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Pair of dogs found in police car park.

THIS adorable pair have set up home in the unlikeliest of places... GMP HQ.

While some would be nerved at the thought of stepping foot near a police station, these two couldn't be more relaxed.

The dogs were discovered wandering around the car park at the force's headquarters just off Oldham Road in Newton Heath.

The younger of the two is believed to be an Alsatian puppy, but the breed of the older animal has not yet been determined.

Officers from GMP Manchester North shared a photo of the dogs on Facebook in a bid to trace their owners. So far the image, which shows them enjoying a lie down near the car park fence, has been shared hundreds of times.

The facebook post read: "A pair of dogs have been found wandering around the car park at GMP Force HQ. One of them appears to be an Alsatian puppy around 12 weeks old.

"The older one is a male dog, possibly a husky. If you have any information please ring 101."

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Jan 3, 2018
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