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Pakistan: Fashion fix: The power of denim.

Pakistan, June 27 -- Jeans are an essential item of every person's closet. They are versatile and work with both eastern and western clothing. Picking out the perfect pair, however, can be a daunting and expensive task. While some don't fit right, others don't look right. Though we can't make the experience of shopping for jeans easier, we can identify the types of jeans that are popular and if they suit your body type!


Women should keep in mind that jeans will always stretch out after a few wears. So buy a pair that is relatively snug-after a few days they will fit your body perfectly.


Previously a statement of the '70s, bell-bottom jeans have made a comeback. While we don't wear them in bright colours anymore, bell-bottoms look great on certain women. Women with large hips should pick jeans that do not have a large flare. They will complement their bodies as opposed to clashing with them. All women intending on buying a pair of bell-bottoms should make sure they fit well at the thighs and knees.


Straight jeans look good on tall and short women but should be the right length. Women with large hips should avoid straight jeans because they will make them look bigger. Straight jeans look fabulous if paired with some nice walking shoes or ballet flats.


These jeans work great on all women! They work well with women who have more of a brick-like shape. They are flattering to larger sizes because they hide anything you don't want seen and accentuate your body.


Bootleg jeans are great to wear with, well, boots. They should be fitted at the thighs and paired with the right shirt and accessories. All shirts look great with these jeans from casual button downs to fancy party wear! Bootleg jeans look fabulous on all girls.

Low-waist vs regular

The problem with low-waist jeans, also known as hipsters or hip-huggers, is that the average woman does not have a paper-thin stomach. Opt for regular waist jeans unless you are totally comfortable wearing low-waist ones.


Paired with a nice pair of sandals or stilettos, these jeans can go from casual to formal in a heartbeat. They are great to wear with boots because there is no excess fabric to stuff into the shoes. The average woman tends to look great in skinny jeans.


Buying jeans for men is a totally different endeavour-they have different styles and colours. Men should avoid oddly coloured jeans and stick to regular shades of blue-dirty denim, original blue, and slightly faded are ideal. Also, do not buy very tight jeans! In fact, skin tight clothes in general for men are a big no-no. Clothing that fits you well and complements your body well make you look more attractive than something that shows every ripple of muscle.


Worn by hipsters, a new, emerging class of men and women, skinny jeans have become increasingly popular in western nations. Men who are into the punk music scene are also usually seen wearing them. They suit regularly built men but need to be worn with bright and large shoes.


These jeans look perfect on thin men. They have a more fitted look and bunch up at the bottom. If you're short, they will make you look taller, and if you're tall, they will look great on your legs. Straight jeans paired with polo shirts and some tennis shoes always look great.


Baggy jeans have been in fashion for a while now and they suit almost all men. The key to wearing baggy jeans is not to have them very low. They should always be paired with a loose-fitting shirt

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Publication:The Friday Times (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 27, 2010
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