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Articles from Pakistan Development Review (December 22, 1993)

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A critical evaluation of the budgetary process for public expenditure in Pakistan. Qureshi, Sarfraz Khan 6442
A dynamic model of milk production response for Pakistan. Akmal, Muhammad 4216
A macro analysis of time change in the distribution of land. Mahmood, Moazam 6016
A macroeconomic taxation model for an Islamic economy. Hussain, Muhammad 5304
A micro analysis of demand-side determinants of schooling in urban Pakistan *. Hamid, Shahnaz 3553
A successful population policy: potentials and constraints. Hemmer, Hans-Rimbert 8774
Agricultural development and environmental protection: some key issues of potential relevance to Pakistan. De Haen, Hartwig 7278
Agricultural productivity growth in Pakistan and India: a comparative analysis *. Rosegrant, Mark W.; Evenson, Robert E. 5533
An analysis of monetary policy in controlling the monetary assets in Pakistan: a money multiplier approach (1971-72 to 1989-90). Abbas, Kalbe; Qasim, Muhammad Ali 4572
An analysis of the male, female earnings differential in Pakistan. Ashraf, Javed; Ashraf, Birjees Report 3850
An attempt to measure female status in Pakistan and its impact on reproductive behaviour. Manzoor, Khaleda Report 4713
An indirect view of the fertility changes in Pakistan. Afzal, Mohammad; Kayani, M. Framurz K.; Mohammad, Ali Report 6048
Capital labour substitution in the large-scale food-processing industry in Pakistan: some recent evidence. Battese, George E.; Malik, Sohail J.; Sultana, Nargis Report 4353
Complementarity and conflict among population and other policies: specifying an economic-demographic model for a developing country. Mariano, Roberto S. Report 5037
Credit worthiness of poor women: a comparison of some minimalist credit programmes in Asia: a preliminary analysis. Mohiuddin, Yasmeen 4597
Demand side of Pakistan's population welfare programme. Farooqui, M. Naseem Iqbal; Sheikh, Khalid Hameed Report 5299
Determinants of money multipliers. Bilquees, Faiz Report 2804
Domestic resource mobilisation: a structural approach *. Khan, Saleem M. 3831
Dynamic properties of an aggregate econometric model of Pakistan's economy *. Ahmed, Ather Maqsood; Rafiq, Muhammad; Iqbal, M. Shahid Report 3766
Economic analysis of the effects of rice price distortions in Pakistan: 1975-90. Iqbal, Nuzhat 4090
Economic development and development economics. Naqvi, Syed Nawab Haider Essay 12259
Employment pattern and extent of under-utilisation of manpower in rural barani areas of Pakistan. Ghayur, Sabur Report 3255
Foreign aid, domestic savings and economic growth (Pakistan: 1960 to 1988). Khan, Naheed Z.; Rahim, Eric Report 4239
Gaps in the employment strategy of the national manpower commission: an alternative strategy. Haq, Israrul 4158
Growth of manufacturing employment in Pakistan: a comparative analysis of Punjab and Sindh (preliminary results). Akbari, Syed Ather Hussain; Riazuddin, Riaz Report 4002
History of development economics. Oslington, Paul 3257
Household saving behaviour in Pakistan. Siddiqui, Rehana; Siddiqui, Rizwana Report 4218
How similar are the determinants of mortality and fertility? *. Ali, Syed Mubashir; Siyal, Hussain Bakhsh; Sultan, Mehboob Report 3385
Immunisation and infant mortality in Pakistan *. Khan, Zubeda Report 2339
Inaugural address. Aziz, Sartaj Speech 2441
Informalisation of women's work: consequence for fertility and child schooling in urban Pakistan *. Kazi, Shahnaz; Sathar, Zeba A. Report 3080
Institutional variations in saving behaviour in Pakistan. Iqbal, Zafar Report 7305
Inter-provincial migration in Pakistan 1971-1981 *. Perveen, Azra Report 4451
Multinomial logit model of occupational choice: a latent variable approach. Shabbir, Tayyeb Report 4310
National roads requirements. Majeed, Abdul Report 4377
National savings rates of India and Pakistan: a macroeconometric analysis. Kazmi, Aqdas Ali Report 4099
Non-farm income and inequality in rural Pakistan *. Adams, Richard H., Jr. Report 3679
On education as a commodity *. Khan, M. Ali Critical essay 21503
On the privatisation of health care in Pakistan. Mahmood, Mir Annice 4755
Pakistan Society of Development Economists. 3807
Performance of groundwater markets in Pakistan. Meinzen-Dick, Ruth 4635
Policy imperatives: stabilisation of production and price swings of potato and onion crops in Pakistan. Rana, Zakir Hussain; Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Rao 4748
Presumptive tax as an alternate income tax base: a case study of Pakistan. Khan, Ahmad Case study 5675
Private capital outflow from Pakistan. Sarmad, Khwaja 3497
Programme of the Ninth Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists January 7-10, 1993. 3113
Research on poverty statistics in Pakistan some sensitivity analyses. Zaidi, M. Asohar; De Vos, Klaas 6734
Secretary's report 9th Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists. 1181
Simulation model for distributions of crop yields based on farmer perception-a case study from highland Balochistan, Pakistan. Mustafa, Usman Case study 2606
Social costs of university closures *. Pasha, Hafiz A.; Wasti, S. Ashraf Report 3439
Some tests for differences in consumption patterns: the impact of remittances using household income and expenditure survey data of Pakistan 1987-88. Malik, Sohail J.; Sarwar, Naeem Report 4781
Stability, wage contracts, rational expectations, and devaluations *. Ali, Syed Zahid Report 3685
Stagnation in foodgrain production in Pakistan: evidence, causes and prospects. Azhar, B.A. 3376
Strategies to settle existing debts under an Islamised banking system. Anwar, Muhammad Essay 4934
Substitution among labour, capital, imported raw materials, and bank credit in Pakistan's manufacturing *. Khan, Ashfaque H.; Rafiq, Mohammad 3172
The behaviour of stock returns in an emerging market: a case study of Pakistan. Khilji, Nasir M. Case study 4946
The demand for fertility control in Pakistan. Mahmood, Naushin; Zahid, G. M. 3903
The demand for inputs and the supply of output in Pakistan: estimating a fixed-effects, distributed-lag model for wheat farmers. Deolalikar, Anil B.; Vosti, Stephen A. 8165
The determinants of worker's remittances in Pakistan. Nishat, Mohammed; Bilgrami, Nighat Report 3579
The impact of the GOP's wheat pricing policy on flour prices. Ryan, Joe; Khan, Shaheen Rafi 3347
The internationalisation of the Pakistani stock market: an empirical investigation. Uppal, Jamshed Y. 5602
The nature and significance of the medieval and modern interpretations of Riba. Haque, Ziaul 6033
The new protectionism and the nature of World Trade *. Jones, Ronald W. Essay 9385
The policy of irrigation water pricing in Pakistan: aims, assessment and needed redirections. Chaudhry, M. Ghaffar; Majid, Syed Abdul; Chaudhry, Ghulam Mustafa 5451
Under-invoicing of imports: a case study of Pakistan. Mahmood, Zafar; Mahmood, Riaz Case study 6068
Underinvestment in education: how much growth has Pakistan foregone? Birdsall, Nancy; Ross, David; Sabot, Richard Report 12682
Uneducated and unhealthy: the plight of Women in Pakistan. Ibraz, Tassawar S.; Fatima, Anjum 4583
Urbanisation and environmental degradation in Pakistan. Sahibzada, Shamim A. 4178
What determines the behaviour of real exchange rate in Pakistan? Chishti, Salim; Hasan, M. Aynul Report 4769
Why do small firms fail to graduate to medium and large firms in Pakistan *. Kemal, A.R. 3401

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