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Page-A-Day Children's Bible.

Page-A-Day Children's Bible

Rhona Davies, author

Marcin Piwowarski, illustrator

Pauline Books & Media

50 St. Pauls Avenue, Boston, MA 02130

9780819860323, $21.95, 268pp, paperback,

Sturdily presented with stiff, cardboard color illustrated covers, "Page- A-Day Children's Bible" presents exciting stories and highlights from the Bible, retold in language accessible to juvenile readers age 8-11 and up. Each Bible story is condensed to one page, which is also colorfully illustrated, with the corresponding Biblical source text quoted underneath the title. Some story titles include Crossing the Red Sea, Solomon's Wisdom, A Chariot to Heaven, At the Bottom of the Well, the Patience of Job, the Four Fishermen, the Bread From Heaven, the Rich Young Man, the Empty Tomb, Saul the Persecutor, God's Armor, Love One Another, and The Revelation of God.

An excellent early Bible for growing Christians, "Page-A-Day Children's Bible" recounts 253 Bible stories, verses, and parables in language enhanced by colorful illustrations that children will enjoy.

Nancy Lorraine

Senior Reviewer

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Author:Lorraine, Nancy
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Children's review
Date:Oct 1, 2016
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