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Packaging equipment.

New Developments by Tetra Pak

At the recent DLG-Foodtech exhibition in Frankfurt Tetra Pak were promoting several new ideas.

Although not seen at the show, they are shortly introducing Spout Strip and Re-Cap. Spout Strip comprises a narrow plastics strip that is embedded in the top seam of a package. When pulled, it opens the seam into a drip-free pouring spout. Their Re-Cap system involves a plastics cap being applied to a pack to allow easy opening and reclosing.

On their stand visitors were able to see the Tetra Plastic Spout, as this was to be seen on a Tetra Rex TR/7 machine. Preformed spouts are stored in a feeder bowl beside the TR/7 and hot melt is applied before they are transferred to the filling machine by means of an air conveyor. For this particular application, carton blanks incorporate a prepunched hole for the spout which provides both non drip pouring and tamper-evidence. This spout does not leak after opening, even if the pack is turned upside down we are assured. For tamper-evidence it incorporates a plastics sealing strip that must be broken before the spout is first opened.

Whilst the accompanying illustrations show the major features of these new developments, readers wanting fuller information should contact Tetra Pak UK at 31-35 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, tel: 081-546 2188.

Junior Machine from W A Lane

Processors who have small-to-medium volume requirements for packaging foodservice pouches can now use a vertical form fill seal pouch machine that converts to a larger capacity machine as increased output is required. The new L-25 Junior machine from W A Lane Inc has been designed for medium capacity and entry-level market pouch filling in sizes from a litre to a gallon.

The machine produces one pack per cycle but it can be converted to produce two per cycle. A feature of this machine is its ability to fill foods containing particulates up to 3/4in. in diameter, although there is an option for the unit to handle particulates up to twice that size, say the company of 998 South Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA, fax: (714) 0 381 1934.

Great Lakes' Wrapper for International Market

The Great Lakes Corp are now making their TS37 side seal horizontal wrapper available internationally. This versatile, high speed machine offers simple changeover for package configuration and film type. It wraps products of infinite length and up to 8in. high. All adjustments are made from the operator's side of the machine and disassembly is not required for cleaning.

Readers needing more information should contact the company at 2500 Irving Park Road, Chicago, Il 60618, USA, fax: (312) 478-7647.

Quality Assurance for Cartoned Products

Designed specifically for cartoned products, the Yamato Lock 3 Task QA System is a triple role quality assurance system that incorporates an open flap detector, checkweigher and metal detector.

This open flap detector has been designed to monitor all flaps on a cartoned product. An array of sensors is positioned along the carton's direction of travel and this is able to detect whether a minor flap has been misfolded or is open. A further sensory system, set at an angle of approximately 45|degrees~, facing downwards, monitors the major flaps. A change from one pack size to another is accomplished by adjusting the position of the photocells and the centre line of the conveyor. Adjustment dials ensure precision for repeated


Any carton with an open flap is rejected by means of an air-blast system and correctly sealed cartons move on to high sensitivity digital metal detection system for checking there is no metal contamination. Contaminated product is rejected by means of a pusher system; there is even an option for mutilating the pack so that it cannot accidentally be replaced on the line.

Stage 3 is the checkweigher where cartons pass over a weigh-table programmed to assess the pack's weight. Under or overweight packs are rejected by a pusher mechanism.

The full specification can be obtained by contacting Yamato Lock Inspection Systems Ltd of Neville Street, Oldham, Lancashire, tel: 061-624 0333.

Growth in Star's Aluminium Strip Sales

Star Aluminium Co Ltd, a leading supplier of foil products, claims that sales of its thin strip for food containers jumped some 40 percent in 1992. This compares with an average of around 9 percent for the preceding five years. They tell us most of this increase came from their continental export markets.

Interested readers can obtain a copy of their new full colour leaflet on container strip from the company at Bridgnorth Road, Bridgnorth, tel: 0746 765757.

Norwegian Salad in Performance Plastics' Tubs

CarnaudMetalbox Performance Plastics's Portadown facility is currently supplying a new 170g tub to Smak's Salater A/S. This company is part of the major Norwegian food group Stabburet and the new tub complements the 250 and 500g sizes they use for prepared salads. The 170g size pack has been designed with the same proportions as the existing packs to ensure a 'family-style' for the brand.

The existing 250g tub, which was developed by Performance Plastics, is also being supplied in preprinted form for a range of Smak's herring salads.

The rigid plastics rectangular 250 and 500g containers both share the same dimensions except for depth, which allows the same size lids to be used for both. These lids provide ample room for graphics and this advantage is exploited by glueing a litho-printed laminate board insert into them so that a standard graphic presentation is achieved, which is not normally possible with thermoformed plastics packs. The 170g packs follows the same family concept but its dimensions are smaller.

Englass Dispenser for Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble are offering a new dispensing system to caterers using their Whirl vegetable oil.

Although the 5 litre containers used for Whirl incorporate a handle, it is not easy to dispense the viscous product, especially from a full container. The dispenser made by Englass of Leicester now allows clean and controlled dosing of this vegetable oil.

Discrete Permanent Carton Coding

The embossed coding of cartons can now be carried out by the K.640 rotary machine available from Rejafix Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224, using special type.

This unit is particularly suitable for those off-line applications where a discrete batch or date code is required. Embossing the code means it cannot be rubbed off and thus there is added security.

The Rejafix K.640 has been built to withstand continuous production conditions and will handle carton sizes up to 425 by 255mm at speeds up to 250 a minute. The same company can also supply a simpler machine, the K.800, for running up to 100 carton flats a minute. Use of the special type for embossing ensures a clear code.

Duet for Lovat Water

When LMWS of Inverness launched their Lovat Mineral Water last Summer they chose a Duet plastics tamper-evident closure to seal the product. This two-piece closure, made by MCG Closures of West Bromwich is prethreaded and compound-lined.

The distinctive 750ml green bottle, designed by Scott Stern of Glasgow and made by Rockware Glass, is enhanced by shoulder and base labels designed by the same Glasgow company. They are printed and metallised by another Glasgow company, Holmes McDougal Labels. To all this LMWS added the Duet closure in a special green colour for their sparkling waters or in white for the still version.

Such has been the success of Lovat water that plans to create another bottling line are well advanced.

Robust UCB Film for Dubois

The need for a robust film has prompted Dubois of France to switch to UCB Film's RBX 32 for their Mignotine range of biscuits. These hazelnut-filled mini biscuits are first packed in opaque white biaxially oriented polypropylene, then inserted in a fully printed carton.

Before changing to the RBX material, the French company had been troubled by severe creasing problems induced in the pack during the forming process on their vertical form fill seal machine. Biscuit Dubois were also concerned about the appearance of the inner pack which, because it is not supported by the product, tended to lose its 'fresh' appearance during distribution.

It seems that the RBX material, from UCB Films of Wigton, gives a cleaner cut that also enhances the purchaser's perception of quality.

Jarvis Porter Labels for French Product

Leeds-based Jarvis Porter (Label Systems) Ltd's Peel'n'Reseal labels were recently used by Heudebert as part of a promotion for their Le P'Tit Grille range of crispbreads.

These 3-panel Peel'n'Reseal booklets are printed on a 14-colour promotional label press. They are circular, have a permanent glue hinge on one side and feature a special hot melt glue strip that allows the labels to be opened and resealed.

This particular promotion gave money-off any subsequent purchase from Heudebert's crispbread range.

Gosheron Fluorescent Tapes

John Gosheron & Co Ltd have introduced a range of fluorescent self-adhesive vinyl tapes. In eye-catching orange, green or yellow, these tapes are available plain or printed in 66 to 990m lengths and 25 to 75mm widths.

The company, of Grove House, 551 London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, tel: 081-847 3901, reckon these tapes would provide a means of highlighting special offers or could be used for warning of hazards.

Japanese Robot Palletiser

The Newlong range of equipment has recently been enhanced by the addition of a multi-articulated robot palletiser. The model concerned is the Okura A603.

This unit differs from most other robotic palletizers in its speed of operation - it can make more than 600 placements an hour. The A603 has a simple 'teaching and playback' method of operation that allows stacking patterns to be changed quickly and easily. A stacking height of 1900mm and an arm sweep of 330|degrees~ with a 380|degrees~ rotation of the wrist allows layouts to be flexible. For example, three pallets can be loaded at the same time or items from two feed conveyors can be handled simultaneously.

We are told that positioning accuracy is |+ or -~ 1mm and the robot hand and work height are counterbalanced to reduce energy loss but such detail can be discussed with Newlong Holland BV of Postbus 75575, 1118 ZP Luchthaven Schipol, The Netherlands, fax: (0)20-484 593.

Cap Retorquer

Newman Labelling Machines Ltd have brought out Model CRT, a dedicated cap retorquer. This been developed because manufacturers need to deal with loose caps following the application of tamper-evident seals over the mouths of jars.

A way of applying these thermoplastics coated foil seals is by means of a wad in the cap and using an induction heating process to activate the seal's adhesive. Unfortunately, this can have the side effect of causing the cap to 'back-off' and become loose.

The Newman CRT unit straddles the line following the induction heater to compensate for any back-off that might have occurred. It can be set to exactly match the speed of the conveyor, up to a maximum of 15m per minute and simple adjustments allow the unit to cope with heights from 50 to 300mm, face widths between 13 and 110mm and cap diameters up to 100mm. Each container is gripped by two sponge rubber-coated grip wheels and the cap is retorqued by two counter-rotating resilient cap-tightening wheels.

Readers needing fuller information should contact the makers at Queens Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, tel: 081-440 0044.

Tamper-Evidence for Exotic Salads

A new range of specialist salad dressings, protected by tamper-evident sleeves provided by Decorative Sleeves Ltd of King's Lynn, has been launched by Lion Foods Ltd.

The Exotics range of salads uses printed neck sleeves and PreForms for each of the four variants in the range. Decorative Sleeves manufactures the neck sleeves on reel for automatic application as well as PreForms for manual application.

Using the PreForms in addition to the tamper-evident reel form sleeves provides Lion Foods with the flexibility to have additional sleeving capacity, if required.

The sleeves themselves are produced in PVC and gravure printed in five colours with the distinctive Exotics logo that reflects the design of the main label.

High Barrier RPC Containers for CWS

RPC Containers Corby recently introduced a range of stock multi-layer high barrier polypropylene bottles in 308, 417 452 and 677ml sizes. Called Eclipse, this new range is intended for use in the retail market area where there is a growing demand for squeezy bottles for sauce-type products.

Eclipse bottles have a polypropylene-based multi-layer structure that incorporates a central layer of EVOH to act as the barrier material. Such a structure allows product to be hot-filled and ensures long shelf-life. Each bottle has a wide base for stability and a large area, both front and back, for positioning labels or other forms of decoration.

This Eclipse range has already been selected for use by F E Barber Ltd, part of the CWS organisation, for their Shire brand of table sauces and the Co-op brand tomato sauce, brown sauce, salad cream and reduced calorie salad cream.

Portable Small Character Ink-Jet Printer

Cueprint Ltd of Compton Place, Surrey Avenue, Camberley, Surrey, tel: 0276 691730 have brought out a portable small character printer. The new unit, known as the Elite, will allow the smaller companies to meet the latest legislation without having to make a major investment.

We understand the Elite uses the same Piezo-electric print head as their Esprit range of printers to give print heights of 3, 2.6 and 1.7mm. The difference with the Elite unit is that the print head, circuitry and control panel are all contained in one module. Print speeds between 3 and 300 characters a second are possible with this new unit and the printer can use either spirit or water-based inks.

Kangaroo Labels

A new concept in self-adhesive labels has been developed by William Sessions Ltd of The Ebor Press, York, tel: 0904 659224. Called Kangaroo labels because one label carries another, this custom-designed range is intended for promotional and marketing use.

The main feature of a Kangaroo label is the printed portion that can be die-cut to any required shape, which can then be detached and used to affix information elsewhere. Thus, this system might be used for redemption stamps, collectable stickers, etc.

Sessions can provide an extensive range of material and adhesive specifications to suit most applications.

Easy-Opening Bags for Medicinal Sweets

Lawson Mardon Flexible of Midsomer Norton have been chosen by Warner-Lambert to supply the new easy-peel packaging for the Hall Mentho-Lyptus hanging bag range of medicinal sweets for the American market.

This popular range comes in five flavours and the packaging converters have produced a high quality gravure-printed laminate that does not tear on opening, which was be a problem with the flexo-printed single ply structure used previously.

The new packs are 4-colour gravure reverse-printed on 20 micron clear polypropylene which is then laminated to a second 20 micron clear polypropylene using 10gsm polyethylene as the adhesive. By using reverse printing, a glossy pack is created and using the polyethylene as an adhesive improves both the rigidity of the pack and retains the clarity of the 'window'.

Wrap-Around Case Packer for Tapered Items

Brenton Engineering Co of Route 5, Box 178, Alexandria, MN 56308-9014, fax: (612) 852-7621 have announced the development of all-stainless steel wrap-around packaging system for tapered paperboard and plastics containers.

Designed to operate at speeds up to 250 individual containers a minute, the unit's all-mechanical design can be rapidly changed to meet other size configurations. This system even has the ability to invert every second container, so as to create a nesting pattern, to save space in an outer container.

The new wrap-around container features end flaps for minimum corrugated yet employs a top open feature for easy product removal. It can also incorporate an optional case lift to transport cases to an overhead conveyor.

Sleevit Agent in Spain

The Sleevit Division of Turpins Packaging Systems Ltd have appointed an agent to handle sales of their equipment in Spain. In future, Spanish sales for the equipment from this Clacton-on-Sea-based company will be handled by Ripack Representaciones C/Dionisio Girona 26 08 100 Martorelles, Barcelona, Spain where the contact man is Salvador Ribot Carreras.

Douglas Label Products at Eden Vale

Eden Vale now identify their shrinkwrapped multi-packs of dairy products with bar-coded labels from Douglas Labels of Barrow-on-Soar. These labels are produced using magnetographic technology, which means that each computer-originated label can feature a unique bar-code, product description and sequential numbering in high quality print.

Previously, Eden Vale bought in flexographically printed labels that involved considerable origination costs when changes were required, and sequential numbering was not possible. With the Douglas labels the turnround time is only 72 to 96 hours, even for a million run!

These bar-coded labels are automatically applied to shrinkwrapped outers before distribution throughout the UK.

Allen's Loprint Coder

A new hot foil coder has been developed to solve the problem of printing virtually to the edge of erected cartons.

Called the Loprint, this coder will print the first line of information only 12.5mm from its lower section, in contrast to the 25mm more usually achieved. Using their T-Slot type, up to 3 lines of information can be printed.

Available in two sizes, the 40/25 and 80/45, these coders can be mounted directly on to cartoning machines but full specifications can be obtained from Allen Coding Machines Ltd of 6 Little Mundells, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, tel: 07078 371117.

Adpack Have Moved

Adpak Machinery Systems Ltd have moved to new premises. The move by this manufacturer of shrinkwrapping and end-of-line packaging equipment took place in the middle of January. They are now located at 17 Kenyon Road, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Nelson, Lancashire, tel: 0282 619200.

Boxfoldia Cartons for Needlers

A new range of tapered cartons are being manufactured by Boxfoldia Ltd of Redditch for supply to Needlers Plc. The confectionery company uses these cartons for their Jersey toffees and Sensations Confectionery lines.

Presentation and impact within the retail environment is enhanced by the tapered style. For the home and export markets these cartons are printed in both English and French and Boxfoldia use five colours, including gold, for the Jersey Butter Toffee cartons which have a high gloss finish created by the application of a UV varnish.

Supplied folded flat for more efficient utilisation of storage space, these cartons are quickly and easily erected at Needlers factory because they incorporate a crash-lock base which locks into place automatically as the carton are erected. A tuck-in top flap holds the contents securely.

Sleevit Shrink Tunnels and Conveyors

The Sleevit Division of Turpins Packaging Systems Ltd has brought out a versatile range of Formline shrink tunnels to shrink their preformed sleeves.

Using recirculated air, these shrink tunnels are said to be very energy efficient and their heat sources can be quartz or infra red heaters, or even steam. For certain application, a combination of these heat sources is recommended to provide accurate shrinkage at a range of line speeds. The tunnels feature adjustable delivery nozzles and most are fitted with automatic lift systems to move the tunnel off the conveyor to allow access.

The Sleevit Division, of Kennedy Way, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, tel: 0255 423402, is now making longer versions of its stainless steel heat resistant, variable speed conveyors to accommodate extra operators where needed.

Packaging Automation's Official Opening

In the middle of last month the new headquarters for Packaging Automation Ltd were officially opened at Knutsford. The purpose-built premises, on the Parkgate Industrial Estate, cost |pounds~1.2m. A new company logo for this maker of heat sealing machinery was also unveiled.

Scan-One Bar-Code Reader in UK

A T Technology has begun introducing to the UK market the Scan-One bar-code reader launched by Vertical Technologies Inc at an exhibition held only last November in the USA.

This bar-code reading system plugs directly into the serial port of MS-DOS, Windows and pen-based computers and will then decode all popular bar-code types entirely in the software. Scan-One allows accurate input of bar-code information directly into a computer without the need for a decoder and the usual clutter of cables. The wand and its small serial port connector plug in just like a 'mouse' but readers wanting the complete information on this unit should consult A T at 17 Wrotham Road, Gravesend, Kent, tel: 0322 292412.

A Billion Fix-A-Forms

Denny Bros Printing Ltd of Bury St Edmunds tell us they have produced more than a billion Fix-A-Form leaflet/labels since this label format was launched and patented by them. It is also interesting to note that about half this volume has been used overseas and highlights their success in building up a network of 21 licensees worldwide.

Stand-Up Beetroot Pack

N Olverson Ltd of Scarisbrick have launched what is believed to be the first stand-up pack for beetroot. They have chosen to use a plastics stand-up pack for their new product rather that the traditional glass bottle. The product concerned, Red Velvet, comprises cocktail baby beetroot in sweet vinegar.

Manufactured by the German company Kobusch Folien GmbH, the pouches are produced from a laminate of PVdC coated polyester that is reverse-printed in flexography and solvent-free laminated to a special polyethylene that will withstand pasteurisation.

Once filled, the packs of beetroot and vinegar are pasteurized in an autoclave to give this product a shelf-life of several months.

In the UK and Ireland, as readers may know, Kobusch Folien are represented by Planned Packaging Ltd of Great Budworth, Northwich, Cheshire, tel: 0606 891432.
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