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Packaging solutions by DuPont.

In March DuPont held an exhibition to demonstrate their solution to some of the problems they and their customers had encountered in the marketplace.

A bundle packaging film, called Sodarec, has been patented by them and Sodap, the French converter, and it should bring convenience to supermarket customers. The problem concerned the strips of plastics used to hold 6-pack bottles together, Traditional strips are too tough to open easily but the Sodarec strips remain tough in one direction but can be torn easily at right angles. So the strips securely hold the bottles during transit but can be undone fairly easily.

A German sweet manufacturer had problems packaging a range of irregular shaped products. However, the DuPont distributor, Schurpack Trading GmbH recommended their Clysar XLP048, which is a new low density irradiated film that gives skintight protection to any shape. Odenwaelder Marzipan Konditorei now wrap their marzipan animals, flowers, fruit and other characters this way. This same converter has also developed the SchurVac OT bag for meat packaging. These multi-layer bags are produced in a standard size for use on clip and vacuum machines.

The Swedish converter, Omikron AB, has introduced a new type of heat sealable, freezable and microwaveable packaging material. With Mikronpacs both the tray and lid are made of polyester and paperboard and the design relies on a layer of DuPont heat sealable and peelable Mylar OL polyester film on the inside of the paperboard lid. These trays can be shipped fiat to save space and they are cheaper than plastics alternatives, we are told.

The Spanish company LMG Suner SA has used a laminate of co-extruded OPP film, metallized Mylar polyester film and a seal layer of co-extrusion Surlyn ionomer resin to develop a high performance flexible packaging structure for cocoa powder. One major gain from the previous system is speed. These packs are now completed at the rate of 70 a minute.

Jointly with the machine manufacturer Bosch and DuPont, Cobelplast Trading of Belgium have developed an all-polymer aseptic freezer-to-microwave packaging system. The co-extruded A.98 MW multi-layer sheets used are made from high heat resistant polystyrene, EVOH barrier resin and polypropylene with DuPont's Bynel used as the adhesive resin.

The Italian company Safta has introduced polymer-based laminates incorporating Mylar polyester film and Sclair linear low density polyethylene to produce pouches with rigid reclosable dispensers that can be used to replace cans, bottles and aluminum tubes for packaging liquids and semi solids. Such packaging has already been adopted by beverage producers like Smith-Kline Beecham and Wander.

Wipak Gryspeert of France has developed a range of all-polymer multi-layer films based on several DuPont products. These ECO films are claimed by the company to be more environmentally friendly. They are the first 100 percent polyolefin-based high barrier multi-layer films to be produced for packaging perishable foods. Such films can be used for packaging sausages, cheese and fresh potato chips.

Wolff Walsrode of Germany has developed a new product for packaging ham. A 6-layer structured composite, produced with the aid of Surlyn ionomer gives a particularly high puncture resistance and breaking strength, a high degree of transparency and good processability. Because of environmental considerations, this film is 22 percent thinner than more conventional products. The top polyamide layer is responsible for the gloss but, like the other packaging structures mentioned here, it makes good use of a range DuPont products. These Combitherm Multi 1 Plus films can be processed on all deepdrawing machines.

Environmentally Responsive Tray

At the Interpack exhibition in Germany the Lawson Mardon company LMG Rotopack of Stuttgart showed an environmentally responsive board tray. This has been developed to replace the plastics insert used in many confectionery presentation packs. It thus offers a biodegradable and recyclable alternative.

Also being featured on their stand were environmentally superior folding cartons printed with metallic colours by sheet-fed gravure. Apparently, they provide the same shimmer and shine as conventional metallics but are free from any heavy metal content.

Walsall Green Label Papers

Walsall Litho of PO Box 26, Midland Road, Walsall, tel: 0922 721272 have announced that their environmentally responsible label paper is now available as a family of products.

Walsall Green, a chlorine-free recycled label paper, is available in either flat sheets for wet glue application or in self-adhesive forms, with gummed and metallised options available shortly. It has the appearance of a conventional paper and extensive testing has shown that it possesses printing qualities equivalent to quality papers. It is compatible with all the main printing processes and Walsall Green products have good adhesion and scuff resistance; they readily accept gloss varnish.

The raw paper is whitened by the oxygen process, rather than by using chlorine, so making these labels fully recyclable.

Graham Labelling at Dusseldorf

Graham Labelling Systems had on display at the exhibition a range of semi automatic roll self-adhesive labelling machines and a tamper-evident banding machine.

Their new budget priced compact label applicator measures just 155mm and yet can apply dispense labels across the 63mm web, at speeds up to 50m.

Their tamper-evident banding machine can cut, apply and shrink clear or printed bands up to 102mm in diameter. This machine has a motorised cutting head lift adjustment and material spool.

For more information, readers should contact the company direct at Hall Works, Church Road, Brightlingsea, Essex, tel: 0206 304982.

Multivac's Stand-Alone Labellers

Multivac UK Ltd of Multivac House, Rivermead Drive, Rivermead, Swindon, Wiltshire, tel: 0793 616416 are now supplying stand-alone labelling systems that include table top, Ii near and automatic belt fed labellers. An addition to the on-line MR cross web labelling units already available from the company, these units are built around their MR 4000 labelling head.

This new equipment has been developed by MR-Selbstklebe-Technik, for whom Multivac have sole distribution rights in the UK.

The versatility of the system is further extended by the new MR7000 thermal transfer printer that can be mounted directly on to the label dispensing head of the MR4000 to print product names, numbers, 'best before-dates, prices, EAN codes, logos or quality marks. This integrated system is known as their MR233.

The MR7000 is supplied with 8 character fonts and is capable of 8 dots per millimetre print quality, at speeds of 100 to 150mm a second.

Herberts new Label Applicator

A new high speed, end-of-line label applicator with photocell pack detector is available from Herbert & Sons Ltd of Rookwood Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, tel: 0440 703551.

The new LA2600 units can be mounted over existing conveyor lines and will be fully compatible with other weighers, wrappers and label systems. This new unit can handle labels as small as 10 by 200mm, as well as applying 120 by 150mm.
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