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Articles from Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences (June 30, 2022)

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Analysis of diagnosing neonatal respiratory distress syndrome with lung ultrasound score. Lie Huang, Dan Ye and Jianhui Wang 2516
Analysis of the safety and efficacy of tacrolimus combined with glucocorticoid in the treatment of lupus nephritis. Lu Li, Yong Du, Juan Ji, Ying Gao and Xiao-qiang Shi 3234
Application and accuracy analysis of three-dimensional transvaginal ultrasound in the diagnosis of endometrial lesions in postmenopausal women. Liu Li and Qian Chen 2403
Application of negative pressure sealing drainage technology combined with silver ion sterilization nursing solution in the nursing of necrotizing fasciitis. Feng Chen and Changqing Liu 2103
Assessment of frailty in cirrhosis using bedside measures and its correlation with Child-Turcotte-Pugh, MELD and MELD-Na Scores. Bader Faiyaz Zuberi, Tazeen Rasheed, Faiza Sadaqat Ali, Nimrah Bader and Rabia Sadaf 3185
Association of high Body Mass Index and postdates pregnancy. Qudsia Qazi, Nazia Liaqat, Shehzadi Saima Hussain and Wajeeha Syed 2363
Burden of Congenital and Hereditary Anomalies in Hazara Population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Anisa Bibi, Syeda Farwa Naqvi, Amman Syed, Shah Zainab, Khadija Sohail and Sajid Malik 2123
Clinical and biochemical outcomes of Sodium-Glucose CoTransporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients as a fourth oral anti diabetic medicine. Muhammad Saleem, Sajjad Ali Khan, Zafar Aleem Suchal and Nanik Ram 2322
Clinical effect and prognostic factors of mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Liang Li, Peipei Cheng, Jiwei Zhang, Guang Wang, Tiemin Hu and Fan Sun 2612
Clinical effect of intravascular interventional therapy in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke and its influence on cognitive function, cerebral hemodynamics and inflammatory factors. Kai-long Liu, Jie He and Ya-jing Zang 2981
Clinical Effects of MOTOmed Intelligent Exercise Training Combined with Intensive Walking Training on the Rehabilitation of Walking, Nerve and Lower Limb Functions among Patients with Hemiplegia after Stroke. Yajing Hu, Jingjing Tian, Xiaoliang Wen, Can Lu and Ningning Tian 2747
Clinical efficacy of conbercept plus micropulse laser (577 nm) treatment in macular edema secondary to non-ischemic central retinal vein occlusion. Li Li, Qian Ren, Zhaohui Sun and Hua Yu 2273
Clinical efficacy of intravesical gemcitabine combined with ubenimex in patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder carcinoma after transurethral resection of bladder tumor. Li-jun Shao, Hai-jiang Wang, Jia-rong Wang, Xiao-fei Yuan and Quan Sha 3158
Clinical efficacy of Vortioxetine and escitalopram in the treatment of depression. Shichuan Shao, Baomin Sun and Huiqing Sun 3172
Clinical evaluation of contrast-enhanced CT combined with PET/CT in diagnosis of mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small-cell lung cancer. Xiaodong Li, Xiaomeng Zheng, Tianle Zhang, Xi Dong and Jian Su 2333
Clinical observation of magnesium aluminum carbonate combined with rabeprazole-based triple therapy in the treatment of helicobacter pylori-positive gastric ulcer associated with hemorrhage. Peng-zhe Zhou, Lei Gao, Li-wei Wang, Ying-fu Zhang, Wei-li Song and Ying-xia Hao 2915
Clinical significance of N-terminal natriuretic peptide combined with inflammatory factors, oxidative stress factors and blood lipid detection in elderly patients with Type-2 diabetes complicated with coronary heart disease. Xiao-min Meng, Shi-xin Kang, Jing Li, Hui-tao Zhang and Meng Li 2785
Clinical value of propranolol combined with oxaliplatin and tigio in concurrent chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced gastric cancer. Yong Chen, Yu Chen, Zhibang Wang, He Li and Yongqi Wang 2611
Comparative analysis of dental pulp stem cells and stem cells from human exfoliated teeth in terms of growth kinetics, immunophenotype, self-renewal and multi lineage differentiation potential for future perspective of calcified tissue regeneration. Shagufta Naz, Farhan Raza Khan, Irfan Khan, Raheela Rahmat Zohra, Asmat Salim, Nuruddin Mohammed and 3742
Comparison between outcome of single dose of prophylactic antibiotic versus postoperative antibiotic in inguinal hernia surgery. Ahmad Masood, Abdur Rehman Arshad and Mahnoor Ashraf 1989
Correlation between helicobacter pylori infection and iron deficiency in children. Yuanda Zhang, Jing Bi, Meiying Wang, Hongyu Deng and Wenli Yang 2502
Correlation between the Level of Inflammatory Cytokines and Prognosis in Children with IVIG-sensitive Kawasaki Disease and IVIG-resistant Kawasaki Disease. Hao Zhang, Hao-bin Song, De-xing Wang, Hong-yu Deng and Wen-long Sun 2363
Diagnostic value of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte, lymphocyte-to-monocyte and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio among patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: A retrospective study. Xiaoping Long, Ting Zhang and Shan Duan 2707
Does melatonin protect fetal brain during maternal hypothyroidism? An experimental study. Mariyah Hidayat 3310
Effect of androgen deprivation therapy on bone mineral density in patients with prostate cancer. Kashaf Ilyas, Zainab Hafeez and Rukhsana Latif 3106
Effect of Fu Yan Qing prescription on pelvic effusion, mass absorption and microenvironment of pelvic blood stasis in patients with sequelae of pelvic inflammatory disease of accumulation of dampness heat and blood stasis type. Sujuan Zhang, Lijin Yuan, Yunliang Wang and Zhe Sun 3398
Effect of Metformin Therapy on Biological Properties and Prognosis of Breast Cancer Patients Complicated with Type-2 Diabetes. Xiaolu Yan, Zhe Gao, Yang Li, Qingxia Li and Xinna Deng 3085
Effect of Montelukast sodium combined with Budesonide aerosol on airway function and T lymphocytes in asthmatic children. Wei Jin, Zichong Zhao and Dongping Zhou 2741
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs) on podocytes, inflammation, and oxidative stress in patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN). Jie Liu, Shanshan Guo, Hui Li and Xu-ying Liu 2396
Effects of lymphocyte, C-reactive protein and prealbumin levels on clinical typing and course of disease in children infected with novel coronavirus. Jing Bi, Yuanda Zhang, Jingzhi Zhang, Qian Han, Chaoyu Ji and Weina Zhen 2041
Efficacy and Safety of N-Butyl 2 Cyanoacrylate Injection for Treatment of Gastric Varices: A five year experience from a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. Nazish Butt, Farhan Haleem, Muhammad Ali Khan and Amanullah Abbasi 2972
Efficacy of letrozole versus clomiphene citrate on ovulation induction in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Mehnaz Khakwani, Rashida Parveen, Shazia Yousaf and Ayesha Uzaima Tareen 2074
Etiology and outcomes of new onset seizure in adult patients: A clinical experience from emergency department of a tertiary care center. Noman Ali, Hasnain Abbas Dharamshi, Syed Mustahsan and Suman Noorani 3559
Evaluating the frequency of successful guidewire crossing through a complex lesion in coronary artery disease patients having chronic total occlusion. Waheed Akhtar, Syed Tehseen Shah, Shahzad Hasrat and Waqar Mustafa 2448
Expressions of -1[alpha] and MiR-210 in aqueous humor of patients with central retinal vein occlusion combined with macular edema. Pinghui Hu, Guanghui Liu, Huaping Sun and Wei Wei 2629
Frequency of complete remission after standard 3+7 induction therapy in patients with acute myeloid leukemia. Iram Shireen, Sumra Komal, Abida Mateen Ansari and Lubna Meraj 2347
Frequency of psychological stress among women with new onset menstrual disorders amid corona pandemic lockdown. Amber Tufail, Rozina Mustafa, Sagheera Anjum Munaver and Beenish Nawaz 2643
Improvement of fertility outcomes using dexamethasone / antibiotic adjuvant therapy following hysterosalpingography in infertile females: A randomised trial. El-Kharoubi Amin-Florin and Szasz Florin 2991
Intravenous Tranexamic acid versus placebo during Caesarian section: A comparative study. Muhammad Jawad Iqbal, Atifa Mazhar and Alina Shabir 2383
Lemierre Syndrome Complicating Deep Neck Infection and Descending Mediastinitis Secondary to Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infection. Abdulqader Al-Hebshi, Hind Alharbi, Rayan Karbouji, Ghaya Al Qurainees and Ahmad Alkurdi 1715
Macrosomia predictors and pregnancy outcomes in Gestational Diabetes patients: An observational study from Ha'il, Saudi Arabia. Nuzhat Parveen, Naveed Iqbal, Asma Batool, Tariq Mahmoud and Syeda Ali 2617
Meaningful in-training and end-of-training assessment: The need for implementing a continuous workplace-based formative assessment system in our training programs. Laima Alam, Mafaza Alam, Muhammad Najm-ul-Hasan Shafi, Shaista Khan and Zahid Mehmood Khan 2185
Moral injury and psychological resilience among healthcare professionals amid COVID-19 pandemic. Mubeen Akhtar, Fayyaz Ahmad Faize, Ramla Zaid Malik and Asifa Tabusam Report 2462
Need for a single standardized licensing and residency-entrance level exam policy in the medical education system of Pakistan. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali, Hafiz Muhammad Umar Masood and Asim Malik 1428
Noninvasive high-frequency oscillatory ventilation versus bi-level positive pressure ventilation in premature infants with respiratory failure: A retrospective study. Wenqian Chen, Zhiqing Chen, Shuhua Lai, Wenhong Cai and Yunfeng Lin 3459
Observation on the clinical efficacy of external ventricular drain combined with intraventricular urokinase injection and intravenous piracetam in the treatment of intraventricular hemorrhage. Jing Cui, Xin-lei Ma, Jian-zhou Tong and Min Shu 2989
Outcomes of total arterial revascularization vs conventional revascularization in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: A narrative review of major studies. Carmelo Dominici, Massimo Chello and Sahrai Saeed 1690
Protocol of Pakistan randomized and observational trial to evaluate coronavirus treatment among newly diagnosed patients with COVID-19: Azithromycin, Oseltamivir, and Hydroxychloquine. Shehnoor Azhar, Javed Akram, Muhammad Shahzad, Waqas Latif and Khalid Saeed Khan 4906
Relationship of placental edge thickness and cervical length to gestational age at delivery in patients with placenta previa. Wajeeha Syed, Nazia Liaqat, Ghazala Naseeb and Sumbal Mahmood Khattak 1942
Reliability of hand-held dynamometer in measuring gluteus medius isometric muscle strength in healthy population. Rabail Rani Soomro, Hossein Karimi and Syed Amir Gillani 2237
Seasonal variation and severity of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in patients at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. Bakht Babar and Azizul Hasan Aamir 2715
Sensitivity of PCR analysis (melting curve method) in diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) based on Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) by bronchoscope. Jun Wei, Jun Sun, Xuefen Shuai, Junqing Ren and Xuedong Chen 2298
Trends in bacteriological spectrum and antibiotic susceptibility on blood culture in pediatric cardiac patients at a tertiary childcare health facility. Mudasser Adnan, Muhammad Sohail Arshad, Hafiz Anwar-ul-Haq and Hashim Raza 2125
Unmediated connection of mental health decline and suicide among medical and nonmedical undergraduates during the pandemic of COVID-19: A cross-sectional comparative study. Sadaf Konain Ansari, Sadia Yasir Khan, Farkhanda Jabeen, Areeba Riaz and Ali Hamza Cheema 3130
Utility of biomarkers in predicting complications and in-hospital mortality in patients with COVID-19. Noman Ali, Nazir Najeeb Kapadia, Dure Aymen and Noor Baig 2853
Vertical growth pattern as a determinant of mandibular asymmetry. Maria Habib, Tabassum Ahsan, Omair Majeed and Faisal Faheem 2523

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