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Packaging protection for precision parts.

One of the nagging problems facing manufacturers of precision metal components is protecting their products from corrosion and lacquering during shipment or storage.

Conventional packaging films just haven't done the job because they don't provide an effective oxygen barrier and they aren't chemically inert, allowing chemicals to leach in and cause corrosion and staining damage. Also, many conventional plastic films absorb rust preventives, corrosion inhibitors, and lubricants, leaving the precision metal products exposed to the risks of oxidation and lacquering.

At risk, for example, are the ball, needle, roller bearings, and other precision metal products that are shipped to or stored until use by the defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.

The precision bearing industry has found an answer in a chemically inert, multi-layered, coextruded polyolefin film called PS-02B, supplied by Packaging Science Inc, King of Prussia, PA. PS-02B films provide both oxygen barrier properties and protection against leaching chemicals.

The films have been recommended by the Department of Defense-Instrument Bearing Working Group (DOD-IBWG), which has changed its packaging specifications to include the products. In addition, NTN, a Japanese bearing manufacturer with plants in the US, has selected bags made from PS-02B film to ship high-tech, precision ground bearings to Asia.

Testing by DOD-IBWG has shown that 100-gage PS-02B film is superior to other barrier film combinations by at least a factor of eight.

The films are available in a 100-gage version (S 23) for interior wrapping and 2.7-mil, 3.0-mil, and 3.5-mil versions for protection in external environments. The heavier films are tough enough to resist tears, cracking, abrasions, and punctures. The S 23 film is available in rolls and single-wound widths to 60", center fold widths to 30", or custom designed bags to the user's specification. The film can run on a variety of equipment, including center-fold, reverse-fold, and automatic form-fill-seal machines. It seals cleanly without smoke or fumes, leaves no residue or corrosive material on sealing elements, and can produce air-tight seals. Thicker films are available in roll widths to 60" or custom designed bags.

For more information from Packaging Science Inc, King of Prussia, PA, circle 364.
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Title Annotation:Manufacturing Solutions; protection of precision metal components against corrosion and lacquering during shipment and storage
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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