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Painful sex for men.

Symptoms: 6 Pain and discomfort during or just after sex. Burning feeling when you pass urine.

Wanting to go to the loo more often.

6 The tip of your penis becomes sore during or after sex. The redness and inflammation may affect the rest of your penis.

6 You feel pain in the penis at the beginning and during sex. Penetration is difficult and uncomfortable.

It could be: 6 An infection of the prostate, a gland that lies round the neck of the bladder, or the urethra tube that passes through the prostate on its way from the bladder to the outside.

6 An allergy to a chemical in the contraceptive cream used by your partner or a reaction to the rubber used in a condom.

6 Your partner is tense and difficult to arouse causing a dry vagina. Sex is painful for both of you.

Stop it: 6 See your doctor and take a sample of urine. Start drinking lots of water. Stop having sex until you have a proper diagnosis.

6 See your doctor for tests to exclude an allergy to rubber. You'll need to attend a patch test clinic to track down the allergen.

6 See your doctor together as your partner may be experiencing the menopause. Start using lubricating jelly.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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