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Painting the wall.

Illustrator Eric Drooker and muralist Susan Greene went to the Occupied Territories, where they joined Palestinians painting the Wall that Israel has erected in their land. This was part of a mural project called Break the Silence. Here's how Drooker described their work:

"I leaned a rickety ladder against the Wall and climbed up, holding a jar of red acrylic in my left hand, a long bristle brush in my right, and got to work. Below me, Susan has begun handing out brushes and cups of bright primary colors to the dozen or so local children who live in the house facing the Wall. Without hesitation, the girls and boys instantly start painting animals, flowers, trees, and faces on the twenty-foot-high concrete wall. Reaching as high as I can, trembling on the top rungs of the ladder, I outline, in scarlet, the wings of an enormous tropical bird.... With a wingspan of ten feet, still wet, but drying fast in the noonday sun, the Firebird is born again with long-tailed plumage and is flying over the Wall, which, like all walls, will, in time, crumble and fall."

To see more of Eric Drooker's work, go to his website, To see more of Break the Silence's work, go to
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Title Annotation:On the Line
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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