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Painless (almost) transportation to and from SFO ... 24 choices.

Veterans of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) agree: flying is the easiest part of long-distance travel. It's driving into and out of the airport that makes the blood pressure rise--packed parking lots and structures (airport and private), mayhem at loading zones, and whopping $32 to $100 traffic fines if you leave your car unattended at the curb. At the world's eighth busiest airport, summer months are the worst. Says airport spokesman Ron Wilson: "Last June, we handled 75,000 passengers a day. We expect even more this June."

New alternatives now offer you a real choce beyond the personal car or standard taxi. From vans or buses--some ranging as far north as Ukiah, east to Modesto, south to Mounterey--to sleek limousines and speedy helicopters, these services let you go at the pace, style and price you want. Some ground carriers offer doorstep service to or from home, hotel, or business for much less than cab fare, if you're traveling alone or as a pair.

A bit of airport savvy also helps reduce the headaches. In choosing flights, try to avoid SFO's busiest days (Fridays and Sundays) and times (roughly 7 to 10 A.M. and 6 to 9:30 P.M.).

If you're lost or confused, cheerfully volunteers at the Travelers Aid Society desks can help with information on ground transportation (including special services for the disabled). Look for signed desks on the upper level of the North and South terminals and outside U.S. Customs in the International (formerly called Central) Terminals. Hours at 9 to 9 daily, or call 7-0118 or 7-0119 on the airport's free white courtesy telephones.

We list all the feeder transportation services to and from SFO, with prices in effect at press time. For all but the buses, reservations are suggested and sometimes required (usually 24 hours ahead). Children ride for less on some services. Unless noted, telephone numbers are area code 415. You can call the airport's five-digit numbers on white courtesy telephones. Buses..Marin to Monterey

Airporter Express, 877-0345; 7-0345. Service every 15 minutes from 6:15 A.M. to 10:45 P.M., less often until 3:20 A.M., to its San Francisco terminal at Taylor and Ellis streets, with free shuttle service about every 20 minutes from the terminal to 22 hotels in Union Square area (call 673-2433 for shuttle reservations); $4. Other buses serve six other city destinations at 30- to 45-minute intervals for $5. All depart from curb just outside baggage-claim areas on lower level; look for Airporter signs.

Greyhoud Bus Lines, 443-1500; 7-0366. serves Monterey ($11.10) with several intermediate stops, San Frncisco ($4.55), Travis Air Force Base ($10.90). Leaves from special stop on lower level between South and International terminals.

Marin Airporter, 461-4222. Six Marin County cities, $6 to $11. Departs from lower-level center island at blue-stripped concrete pillars.

SamTrans, 761-7000; 6-2150. San Francisco along Mission Street, Daly City BART station, and the San Francisco Peninsula south to Palo Alto; 35 cents to $1.15. Leaves from upper level at far north ends of South and North terminals. Baggage not allowed on express buses to San Francisco and Palo Alto. Helicopters...5-miute Bay hops

Rates may be lower than those stated, depending on airline connections and joint fares. Call for flight times.

SFO Helicopter Airlines, 430-8666; 7-0165. Craft carrying up to 4 or 6 persons serve Oakland Airport and (scheduled to start May 15) downtown Oakland daily; $44 per person for 5- to 8-minute flight.

Spirit Helicopter, 495-8585; 7-0226. Craft carrying up to 4 persons were China Basin (Pier 46 in San Franciso) and Oakland Airport weekdays; $42 for 5-minute flight. Limousines..shared or private

These three firms have agents at signed limousine desks t SFO's baggage-claim areas. You'll get doorside service in shared or private limousines, which hold up to five people (up to six in stretch models). For alternatives, look inthe yellow pages under Limousine Service.

Airport Limousine, 885-2666; (800) 227-6336 outside California; 7-0901. Shared limousine to Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, $21 to $66 per person. Private limousine, $50 to $125.

Associated Limousine Service, 824-2660; 7-0433. san Francisco, Marin County, and other points north of SFO. Private limousine to and from San Francisco ($50 and $45 respectively); hourly shared limo service from major city hotels costs $7 (reserve a few hours in advance); shared limousine to San Francisco costs $32 for one to five persons (you may be charged the entire $32 if no one else wants a shared limo at time you ride).

Golden State Limousine, 964-6021, (800) 538-8162 outside California. shared rides to Alameda, contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, $22 to $66 per person. Private limousine, $58 to $102. Taxis...about $20 to downtown S.F.

You'll find cabs on the lower-level center island near the yellow-stripped concrete pillars. Sample fares during light traffic periods (tip not included): downtown San Francisco $20, Oakland $30, San Jose $60. By law, five passengers may ride for the price of one, as long as all are going to the same destination. Confirm the fare before you get in the cab. Vans and minibuses...far-ranging

Unless noted, these depart from the lower-level center island at the blue-striped pillars (look for posted schedules). Some firms offer doorside service.

Airport Connection, 885-2666; (800) 227-6336 outside California; 7-0901. serves designated stops in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, $11 to $15. Doorside van service costs $21 to $66 for up to three persons (two children under 16 count as one).

Bay Area Bus Service, 632-5506. Oakland Airport, Hyatt Regency in Oakland, $7.

California Minibus, 775-5121. Downtown San Francisco hotels, $6. Departs from upper-level center island at brown curb areas (signed Courtesy and Transit Vehicles Only).

Capitol City Commuter, (916) 371-8151. Sacramento, Davis, $15.

Evans Airport Service, (707) 255-1559 and 643-8432. Napa, $11; Vallejo, $10.

Fun Connexion, 791-7160. Fremont, Newark, Union City, $13.

Lorrie's Travel & Tours, 826-5950. Service to San Francisco hotels ($6.50), also to homes and businesses rougly east of Divisdero Street and north of Harrison and 17th streets ($8). Departs from upper-level center island at brown curb areas.

Luxor Vans, 552-4166. Doorside service to and from anywhere in San Francisco, $6. Departs from upper-level center island at brown curb areas.

Santa Rosa Airporter, (707) 545-8015. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, $12; Ukiah, $22.

Sonoma Airporter, (707) 938-4246. Sonoma, Boyes Hot Springs, $15.

sonoma County Ariport Express, (707) 526-1360. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, $12.

Tours Are Us, 674-0474. From SFO to Concord hotels, $16. (On first trip, you pay $20 to Concord, $12 on return to SFO.)

United Shuttle Systems, 209) 576-7015. Turlock, Modesto, Manteca, STockton, Lodi, Tracy, $20 to $24.

Yellow Airport and Tour Service, 861-7291. Doorside service to and from anywhere in San Francisco, $6. Departs from upper-level center island at brown curb areas.
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