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Articles from Pakistan Development Review (December 22, 1992)

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8th Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists. Conference notes 1202
A critical review of rural credit policy in Pakistan. Qureshi, Sarfraz Khan; Shah, Akhtiar H. Report 7945
A world accounting framework: trade and financial flows between developing countries and the rest of the world. Luttik, Joke Report 4283
Agriculture sector employment and the need for off-farm employment in the North-West Frontier Province. Jalaly, S. Zia Al- Report 3829
Alternate scenarios for population control in Pakistan: the issue of contraceptive method mix *. Ahmed, Tauseef; Ali, Syed Mubashir Report 4820
Causality tests and the relative effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies in Pakistan. Hussain, Muhammad Report 4079
Child survival and changing fertility patterns in Pakistan. Sathar, Zeba A. Report 5718
Combating unemployment in Pakistan. Ghayur, Sabur Report 4011
Consumption linkages of mechanical wheat production in Pakistan. Mustafa, Usman Report 3177
Cultural perceptions and the productive roles of rural Pakistani women. Ibraz, Tassawar Saeed Report 5220
Dependency ratio, foreign capital inflows and the rate of savings in Pakistan. Khan, Ashfaque H.; Hasan, Lubna; Malik, Afia Report 5158
Determinants of income tax base in Pakistan: a policy review. Khan, Ahmad Report 6886
Development economics: the winds of change. Naqvi, Syed Nawab Haider 9737
Differentials in child mortality and health care in Pakistan. Kiani, M. Framurz K. 2979
Distribution of agricultural tax burden within the sector *. Azhar, B.A. Report 2976
Economic analysis of the effects of wheat price distortions in Pakistan: 1975-90. Iqbal, Nuzhat Report 3651
Economics of market socialism and the issue of public enterprise reform in developing countries *. Bardhan, Pranab Report 6195
External shocks and domestic adjustment in Pakistan 1970-1990. Sarmad, Khwaja Report 4960
Female participation in housing activities: some assessment of the socio-economic and cultural impact. Mujahid-Mukhtar, Eshya; Noor-ul-Hassan Report 5288
Food demand elasticities by income group by urban and rural populations for Pakistan. Bouis, Howarth E. 6780
Foreign aid, defence expenditure and public investment in Pakistan. Chishti, Salim; Hasan, M. Aynul Report 4973
Foreign trade regime and savings in Pakistan. Mahmood, Zafar; Qasim, Mohammad Ali Report 3890
Government budget deficits and exchange rate determination: evidence from Pakistan. Burney, Nadeem A.; Akhtar, Naeem Report 4291
Human capital accumulation in post green revolution rural Pakistan: a progress report *. Sabot, Richard H. Report 16311
Inaugural address. Aziz, Sartaj Speech 1572
Institutional economics, development economics and labour economics. Rodgers, Gerry Report 10090
Interest free banking and economic stability *. Zuberi, Habib A. 4193
Investing in All the People. Summers, Lawrence H. 11657
Islamic banking in Iran and Pakistan: a comparative study *. Anwar, Muhammad 3166
Just adjustment protecting the vulnerable and promoting growth. Banuri, Tariq Report 5468
Measuring the education gap in primary and secondary schooling in Pakistan. Mahmood, Naushin; Zahid, G.M. Report 4620
Methods for assessing the impact of temporary labour emigration. Knerr, Beatrice Report 10294
Nature and methodology of Islamic economics: an appraisal. Haque, Ziaul 4158
On measuring the social opportunity cost of labour in the presence of tariffs and an informal sector *. Khan, M. Ali Report 10447
Pakistan Society of Development EconomistS. List 4331
Population change in the wake of agricultural improvement: lessons for Pakistan. Vosti, Stephen A.; Lipton, Michael Report 4724
Private sector investment and savings behaviour: the policy implications of capital account disaggregation. Fitzgerald, E.V.K. Report 7252
Profitability, productivity and contractual choice in agriculture *. Mahmood, Moazam Report 5359
Programme of the Eighth Annual General Meeting of The Pakistan Society of Development Economists: January 7-9, 1992. 2663
Public and private net savings in developing countries: some empirical tests for the period 1972-88. Cornelisse, Peter A.; van de Mortel, Elma Report 5582
Relative poverty in Pakistan an estimation from the household income and expenditure survey (1984-85) *. Zaidi, M. Asghar Report 8740
Ricardian equivalence: some macro-econometric tests for Pakistan. Kazmi, Aqdas Ali Report 5714
Rural poverty in Pakistan: some recent evidence. Malik, Sohail J. Report 6999
Selected correlates of morbidity in Pakistan. Khan, Zubeda 4834
Self-reliance and the implications for growth and resource mobilisation *. Kemal, A.R. Report 3364
Short-term employment functions in manufacturing industries: an empirical analysis for Pakistan. Sheikh, Khalid Hameed; Iqbal, Zafar Report 3959
Some demographic features of the disabled population in Pakistan. Afzal, Mohammad Report 5797
State intervention versus private initiative: new challenges for the German social market economy. Any implications for Pakistan? Zingel, Wolfgang-Peter Report 5552
The cultural conception and structural perpetuation of female subordination: an examination of gender relations among the populations of the Chalt-Chaprote community in the Nager Valley of Northern Pakistan. Mumtaz, Soofia; Fatima, Anjum Report 4625
The effects of foreign private investment on economic growth in Pakistan. Shabbir, Tayyeb; Mahmood, Azhar Report 3866
The effects of migration and remittances on inequality in rural Pakistan. Adams, Richard H., Jr. Report 6217
The effects of rate and variability of inflation on output growth variability: evidence from selected countries *. Abbas, Kalbe Report 2575
The issue of sustainability in third world food production. von Urff, Winfried Report 10557
Towards balanced development in Pakistan *. Pyatt, Graham Report 9799
Trend of rural employment and wages in Pakistan. Chaudhry, M. Ghaffar; Chaudhry, Ghulam Mustafa Report 4737
Trends in intersectoral wages in Pakistan. Bilquees, Faiz Report 3248
Wheat price policies in Pakistan: should there be a subsidy? *. Ender, Gary; Wasay, Abdul; Mahmood, Akhtar Report 5092
Wheat price policy in Pakistan: a welfare economics approach *. Barkley, Andrew P. Report 4174
Why most development projects fail in Pakistan? A plausible explanation. Sahibzada, Shamim A.; Mahmood, Mir Annice Report 4512
Women, development planning and government policies in Pakistan. Kazi, Shahnaz; Raza, Bilquees Report 4229

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