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Packaging equipment.

New packaging for Platter Meals

Birds Eye Wall's has made a breakthrough in marketing its platter ready-meals with products that can be cooked in the sleeve in either the oven or the microwave. This development - a Birds Eye Walls design concept - has been brought about by a new packaging system that was devised in conjunction with Courtaulds Packaging Colodense of Bristol.

The solution to this problem resulted in the launch of Birds Eye Healthy Options range of 'complete balanced meals on a plate'. Both ranges now use this system and the presentation relies on flow-wrapping the plate tightly to prevent movement of the meal components. The result has combined engineering innovation, structural shape design and laminate development to produce a pack with 'dual convenience' for the consumer.

A major advance has been made with the lidding. Instead of a foil lid, that had to placed by hand, a transparent laminate of two layers or polyester is now wrapped over the tray by machine, using a Fuji flow pack machine with jaw technology shaped to the outline of the plate. The laminate is face-printed with the Menu Master or Healthy Options logo.

The problem usually found with this solution was that, when cooked in the oven, the laminate would seal to the polyester plates. The answer, worked out by Colodense, was to use an overlacquer that can withstand the high temperatures. This development has produced other advantages. Cooking time in the oven has now been reduced to 30 minutes and this new packaging gives what Birds Eye Walls describe as 'improved cooking performance'.

Resealable Confectionery Bags

Europe's first mainline confectionery brand to be packed in resealable plastics bags has been launched by the Dutch confectioners Van Slooten of Irnsum.

The 250 and 500g bags of unwrapped liquorice and gums mixture, marketed under the Road-Runners brand, are aimed at keeping the confectionery clean and preventing spills once the pack has been opened. These bags are produced from a 20/30 micron polypropylene laminate on a Kawashima 608Z vertical form, fill, seal machine supplied by the European agent Marubeni UK Plc. This takes in plastics 'zipper' tape from a reel and brings it into position against the top inner faces of the bag where it is sealed as part of the bag-making operation.

Price/Weigh Labels Double as Promotions

Norprint's chemi-thermal Double-Dri label combines the practical features of a conventional price/weigh label with the benefits of a promotional voucher/coupon.

This twin-ply label has a chemi-thermally imprintable top coat, with 'windows' to carry the usual variable information required on, say, meat packs - weight, price, use-by date and bar-code. Once removed, the dry-peel surface on the reverse makes it an ideal medium for retainable information - coupons, competitions or cooking instructions.

The base label, which can also be preprinted, is retained on the pack. This can feature a special Coldpak adhesive, developed for use on frozen and chilled goods, so it stays on the product till unwrapped.

Norprint UK of Horncastle Road, Boston, Lincs, tel: 0205 365161 tell us this Double-Dri construction is able to carry multi-colour print both on the reverse of the top layer and on the base label.

RPC's New Boots Hot Drinks Pack

RPC Containers Rushden are producing a custom-moulded 900ml amber coloured PVC jar for the relaunch of Boots' range of instant and traditional hot drinks.

The new jars have a distinctive and attractive square shape, which helps to convey the traditional elements of the products while, at the same time, presenting a more modern image overall. The design aids on-shelf impact and provides a more space-efficient pack than the round jar it replaces.

This new design offers good stability and it is easy to handle, whilst its high resistance to shattering is equally important for a frequently handled pack.

New labels for the range were created by Workhouse Design of London and originated by DRP Studios of Huthwaite, Nottingham. They are printed in 5 and 6 colours by Walsall Litho on their new paper substrate that contains at least 75 percent of recycled paper.

Low Odour Hot melt

BAM 572 is the latest packaging hot melt from Beardow and Adams. This virtually odour-free adhesive, intended for sealing inner cartons of food products, is suitable for deep freeze applications and has good penetration on a variety of board qualities.

We understand that BAM 572 has a short/medium open time but also sets quickly under compression, making suitable for high speed lines. For a complete specification readers should contact the company at 32 Blundells Road, Bradville, Milton Keynes, tel: 0908 315474.

Domino's Stylish Ink-Jet Printer

Domino UK Ltd has introduced another ink-jet printer to the marketplace. This latest unit was launched at the Interpack exhibition and they claim it marks a new era in printer reliability and performance.

Codebox 3 is suitable for dry environments. Its new printhead design combines proven technology with an advanced drop generation system. The stability of print and reliability allows new standards in low maintenance to be achieved.

An improvement in the auto start/stop function has also been incorporated, allowing start-up and shut-down at the touch of a single button. After the printer has been switched on, the automatic drop adjustment ensures perfect print quality every time. The unit's integral control panel allows simple data entry but the fullest specification can be obtained from Domino at Bar Hill, Cambridge, tel: 0954 782551.

Developments by Delford

Delford of Main Road, Harwich, Essex, tel: 0255 241000 have introduced two more options for their equipment.

To reduce downtime caused by changing labels during or at the end of a run, they have developed an automatic label change-over system. A sensor on the main labelling head is activated when the first reel of labels runs out; the system then automatically switches to a second labelling head.

Another development of theirs is a multi-channel converger which is linked to the main in-feed conveyor. This is designed to reduce downtime between packaging runs, as it allows a variety of different products or portions to be handled at the same time. Product is simply placed in the appropriate channel and the software system recognises the sequence of the different products and weighs and labels it accordingly. For applications where header labels are different, additional labelling heads can also be incorporated.

At Webbs Country Foods one of these new systems has been installed, linked to their Delford 7000 unit with a capability of handling 60 packs a minute. As the unit is linked to a four channel product converger, different portion packs, like breasts, thighs, wings or drumsticks, are simply placed in the appropriate channel for weighing.

Maxigrip for Frozen Fish

Consumer demand for resealable flexible packaging continues to grow. The latest application for Supreme Plastics' Maxigrip closure is a first in the frozen fish market. Major multiples have chosen the Maxigrip Key Product system for portion packs of frozen breaded cod, haddock and kipper cutlets.

Now, using a portion or two from a multipack means one can reseal the bag with its own closure and there is no need to use a secondary container. The pouches used feature tamper-evidence above the Maxigrip seal and are manufactured from process photographic printed freezer grade polyethylene.

Readers needing further information should contact Supreme at Supreme House, 300 Regents Park, London N3 2TL, tel: 081-349 3434.

Pneumatically Operated Hot-Foil Imprinter

The B.100 hot-foil printer is a fully automatic pneumatically operated machine for printing all types of codes and even complete legends on virtually all flexible packaging materials.

This machine is offered with the latest Mark-O-Print coding head which allows 'best before' dates and prices and similar alpha-numeric legends to used quickly. Compact and light in weight, the B.100 has sufficient power to imprint over the full 100 by 50mm maximum print area. Printing leaf is drawn across the 50mm width dimension from a 330m reel, and this permits operating speeds up to 185 imprints a minute.

Print-head heat control is governed by a sensor probe while dwell time is electronically variable but such detail can be checked with the makers, Mark-O-Print Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224.

Mendip Installs 2nd Delford

The new Delford weigh/price labeller has been designed for the demands of continuous flow wrapping lines, capable of operating at speeds in excess of 120 packs a minute.

Such a system was launched after trials at Mendip Foods of Frome, who pack cheese. During the trial, the new 7120, which incorporates a special conveyor system with motorised side-gripping belts and high density thermal printing head to achieve higher speeds, enabled the company to significantly increase its throughput.

As a result, Mendip purchased the first system and have now installed their second 7120. This second unit is a twin-head machine that provides automatic label changeover and thus reduces downtime.

Readers needing more information about this unit should contact the makers at Main Road, Harwich, Essex, tel: 0255 241000.

Packaging Boosts Sales for Tolly Boy Rice

Westmill Foods Ltd reports a significant increase in sales following the relaunch of its Tolly Boy range of rice products. Colourful new low density polyethylene packs, supplied by Venus Flexible Packaging Ltd, have successfully created a new image for this traditional brand name.

Eye-catching half-tone photographic illustrations now provide an appealing focal point by replacing the simple line graphics that have been used in the past.

Venus, now a Sidlaw Packaging company, prints the new designs in six colours and the material is supplied on reel for the 500g, 2 and 3kg pack sizes.

More LMG Labels for McVitie's

By adding five more private label designs, LMG Mardon now produce a total of ten different biscuit packs for McVitie's. All have been specially designed for multiple retailers.

These cartons provide a cost-saving alternative to the conventional biscuit tin, whilst still giving good shelf-life, protection from breakage, easy access and reclosure. The cartons use either 'grease pack' or polyethylene-backed board to provide internal grease resistance to biscuits with a high fat content and prevent staining of the carton, at the same time giving good barrier protection.

LMG Mardon's offset press allows cartons to be printed in one pass with six colours plus in-line coating on the surface. One colour can also be printed on the inside of the pack in the same pass; this may be used for contents description and other product information.

Paragon Produce Halo Packaging in 6 days

A race against time to meet a deadline meant Grangemouth-based Courtaulds Packaging Paragon had to 'turn on all the taps'. In just six days they produced a new triple pack wrapper for the recently launched Halo low calorie chocolate bar.

As readers may know, the recently renamed Halo Foods Ltd, that until recently was Holgates Nutritional Foods, has brought out a range of milk chocolate bars that contain only 97 calories.

Kwiksave were keen to have a triple pack of the new bar but because of scheduling, this gave Halo Foods only two weeks to create the packaging and manufacture the first 60,000 units, which left only six working days to produce the packaging.

As a photographic illustration was needed, it was at first thought that gravure printing would be required but gravure cylinders take several weeks to produce, so the company turned to Courtaulds at Grangemouth who specialise in turning round short run contracts in the minimum of time.

Staff at Courtaulds Packaging design studio in Glasgow took two days to complete the designs. Following approval, Winnetts Graphics of Salford needed a day to produce the print negatives that were then transferred to Paragons' photopolymer plant for platemaking on the fourth day. Printing then started at Paragon's premises on the next day and everything was delivered in time for Halo Foods to meet their own production deadline.

Five Layer OPP from Courtaulds

Courtaulds Films Polypropylene has launched what it believes to be the first multi-purpose five layer co-extruded polypropylene film. This product, named SPC, is characterised by its high gloss, opacity, whiteness, wide seal range and tamper-evident feature.

The film has been launched in a 40 micron thickness and is aimed particularly at the confectionery and biscuit packaging markets by Courtaulds who are located at Cheney Manor, Swindon, Wiltshire, tel: 0793 526151.

Success for Keyseal at Express

The introduction of Supreme Plastics' Keyseal resealable packaging technology for grated cheese by Express Foods some 18 months ago met with great success, in that virtually every major retailer has now introduced packs of this type.

To cope with increasing requirements, Express have introduced a second production line dedicated to resealability.

New Trimcote Carton Sealers

Trimcote Ltd have introduced two new carton sealing machines, the SA80 and SA80E.

Board cartons within the size range 100 to 310mm by 50 to 280mm by 20 to 105mm can be fed through these sealers. Cartons are manually erected and loaded within the guide channel of the machine. End flaps are then automatically glued and sealed by means of hot melt application. The flaps are held in position under pressure by forming plates, to ensure the glue sets and the carton is square. The completed box is then ejected through the outfeed of the machine.

Up to 80 cartons a minute can be sealed by these two machines and the guide channels, that are tailor-made to fit specific carton sizes, can be replaced in seconds so facilitating a fast changeover for different carton sizes but such detail for these stainless steel machines should be discussed with the makers at Unit 33, Corringham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, tel: 0427 614857.

Irish Distributor for Linx

Linx Printing Technologies Plc have appointed BHC Coding Ltd as the distributor for their range of continuous ink-jet printers in Eire and Northern Ireland.

Based in Dublin, BHC Coding was formed towards the end of last year specifically to market the Linx range.

New Bag-Sealer from Thurne

Thurne Engineering Co Ltd of Delta Close, St Faiths Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk, tel: 0603 410771 have developed a new bag-sealing machine, the MK5E.

Positioned midway between their hand sealer and 'top of the range' model, the MK5E has been designed for the day-to-day sealing requirements of the majority of companies that do not require a variable speed machine.

The MK5E is an economy version of their MK5P unit. It is equipped with a PC that will inform the user of hot-foil run-out and it has a maximum bag-sealing capability of 65 bag seals a minute.

Packaging for Royster's Steam Nuts

When KP Foods looked for packaging for its new range of Royster's Steam Nuts, the need for instant product recognition was considered vital. Working with Bristol-based flexible packaging converters, Courtaulds Packaging Colodense, KP's marketing department came up with the idea of a matt finish pack to give a distinctive appearance to their new product.

Steam Nuts needed packaging with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties because the packs are all gas-flushed with nitrogen to ensure the highest degree of freshness.

The answer was to use a laminate made up of a 12 micron layer of metallised polyester and a 38 micron substrate of linear low density polyethylene. To give that extra degree of product differentiation, KP chose to have the packs overlacquered to give a matt finish.

Signode's Latest Pallet Stretchwrapper

A new semi automatic pallet stretchwrapping machine has been developed by Signode of Queensway, Fforestfach, Swansea, tel: 0792 561811.

This MLS unit is a robustly constructed power prestretch machine, and they tell us that film savings over conventional stretch systems often exceed the total cost of leasing the machine. Signode's sensor stretch power prestretch system elongates their own film by up to 300 percent, so reducing film costs by 25 to 30 percent.

For stand alone use, this machine has a 1600mm diameter turntable that will handle standard European pallets with ease, although a larger turntable is available. The operator can select three wrap styles - single spiral, cross spiral or splashproof cross spiral, and the amount of wrap at each point on the load can be separately preset to suit the load being wrapped.

New Bowater PKL Carton Filler

The latest addition to the range of Bowpak carton fillers is the model Q14 for filling cartons at speeds of 200 a minute. Bowater PKL Ltd of Blackthorne Way, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, tel: 091-385 3131 tell us the Q14 incorporates features that have been specially developed to increase performance levels and to be cost and time-saving.

Operational benefits include the rapid change-over of carton sizes; these can now be effected in less than a couple of minutes. A built-in computer monitors and controls filler functions and automates CIP cycles. Standard to the new machine is an automatic lubrication system that is activated at startup and at timed intervals during production runs.

Both metric and Imperial sizes can be handled by this new unit and its twin lane configuration allows two sizes to be filled simultaneously. Additional hygiene features include a double wall product tank and fill nozzle assemblies, a captive cooling system and all stainless steel construction.

PET Jars from Dines

Dines Plastics have added two new sizes to their range of wide-mouth PET jars.

The 500 and 750ml sizes harness the clarity and robustness of PET. Cylindrical in design, each jar provides good size impression and maximum visibility to show-off a product. Both use the same flush-fitting polypropylene screw lid, also made by Dines. Lid features include a deep skirt with fine ribs for user comfort and a high gloss face for printing or labelling. These closures can be produced in a range of standard colours or matched to a corporate colour. Dines can supply lids with induction heat seal wads for either wet or dry fill applications.

Readers wanting further information should contact the company at Pipps Hill Industrial Estate, Crompton Close, Basildon, Essex, tel: 0268 288933.

New Size of Quartic from Portadown

CarnaudMetalbox Performance Plastics of Portadown are now able to offer their Quartic range in a 2 litre fully printable size, to join the 1/2 and 1 litre fully printable and the 4 litre ice cream tubs with bow sides.

This Quartic range is thermoformed in white polystyrene and complimented by various lid options - preprinted, printed post-forming, clip-in friction-fit board or a combination of both.

Tamper-evidence is achieved through the use of a specially coated plastics, supplied in sheet form, from which the lid is preprinted as required and thermoformed. The lid is then heat sealed to the base of the tub and simply peeled off by the customer, following purchases.

Square Closure for Chocolate Break

A snap-on, twist-off square closure for Premier Brands' Chocolate Break is being manufactured by Lawson Mardon Plastics of Sutton-in-Ashfield. This glossy purple closure carries fine ribbing around its vertical face and is embossed on the top with the Cadbury's name and the cap compliments the square jar.

The design of this injection-moulded closure enables relatively simple 'bounce-off' tooling to be used, which saves money and time on tool maintenance. Specially designed wadding with a corrugated board back allows resealing of the jar with added protection against moisture ingress.

Plysu Appoints Ambassador

In a move designed to improve the service they give smaller customers, Plysu Containers Ltd have appointed Ambassador Packaging Ltd as their exclusive distributor in England and Wales.

Ambassador, based in Winsford, has six branches in the UK and they will be responsible for supplying Plysu products to smaller customers within the food sector, although the arrangements for distributing products to the dairy market will remain unchanged.

Espera and Graseby GK in Joint Effort

Espera Scales and Graseby Goring Kerr have co-operated to develop the ES622MD. This is claimed as being the ultimate slimline solution to integrated metal detection and automatic weigh/price labelling.

The ES622MD measures just 1790mm when linked to Espera's compact ES622 weigh/price labeller.

We hear that the standard model can handle products up to 100mm high and 1kg in weight. A major advantage of the system is its ease of use. The automatic set-up facility automatically 'learns' new products, so eliminating the need to program individual product parameters but all this can be checked with Espera of The Pines Trading Estate, Broad Street, Guildford, tel: 0483 597766.

Hot-Foil Carton Overprinter

The established range of Rejafix K series of carton printers has just been extended by the addition of a hot-foil model. Manufactured by Rejafix Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224, this unit, the K.7000, is suitable for in-house overprinting on flat cartons, sleeves or cards. It allows savings to be made on multiple stock holding, reduces lead times and eliminates the risk of shortages.

The K.700 prints date codes, prices or batch numbers. Stack-fed, it is designed for off-line operation and produces clear, instantly dry, permanent non toxic prints, and will also make discrete codes for embossing applications.

Electronic controls ensure correct print-head timing and temperature, and a preset batch counter is provided. The K.700 will accept stock between 30 and 150mm wide, between 80 and 300mm long and with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm. It prints over an area up to 60 by 150mm at speeds up 150 imprints a minute.

Quadraseal from Sonoco

Sonoco Capseals Liners have embarked on a major investment that will enable them to offer a significant improvement in the appearance and performance of their foil membrane liners used by instant coffee packers around the world.

The traditional wax lamination of the board to the aluminium foil membrane has been superseded by a film that results in a much improved appearance of the seal, particularly where this is printed. The reseal performance of the cap liner, after the foil has been removed by the user, has also been enhanced, improving flavour retention and reducing any tendency of the product to 'cake' in the jar. The enhanced stability of the liner will be appreciated in those overseas markets with warm climates, as the improved temperature tolerance of the liner will be an advantage.

The new Quadraseal liner joins the range of closure lining materials available from Sonoco of Greenock Road, Trading Estate, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 534321.

MAP Films from Pechiney

A range of reverse printed films for meat packaging has been introduced to the UK market by Pechiney. Known as the Surflex range, these high barrier multi-layer films are available in standard widths for MAP and vacuum packaging.

There is also a Surflex P series for pasteurisation, that gives up to 90 days life for some processed meats.

Gravure printing in four to eight colours achieves photographic quality and in the luncheon meat sector provides an alternative to plain MAP films and adhesive labels, with significant packaging weight reduction.

Pechiney Packaging Food and General Line Ltd are located at 100 Capability Green, Luton, Beds, tel: 0582 481717.

Foldboxes from Paul Corbett

The Paul Corbett Co Ltd have introduced two Foldboxes to their range.

The larger one, with a volume of 65 litres, measures 600mm long by 400mm wide and 320mm tall. End access is available from the front by lifting the hinged side that is firmly attached to the unit and can be sealed with an antitheft device.

The second Foldbox, with a volume of 44 litres, measures 600 by 400 by 220mm. This size Foldbox is available with or without a hinged lid but the fullest details can be obtained from the company at Enterprise House, 7 Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, tel: 0732 864004.

Clear Labelling from Fasson

The ultimate in crystal clear label transparency has been achieved by Fasson Roll Division with their new high gloss 'squeezable' self-adhesive polyolefin film known as FasRoll Mirage 300.

This film has been designed to create 'no-look' graphics on clear and dark coloured containers; all three components - facematerial, adhesive and liner are crystal clear.

The top-coated high gloss polyolefin facematerial can be hot-foil stamped and printed by letterpress, flexo, gravure and screen, using solvent, UV-cured and water-based inks. Its conformability gives it the scope for labelling odd-shaped or contoured containers and its 'squeezability' allows it to flex repeatedly without wrinkling when applied to flexible bottles.

Other important technical properties should be discussed with Fasson UK Ltd of Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, tel: 0442 60211.

Air-Powered Spray Container

A refillable air-powered spray container that uses normal air instead of gas propellants is now available from Hamel Trading Co Ltd of 13 Balloo Drive, Balloo Industrial Estate, Bangor, Northern Ireland, tel: 0247 454544.

The Eurospray air-powered container incorporates a pump mechanism in the base of the unit that distinguishes it from most competing containers. Easily pumped by hand, using normal air, the mechanism can be used to put the container's liquid contents under pressure for optimum spraying efficiency. In fact, the contents can be pressurized up to 70psi, and there is a built-in safety device.

This container was developed in Sweden by Inter Airspray AB.

Pechiney's Easy-Open Film for Cheese

An easy-opening feature, called Tearaway, is now incorporated in a range of reverse printed films for cheese packing that are being marketed in the UK by Pechiney Packaging Food and General Line Ltd of 100 Capability Green, Luton, Beds, tel: 0582 481717.

This patented method introduced a change in lamination over a defined area of the film, registered with the print and ensuring easy-opening of the pack.

Apparently, Tearaway works best with PET/PE combinations but can also operate with PA/PE laminates. Gravure printing in four to eight colours achieves the required photographic quality on these materials.

Dispensing Sifters

A new range of dispensing sifters from Moss Plastic Parts Ltd has been designed for us with composite containers for dispensing materials with a wide range of particle sizes and textures.

These dispensing sifters are manufactured in food grade material and incorporate both sprinkling and pouring actions. A key design feature is the tapered and bevelled shoulder that ensures easy assembly of the dispenser and container. In addition, they feature a break-through membrane which ensures that contents are sealed before use, and there is a raised bead to facilitate stacking.

These dispensers come in a range of standard sizes and colours from the company at Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, tel: 0865 842971.

Ytron-Quadro Agents for Eagle

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd of Unit D, Chiltern Commerce Centre, 43 Asheridge Road, Chesham, Bucks, tel: 0494 792898 have been appointed representatives for Eagle Stainless Container. This American-based company manufactures a range of stainless steel containers, drums, bottles and dollies in AISI 304, 316 and 316L.

Sizes available range from 10 litres up 200 and three types of closure system can be supplied. Customers can purchase the loose lid-type that is not watertight, or the clip down-type with removable silicon gasket that is both air and watertight, or the squeeze ring-type locking lid with removable silicon gasket that again is both air and watertight.

Relaunch of Real Alternative to Cheddar

Van den Berghs are currently relaunching their Flora Real Alternative to Cheddar. This product has been improved, as has the pack design.

Made mostly from skimmed milk, plus a little whole milk and sunflower oil, this product's saturated fat content is lower than that of ordinary cheddar cheese, so it helps to avoid the build-up of cholesterol!

Steakhouse Chicken

Birds Eye has introduced Crispy chicken to this range. Two pieces of chicken breast are wrapped in an extra light crisp batter.

Luxury Frozen Yogurt

A newly formed Cheshire company has introduced a luxury dairy product. Orchard Maid Luxury frozen yogurt has all the promise of a premium dessert and the health benefits of a low fat yogurt.

Manufactured at Burland Farm in Nantwich, this product comes in four fruit flavours. These are being marketed in colourful individual cartons and packaged in a cylindrical container to maintain low temperatures.

Dee's Fudge Brownie Addiction

Following their success at IFE in London, the Dees American Cake Co Ltd have now developed Fudge Brownie addiction.

This product is made with thick layers of chocolate cake topped with chocolate fudge frosting. All this means you experience three different chocolate types - a crunchy topping, a creamy smooth fudge filling and a soft textured sponge. Each cake is topped with dark chocolate chips and they come either chilled or frozen.

Walsall Label Boots Drinks

Walsall Litho have produced the labels for Boots' redesigned range of hot drinks using their new Walsall Green paper, a recycled chlorine-free label substrate.

Possessing all the printing qualities of a normal Chromolux paper, the Walsall Green labels have been litho printed in five and six colours for wet glue application. The four different designs were generated by Workhouse Design of London in conjunction with DRP Studios of Mansfield.

The range of products from Boots includes Instant, Low fat malted and Chocolate drinks, Fat reduced traditional chocolate and Traditional malted varieties.

The 900ml PVC square-shaped jars have been supplied by RPC Containers of Northampton, with their blue and red polypropylene twist-off caps supplied by Lawson Mardon Plastics of Mansfield.
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