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Painting chemistry green.

This month's cover article is on green chemistry for coatings. Reducing the environmental footprint of paint manufacture and application has been the focus of a great deal of research and development work in the industry for many years. Our products have become progressively cleaner, greener and ultimately more sustainable. The focus on environmental issues has often been implicit rather than explicit, but it has been reflected in the large and growing fraction of the presentations at ICE and in the number of editorial pages of our publications devoted to non-polluting coatings, coatings based on renewable resources, and functional coatings that provide corrosion protection or anti-fouling properties with reduced environmental impact. What strikes me is that much of the green chemistry effort has shifted from being driven by regulatory and "feel-good" motivations to being driven explicitly by business requirements--cost advantages and performance improvements--in addition to environmental benefits. A few days after we had completed the planning of this issue and Cynthia Challener had finished her article outlining the impact of green chemistry initiatives in the coatings industry, the July 12, 2004, Chemical and Engineering News arrived in my mailbox with a cover article on the EPA-administered Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. Here, too, the technologies described seem driven as much by business sustainability as by environmental issues. There has, overall, been great progress made and I think we can honestly claim to be contributing to solving environmental problems--not creating them.

This issue also includes a Business Forum article on "Planning and Implementing an ERP System." The latest installment in our Analytical Series discusses the evaluation of organic coatings with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. And as usual we feature news of the Federation, people in the industry, and new products.

JCT COATINGSTECH is here to provide a forum for news of the coatings industry and updates on new products and advances in coatings technology. Let us know how we're doing. I look forward to your comments and to your contributions to JCT COATINGSTECH and to our sister technical publication, JOURNAL OF COATINGS TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH.


Ray A. Dickie Editor
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Title Annotation:Perspective ...
Author:Dickie, Ray A.
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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