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Painting out parkers; Mailbag letters also appear online at Mailbag.

IN Lascelles Hall Road the first task of the Pavement Parking Police will be to actually find the pavement before they can issue warnings.

Almost nightly the pavement is obscured by parking (on both sides) making it almost impossible to traverse the full length of the road without walking in the road.

Where drivers have left a small gap between car and wall there is invariably a pile of dog mess to provide yet a further obstacle to your quest to walk safely through the village without actually walking in the road!

Moving the cars off the pavements won't actually solve the issue, it will merely drive the multitude of 'business vans', and 'white vans' further into the small cul-de-sacs to obstruct our gates and driveways, thus providing more hazards for the kids who play in these cul-de-sacs and lanes.

I presume small villages like Lascelles Hall, (where actual danger by pavement parking is present) won't be the target for the Pavement Parking Police. The efforts of this new initiative will no doubt be focused on the likes of Almondbury centre, Birkby, and the other areas that constantly get money spent on them with the excuse no doubt that we must protect the kerbstones recently laid to 'regenerate' the area.

Instead of fancy kerbstones, costly regeneration, or a visit from the parking police, perhaps the people of Lascelles Hall could have a pot of yellow paint, with which to paint two yellow lines down one side of the road where the pavement is, making the road safer at a (brush) stroke.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 31, 2012
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