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Articles from Pakistan Development Review (December 22, 1994)

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A comprehensive macroeconomic income determination model for an Islamic economy *. Hussain, Muhammad Report 4062
A micro analysis of urban child labour: some determinants of labour and its conditions. Hamid, Shahnaz Report 5519
Agricultural price policy for growth. Mellor, John W. Lecture 12243
An assessment of warabandi (irrigation rotation) in Pakistan: a preliminary analysis *. Qureshi, Sarfraz Khan; Hussain, Zakir; Zeb-un-Nisa Report 4998
An escape from the Malthus rectangle? Poverty, and conversion efficiency *. Lipton, Michael Lecture 11700
Are government budget deficits inflationary? Evidence from Pakistan. Shabbir, Tayyeb; Ahmed, Ayaz Report 4696
Can devaluation cause perverse effects if the macroeconomy is stable? Ali, Syed Zahid; Scarth, W.M. Report 3191
Comparative advantage in Pakistan's agriculture: the concept and the policies. Chaudhry, M. Ghaffar; Sahibzada, Shamim A. 5285
Comparative study of insurance and takafol (Islamic Insurance). Anwar, Muhammad Report 6361
Consanguineous marriages in Pakistan. Afzal, Mohammad; Ali, S. Mubashir; Siyal, H.B. Report 5518
Contraceptive methods choice in Pakistan: determined or predetermined. Ahmed, Tauseef 8900
Cost effectiveness in primary education: a study of Pakistan. Ismail, Zafar H.; Pasha, Hafiz A.; Khan, A. Rauf Report 3654
Cost-effectiveness of the family planning programme in Pakistan *. Manzoor, Khaleda Report 5112
Democracy, governance and civil society in South Asia *. Rizvi, Gowher Lecture 15407
Determinants of female time allocation in selected districts of rural Pakistan. Sultana, Nargis; Nazli, Hina; Malik, Sohail J. Report 4722
Developing labour market information system for informal sector in Pakistan. Ghayur, Sabur Report 4766
Distributional impact of public enterprise labour policies in Pakistan. Naqvi, Zareen Fatima Report 5220
Dynamic budgetary consequences of the 1991 NFC award. Ghaus, A.F. Aisha; Pasha, Hafiz A. Report 6155
Empirical tests of the rational expectations--permanent income hypothesis: evidence from Pakistan *. Khalid, Ahmed M. Report 3838
Estimating the quantitative importance of various sources of macroeconomic variability. Tahir, Rizwan Report 4667
Factors affecting fertility in Pakistan. Hakim, Abdul Report 9518
Farm loans recovery problem in Pakistan: its possible solution *. Khan, Rao Abdul Rauf 2527
Financial liberalisation and the demand for money in Pakistan. Khan, Ashfaque H. Report 6472
Fiscal effects of monetary seigniorage: a case study of Pakistan *. Abbas, Kalbe; Mahmood, Tariq Report 2033
Framework for deriving real exchange rates. Afridi, Usman A.; Siddiqui, Rehana Report 4301
Health care determinants of child survival in Pakistan *. Mahmood, Naushin; Kiani, M. Framurz K. 4567
Impact of devaluation on Pakistan's external trade: an econometric approach *. Hasan, M. Aynul; Khan, Ashfaque H. Report 3790
Inaugural address. Jafarey, V.A. 2586
Income velocity and per capita income in Pakistan: 1974-75 to 1991-92. Bilquees, Faiz; Rauf, Shahnaz Report 3443
Interpersonal communication in family planning in Pakistan *. Farooqui, M. Naseem Iqbal Report 2539
Intersectoral financial transactions in Pakistan. Sarmad, Khwaja; Mahmood, Riaz Report 3389
Macroeconomic effects of adjustment lending in Pakistan. Iqbal, Zafar Report 7711
Markets, technological change and economic growth. Lipsey, Richard G. Lecture 13052
Mother's education and utilisation of health care services in Pakistan. Khan, Zubeda; Soomro, Ghulam Y.; Soomro, Samina Report 3774
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: application to financial markets in Pakistan *. Khilji, Nasir M. Report 4889
Poverty, agricultural intensification, and the environment *. Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Pandya-Lorch, Rajul Lecture 13590
Private consumption, government spending, debt neutrality: resolving Kormendi-Feldstein-Modigliani controversy. Kazmi, Aqdas Ali Report 5591
Private tubewell development and groundwater markets in Pakistan: a district-level analysis *. Meinzen-Dick, Ruth Report 3931
Privatisation and public sector reform: the political economy of state intervention. K.S., Jomo Report 4551
Programme of the Tenth Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists: April 2-5, 1994. Calendar 2909
Proximate determinants of fertility in Pakistan. Aziz, Azra Report 5390
Reabsorption of returning workers from the Gulf: the Asian experience *. Kazi, Shahnaz Report 4639
Regional agricultural underdevelopment in Pakistan. Chaudhary, Mohammad Aslam Report 3435
Rent, state and the market: the political economy of the transition to self-sustained capitalism. Elsenhans, Hartmut Lecture 17080
Role of Infaq in poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Malik, Sohail J.; Hussain, Muhammad; Shirazi, Nasim S. Report 6342
Safe motherhood in South Asia: current status and strategies for change. Sathar, Zeba A.; Raza, Bilquees Report 6371
Secretary's report 10th Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists. Report 1155
Self-reliance policy in edible oil and the social profitability of Pakistan's oilseed crops. Mahmood, Amir; Chaudhry, M. Ghaffar Report 6217
Structural adjustment, employment, income distribution and poverty. Kemal, A.R. Report 4614
Structure of large-scale manufacturing industries of Pakistan (1950-1988) *. Rauf, Shahnaz Report 3658
Supply response in Pakistan with "endogenous" technology. Ahmed, Ather Maqsood; Siddiqui, Rizwana Report 5395
Tariff equilibrium with customs union *. Togan, Subidey Report 4608
The "orderliness" of economic development. Naqvi, Syed Nawab Haider Speech 3016
The appropriateness of a community-based programme: a case-study of the AKRSP in two villages of Gilgit district. Durr-e-Nayab; Ibrahim, Sabiha Report 7598
The determinants of health status: a cross-country analysis *. Siddiqui, Rehana; Mahmood, Mir Annice Report 4813
The determinants of tax buoyancy: an experience from the developing countries *. Ahmed, Qazi Masood Report 2971
The impact of the Uruguay round on world economy. Khan, Akhtar Hasan Report 4611
The rationale of development anthropology *. Mumtaz, Soofia Report 2647
The search for a stable money demand function for Pakistan: an application of the method of cointegration. Hossain, Akhtar Report 5378
The significant variables of full employment and their explanatory values. Haque, Israrul Report 4582
The structural adjustment process and agricultural change in Pakistan in the 1980s and 1990s. Khan, Mahmood Hasan Lecture 23339
Trade and industrialisation revisited. Little, Ian M.D. Lecture 13380
Trend analysis of relative poverty in Pakistan (1984-85--1987-88). Zaidi, M. Asghar; De Vos, Klaas Report 8130
Wages versus Fringe benefits in the large-scale manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Mahmood, Zafar; Qasim, Mohammad Ali Report 4808
Why children do not go to school in Pakistan--some estimates and a theoretical framework. Mahmood, Moazam; Javaid, Tariq; Baig, Ajmal Report 4868

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