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Painless sticky plaster flu jab vaccine passes safety tests in first human trial.

M2 EQUITYBITES-June 29, 2017-Painless sticky plaster flu jab vaccine passes safety tests in first human trial


A new "painless" sticking plaster flu jab has passed safety tests in the first trial in humans, spelling good news for people who are afraid of needles. According to an article published by the Lancet medical journal on Thursday, the patch has a hundred small hair-like microneedles that penetrate the skin's surface.

The patch offers the same protection as the conventional version but can be administered without pain, researchers behind the patch attest. It comes as the accumulation of work from experts at Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, who were funded by the US National Institutes of Health.

It is hoped that it will not only draw those with trypanophobia to the doctors, but also help more people get immunised. This is because unlike the standard jab, the patch does not need to be refrigerated and it can be self-administered - which could in the future free up vital time and finances for the NHS.

It works by puncturing the uppermost layer of skin, rather than a singular needle that goes into muscle. It can be thrown in the bin after use thanks to its dissolvable microneedles and can be stored up to a year without refrigeration.

The patch could prove instrumental in the developing world as well as war zones. Its potential too is reason to celebrate, with the possibility of self-administration and transporting the patch via the post meaning that the vaccine may reach more people than ever before. Not to mention what future vaccines and medicines may one day be able to be delivered in this way.

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Publication:M2 EquityBites (EQB)
Date:Jun 29, 2017
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