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Pain Therapeutics expects to announce strategic reorganization shortly.

Pain Therapeutics has initiated a strategic reorganization to align its resources on advancing its drug and diagnostic assets in Alzheimer's disease. Full details of the company's reorganization plan, including specific milestones and measures of clinical progress, will be shared with the public via conference call within weeks, after the reorganization is finalized. The company believes its program in Alzheimer's disease has game-changing characteristics. PTI-125, the lead drug candidate, is a small molecule that has a unique mechanism of action for treating Alzheimer's disease. The underlying science for PTI-125 is published in prestigious technical journals, including Journal of Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Aging, and Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation, with additional publications pending. PTI-125 recently completed a successful Phase I clinical-stage program, funded by a peer-reviewed research grant from the National Institutes of Health, or NIH. The company's other asset in Alzheimer's is a simple blood test, called PTI-125DX, to detect or confirm whether a person has Alzheimer's, even years before symptoms appear. An early diagnosis of Alzheimer's could allow treatment to start sooner, optimize treatment options for each individual and improve chances to slow or halt the disease. This promising early-stage program is substantially funded by a research grant award from the NIH.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Aug 6, 2018
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