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Paddy Shennan: A real honour?

Byline: Paddy Shennan

SO,Princess Anne is a previous winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award -and George Best isn't (Simply TheBest, BBC1,Thursday) ...

Something,perhaps, for Jonny Wilkinson to keep in mind when he picks up the trophy.

IF you try really hard, you can make any subject as dull as ditch water -step forward American Alvin Hall who spent 40 minutes asking himself who,between Tiger Woods and David Beckham,is The World's Most Powerful Sportsman?

(BBC2,Thursday) .

On sporting terms, he said,it's Woods. But,overall,it's Beckham.

How interesting -and what a great advert for two former individuals, whoa re now reduced to ``brand'' status.

I'M sureit's supposed to be a dead trendy,clever dick,cutting edge piece of television,but the intensely irritating Bedsitcom (Channel 4,Monday to Thursday) merely comes across as an ``Aren't-we-smug?'' version of Beadle's About. Six people are being filmed living together in a London apartment.

And they'rehaving lots of fun-filled adventures, because three of them are actors (programmed by a group of writers) and the other three don't know!

What larks.

Sometimes,I get the impression that people working in TV land try just a bit too hard ...NO,I still can't raise more than the odd titter at Little Britain (BBC2, Monday) , while the sketches involving the young bloke who fancies his mate's old granny border on the disturbing.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 13, 2003
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