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PainBloc24 taps highest allowable capsaicin level.

BALTIMORE -- One of the rising stars in the topical pain reliever category is PainBloc24 from Vizuri Health Sciences. PainBloc24 is said to be the first over-the-counter topical pain reliever that can help provide 24-hour arthritis pain relief with as little as one application every day.

Vizuri president and chief executive officer William Moore says PainBloc24 utilizes a patented NeuroMax formula. "It consists of several safe, nonactive ingredients that enhance the tolerability and effectiveness of the naturally occurring, Food and Drug Administration-recognized, topical analgesic capsaicin. PainBloc24 contains the highest concentration of capsaicin allowed by FDA without a prescription. "

He adds that an osteoarthritis knee pain clinical study demonstrated that PainBloc24 can provide pain relief when applied one or two times a day.

Moore says that both health care professionals and consumers are looking for long-acting, nonopioid solutions to manage pain. He notes that currently there is strong growth in the drug channel for topical/external products. "Growth in external analgesic category (up 10.5%) is outpacing Multioutlet (MULO) growth (up 8.9%) in IRI's latest report for 52 weeks ended December 30, 2018."

Moore notes that consumers seek safe, topical O-T-C pain relief options to help maintain self-control and to manage costs. "PainBloc24 uses the max dose of capsaicin allowed without prescription. The formula safely and reversibly deactivates certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals to the brain as opposed to working in the brain like opioids."

He says that PainBloc24 is currently available at selected drug and grocery retail stores including Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid Corp., Publix Super Markets Inc., Kroger Co., Giant Eagle Inc. and Meijer Inc. among others.

He adds that the company is working to launch a new arthritis pain relief product that delivers the same great rollon formula in a travel-friendly, precise, single-dose applicator. "Vizuri Health Sciences is also developing a prescription-strength capsaicin product that utilizes the same vehicle as PainBloc24. This formula was evaluated in a U.S. Phase 2 clinical study for the relief of osteoarthritic knee pain and results will be available soon."

In the same vein, the company recently announced the formation of a partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, and the foundation's Let's Get a Grip on Arthritis campaign. PainBloc24 will be recognized as a supporting partner of the campaign during Arthritis Awareness Month in May and throughout the year.

"Vizuri Health Sciences shares the Arthritis Foundation's vision of a pain-free future for millions of Americans living with arthritis as well as those who have yet to be diagnosed," Moore says. "This partnership aligns Vizuri's mission to provide those with arthritis safe, effective, self-administered, nonaddictive pain relief products with the Arthritis Foundation's mission to provide these individuals a personalized plan for living a full life while striving for a cure."

"The Arthritis Foundation is pleased to have Vizuri's PainBloc24 as a part of the Let's Get a Grip on Arthritis campaign." says Ann McNamara, the foundation's senior vice president. "Having options for the debilitating pain arthritis causes can make a big difference in the quality of people's lives."

McNamara explains that more than 54 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis, which the Arthritis Foundation believes is a conservative number because many people don't seek treatment until their symptoms become severe.

Caption: Safe topicals are in demand.
International Analgesic Tablets

TOTAL DOLLAR SALES $782.9 mil. (-0.9%)
DRUG STORES $255.4 mil. (-0.4%)

LEADING BRANDS **   Market    Dollar    Dollar sales
                    share     sales       % change

Private label       34.0%    $86,826           2.37
Advil               13.0%    $33,167        -  4.66
Tylenol             11.8%    $28,728        + 12.65
Aleve                8.8%    $22,442        -  3.38
Bayer                6.2%    $15,725           4.40
Excedrin Migraine    2.7%     $6,960           4.01
Advil PM             2.3%     $5,752           4.32
Motrin IB            2.3%     $5,742        +  5.83
Excedrin             2.2%     $5,566           2.41
Tylenol PM           1.7%     $4,362        +  3.82

Source: IRI

For the 12 weeks ended December 2,2018
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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Feb 4, 2019
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