen; Zhang, Xuhui; Ahmad, Hussain; Zhao, Linguo; Wang, Tian; Cao, Fuliang Report 6760
Low Population Density of the Endangered Forest Musk Deer, Moschus berezovskii, in China. Yao, Gang; Wang, Bei-Bing; Zhu, Ying; Wan, Qiu-Hong; Fang, Sheng-Guo Report 5942
Melamine Residues in Pet Food Preliminary Report. Tahira, Iffat; Sultana, Nighat; Hanif, Nafeesa Qudsia; Muhammad, Ghulam Report 2032
Molecular Study on the Prevalence of Respiratory Mycoplasma Species in Small Ruminants of Kuchlak, District Quetta and Khanozai, District Pishin, Balochistan. Ejaz, Hira; Hashmi, Hira; Awan, Muhammad Arif; Kakar, Muhammad Azam; Shahwani, uhammad Naeem; Ameen, Report 2319
Multiple Effects of Host Density on Egg Density and the Sex Ratio of Progeny of Bracon hebetor (Say.) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Jamil, Anam; Abdin, Zain ul; Arshad, Muhammad; Falabella, Patrizia; Abbas, Saqi Kosar; Tahir, Muhamm Report 2950
New Evidence on Morphology and Distribution of the Southern Grey Shrike (Lanius meridionalis) in Maghreb. Taibi, Ahmed; Hernandez, Maria Angeles; Bentaallah, Mohammed El Amine; Doumandji, Salaheddine Report 1467
New Fossils of Giraffokeryx (Mammalia: Cetartiodactyla: Giraffidae) from Chinji Formation, Pakistan. Mahmood, Khalid; Khan, Muhammad Akbar; Siddiq, Muhammad Khaled; Babar, Muhammad Adeeb; Akhtar, Muham Report 3668
Non-volant Small Mammals in Landslides Caused by the Wenchuan Earthquake in a Fragmented Forest of Sichuan, China. Li, Bo; Ran, Jianghong; Yue, Bisong; Zhang, Man; Wu, Yongjie Report 4810
Prevalence and in vitro Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern of Candida species in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Aslam, Ayesha; Akhtar, Naeem; Hasan, Fariha; Shah, Aamer Ali Report 4088
Production and Characterization of Tailor-Made Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Bacillus cereus FC11. Masood, Farha; Yasin, Tariq; Hameed, Abdul Report 7246
Serum Progesterone and Estradiol Levels Throughout the Endoscopy- Observed Ovarian Cycle in Captive Formasan Macaques (Macaca cyclopis). Yu, Pin-Huan; Weng, Chia-Chun; Kuo, Hung-Chih; Chi, Chau-Hwa Report 4286
Short Communications - Diversity of Intestinal Parasites in Male and Female Students and Workers of Education Department of Swat, Pakistan. Khan, Wali; Noor-un-Nisa; Khan, Aly Report 1921
Status and Phylogenetic Analyses of Endemic Birds of the Himalayan Region. Thakur, M.L.; Negi, Vineet Report 4556
The Antioxidant Effect of Morus alba Leaves Extract on Kidney, Testes, Spleen and Intestine of Mice. Dkhil, Mohamed A.; Bauomy, Amira A.; Diab, Marwa S. M.; Al-Quraishy, Saleh Report 2911
Tissue Specific Heavy Metals Uptake in Economically Important Fish, Cyprinus carpio at Acute Exposure of Metals Mixtures. Ambreen, Faiza; Javed, Muhammad; Batool, Ummara Report 6385
Two New Species of the Genus Cheiracanthium C. L. Koch (Araneae: Eutichuridae) from Punjab, Pakistan. Mukhtar, Muhammad Khalid Report 3640
Vulnerability of Different Life Stages of Bactrocera zonata (Tephritidae: Diptera) Against Entomogenous Fungi. Gul, Hafiza Tahira; Freed, Shoaib; Akmal, Muhammad; Malik, Muhammad Naeem Report 4804

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