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Packaging equipment.

Foil Packaging Trophy

The trophy-winning entries in the 1992 European Aluminium Foil Association's international packaging competition numbered five. Three of these were for food packs - powdered drinks, spices and bottled drinks.

For the first time a trophy was awarded for the use of aluminium capping systems for glass drink bottles. Using foil at its thickest defined limit 200 microns, the caps incorporate methods to check on pressure-tightness of carbonated drinks and also to avoid the risk of bursting. Entered by hvb Jaist Verpackungs-Beratung of Switzerland, the Rivella drinks bottles are capped using Haist's PC-cap system (pressure control cap) which is combined with the OPS-cap (overpressure safety cap system).

A contrasting foil closure system for large diameter tinplate canisters also won a trophy. Entered by Alusingen Verpackungen GmbH and developed in co-operation with Nestec SA, the Aluflex easy-open lid incorporates a ring-pull which allows simple 'peel-off' removal of the foil diaphragm. The lid disc in 80-100 micron soft-temper aluminium is heat seal lacquer-coated, allowing it to be hermetically sealed to a horizontal flange designed into the rim of the can body. A separate snap-on plastics lid preserves the can contents during use and aids stacking.

Judged to be a prime example of today's high barrier flexible packaging, the laminated pouch for Hagesud spices was selected for a trophy. Long term preservation of spices demands a packaging material that prevents the escape of volatile oils, aromas and flavours. The damaging effects of water vapour, UV light and oxygen must also be excluded. A high barrier laminate, embodying a layer of aluminum foil, was therefore produced by Aluminiumwerk Tschelin GmbH for their customer Hagesud-Interspice Gewurzwerke GmbH.

Robinson Packaging for Cadbury's Snow Chocs

Cadbury's has introduced its Snow Chocs products in a spirally wound tubes from Robinson Packaging.

Each of these spirally wound tubes is printed in five colours with heat-resistant varnish and a colour co-ordinated plastics closure.

These tubes of Snow Chocs are aimed at the Christmas gift market.

Fasson's Upmarket Label Material

A glossy coated self-adhesive white paper stock has been introduced into the FasRoll range of label papers by Fasson UK Ltd of Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, tel: 0442 60211.

Called FasGloss, it is intended for use where an upmarket label image is required. They tell us this material does not need overvarnishing and it has good reproduction characteristics.

UCP Caps for Carbonated Juices

Bridge of Allan-based United Closures and Plastics Plc is currently supplying the printed plastics caps for a variety of carbonated fresh juice drinks currently being launched by some of the country's leading multiple retailers.

28mm gold tamper-evident plastics closures are being used on 750ml PET bottles of carbonated juices produced by County Dairies for sale under the company's own First Choice brand.

These new juices include Herbal fruit flavours such as Herbal fruit, Spring water and lemon, and Spring water and orange.

Safeway Juice in RPC Container

REC Containers Rushden is now supplying custom-moulded 2 litre PVC bottles to Crystal Drinks for Safeway's new High Juice Blackcurrant Drink.

This bottle was specified by Safeway to reflect the premium nature and high juice of the drink it contains. The design of the bottle incorporates the shape of blackcurrants moulded into the top or neck area and an integral pouring handle.

New System Speeds Mayonnaise Packaging

Cremanaze Salads Ltd are now packing their mayonnaise products for the wholesale, catering and industrial markets in S range containers from REC Oakham and Blackburn. These containers, in 5, 10 and 25 litre sizes, have a membrane seal that ensures improved shelf-life and provides tamper-evidence.

The REC containers are handled on a Packaging Development Scandinavia (PDS) packaging system which has speeded up Cremanaze's complete packing process.

In the UK, the PDS system is supplied by Process and Industrial Engineering. The line at Thamesmead offers a complete denesting, filling, sealing and labelling function, and the UK engineering company and REC worked closely to develop the installation for the S range of tapered lidded pails.

Because Cremanaze, in effect, merely have to load empty containers at one end and collect filled, sealed, labelled packs at the other end, the system has enabled them to greatly increase production.

Finnah's new Twin-Pack

Form fill seal systems made by GEA Finnah can now produce a triangular design of pack with two compartments. The pack is formed, making optimum use of material as only the side transport edges are wasted.

This twin-pack could well suit the marketing of food products. Currently, Finnah are investigating the possibility of producing a wholly recyclable material, using a single material throughout. Already, this can be achieved with polystyrene but it will soon be possible with polypropylene.

Interested readers should contact Medway Packaging Systems of Medway House, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent, tel: 0622 717855, who market these machines in the UK.

New Name for Rippatape

Rippatape, the self-adhesive tear-tape used as an easy-opening device on boxes and cartons, has been rebranded. It is now called Supastrip-RT by its manufacturers, Supastrip International, which is a division of P P Payne Ltd of Giltway, Giltbrook, Nottingham, tel: 0602 384800.

Readers will know this is the tape with high tack adhesive that bonds to the inside of a carton or case, with a tag arranged so that, when pulled, it cuts through the cartonboard and opens the container cleanly.

Ink for Soft Drink Containers

16-8510, the latest ink from Videojet Systems International, has been designed specifically for use in the soft drinks and allied industries. Typical applications include glass beverage bottles, cans, PET bottles, polyolefin twist-off caps and aluminium or steel kegs.

The ink may be used in a number of Videojet's Excel printers. This black ink has been developed to penetrate the thin layer of condensation that might be found on cold-filled containers and yet still achieve sufficient adhesion provided the substrate is not subjected to hard abrasion or rubbing. Optimum performance will be achieved when this 16-8510 ink is used in conjunction with an air blow-off system.

This ink is able to withstand typical warming and pasteurisation cycles but with returnable bottles the image can be removed by using a caustic wash and mechanical brushing or a pressurised stream of water.

We understand from Videojet of Videojet House, 153 Dixons Hill Road, Welham Green, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, tel: 0707 275844, that typical drying times for this new ink are 2 to 4 seconds on dry substrates and 5 or more on wet.

PET Syphon from LMG

The Lawson Mardon Group company LMG Fibrenyle has developed a 1.5 litre PET syphon system for Coca Cola Schweppes Beverages. It is being used to market Schweppes soda water.

Fibrenyle supplies CCSB Ltd, the filling company, with a sleeved bottle with base-cup attached, together with an actuator. The bottle is filled with soda water, a valve is applied and the actuator fitted. Five colour gravure printed specially developed PVC sleeves, for automatic application and low temperature shrinkage on empty PET containers, are obtained from Smurfit Precision Labelling. HDPE base-cups and actuators are obtained from Betts & Co and the valves supplied by Coster Aerosols.

This new injection stretch blow-moulded PET container is both lighter and safer than glass, and it can hold nearly twice as much liquid.

Overlaminated Coupon for Winalot

A special high gloss coupon has been produced by Jarvis Porter (Label Systems) Ltd to solve the problem of handling instant cash discounts at the supermarket checkout.

The special Clear-Dri label is overlaminated with clear film, which provides additional coupon strength and surface gloss. The coupon itself peels cleanly from a clear film base carrier which allows the carton graphics to show through, once the coupon has been redeemed. The label is also printed on the reverse side to include a bar-code for coupon identification and validation.

Currently, this coupon labelling system is being used on cartons of Spillers Mini Winalot. This Clear-Dri label is part of the Promot-a-Pack range of multi-layer coupons, leaflets and booklets produced by the self-adhesive labels division of Jarvis Porter at Ingram Row, Leeds, tel: 0532 449321.

Discrete Debossing of Cartons

For those who need display cartons discretely debossed, an arrangement by Allen Coding Machines Ltd solves the problem. This is achieved using their off-line carton coding machine with a hot impression coder. The coder debosses cartons by using a cold or hot die.

Many of these discrete codes are made up of one line of 2mm high alphanumeric characters. A wide variety of codes can be made by using Allen's three available type chases - rotary flickwheel typeholders, T-slot type or cast Mazac type.

Allen, of 6 Little Mundells, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, tel: 0707 371117, tell us speeds up to 15 0 impressions a minute should be possible.

Bluecrest Products in Ovenable Board

Bluecrest Foods have switched primary packaging of the their fish ready-meals from plastics to Bowater's dual-ovenable board trays. High and long lead time were cited as reasons for seeking to change but the environmental benefits seemed equally important. At the same time, Bluecrest have retained the consumer convenience of microwave cooking or baking in conventional ovens.

Before making the final decision to change, Bowater Foil and Paper Products Ltd were challenged to match in press-formed ovenable board the profile and handling convenience of a traditional oval oven dish with a wide lip at each end for easy lifting. They achieved the required design using white PET-coated board in 500gsm substance. Smooth oval trays are formed, measuring 199 by 131 by 40mm deep, and these have sufficient strength and rigidity to contain the 12oz meals.

Bluecrest's original Fisherman's pie and a new fish and vegetable bake now appear in Bowater trays with a new standard print - a cool grey mottled design which sets off the contents and absorbs any small handling marks.

Courtaulds Easy-Open System

Courtaulds Packaging is currently launching an easy-open packaging system in Europe. Using the latest Japanese technology, the new Fancy Cut system provides an easy-open system for laminated packs with virtually no loss in barrier properties, strength or appearance.

This Fancy Cut system can be used on any base film, so that it can be applied to the full range of laminates and pack styles. It involves treating one side of the pack at the area where it should be opened. At that point, the laminate can be torn, allowing easy-opening without the need for special opening systems or the use of scissors. The pack can even be notched to make opening even easier and can be used with a reclosable zip system for greater flexibility. Apparently, gusset packaging can be treated along the tear-line to make full opening simple.

In the UK this system is being marketed by Courtaulds Packaging Colodense of Hawkfield Way, Bristol BS14, tel: 0272 783636.

Holographic Tear-Tape

A holographic tear-tape has been developed by the Supastrip International Division of P P Payne Ltd and Applied Holographics Plc. Supastrip-3D is expected to assist in the battle against counterfeiting and the passing-off of branded goods.

The holographic feature of the tape provides a guarantee of brand authenticity, as the holograms are virtually impossible to replicate. Supastrip-3D also provides an immediate tampering indicator and a fast and effective method of removing outer wrapping material.

The embossed holographic film, comprising the specially developed lacquer applied to polyester, is supplied by Applied Holographics and then manufactured into self-adhesive tape by Supastrip International. Company messages, logos and other graphic effects can be incorporated and the tapes are available in a range of colours and widths. Full details can be obtained from Supastrip at Giltway, Giltbrook, Nottingham, tel: 0602 384800 or Applied Holographics at 40 Phoenix Road, Crowther, District 3, Washington, Tyne and Wear, tel: 091-415 3536.

Promoter Band Launched in 3-way Venture

A new concept in multi-packaging has been pioneered by a joint venture between ITW Hi-Cone, Fuji Seal Europe Ltd and ACC Packaging Services Ltd.

Promoter Band, incorporating a Hi-Cone carrier and shrink sleeve combination, can be applied to four or six packs of cans to dramatically increase on-pack promotional potential and shelf-impact. Consisting of a low density polyethylene, the carrier photodegrades when in contact with direct sunlight.

The Promoter Band, manufactured by Fuji Seal, is made of a thermo-shrinkable PVC, PET or OPP film that is reverse-printed to incorporate a customer's sales message in a scuff-resistant format. Printing is carried out using a gravure process facilitating photographic reproduction in up to nine colours. Additionally, heat-activated adhesives can be used to prevent the band moving on the gloss can surface.

Promoter Band provides 360|degrees~ decoration potential by maximising the surface area available for text but details should be discussed with ITW Hi-Cone at Cookham Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, tel: 0344 861869.

REC's Sandwich Packs

REC Containers Corby has introduced two new designs to add to its range of Krystal-fresh sandwich packs - a revised hinged bap and a baguette. The size of these new packs meets the growing requirement for more generous fillings.

They are made from clear PVC and incorporate secure W hinges, male-to-female closures and 4-corner locking to maintain freshness.

Readers needing more details should contact REC at Sallow Road, Weldon Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire, tel: 0536 63488.

Ultimate's Turkey Bag for Sainsburys

Ultimate Packaging of Brigg, South Humberside recently managed to quickly produce a turkey bag for the Sainsbury supermarket chain.

Three sizes of free range turkey bags, printed in five colours on high clarity EVA material, were delivered to two poultry suppliers within a week of the designs being finalised.

Since its formation a decade ago, family-based Ultimate has always realised the need for flexibility to cope with the demands of the industry.

Packs Boost Bowyers Sales

A change in packaging for Bowyers frozen sausages and pork pies is currently helping to boost sales figures and point-of-sale appeal, say Venus Flexible Packaging Ltd. The old designs were 'tired' and were not making the best use of modern printing capabilities, so Venus were approached for some new ideas.

Incorporating half-tone graphic illustrations in six colours, the new bags feature tempting recipe and serving suggestions on both sides. Print lay-out is in landscape on one side and portrait on the other.

Bowyers have been so impressed by the quality of these new Venus bags, they have moved their entire range over to using flexographic printing. Ilkeston-based Venus supplies the new Bowyers bags on wickets for use on automatic high speed packaging equipment.

Endoline's Latest Case Erector

Endoline Machinery Ltd have developed a new high speed case erector. Denoted as the Type 205, this unit has many features in common with their existing range of erectors.

The 205 has an output speed capability up to 22 cases a minute and can handle a wide range of case sizes, from 230 to 450mm long, from 180 to 350mm wide and from 150 to 350mm high. This high speed case erector bottom case gluing machine has been designed to withstand continuous operation, say the makers of Stratton Business Park, London Road, Biggleswade, tel: 0767 316422.

Mead Kote Transforms Gateau Cartons

A striking new range of packaging, produced on Mead Kote natural kraft board, has transformed point-of-sale presentation for C and D Continental Patisserie. C and D create, pack and freeze extra large catering sizes of their classic gateaux and, because of their size and weight, these multi-portion lines were packed in corrugated boxes.

Now, 355gsm Mead Kote has replaced the corrugated board. It provides strength and rigidity for product protection and a smooth twin-coated and calendered surface for quality full colour graphics instead of the usual single colour print.

The new cartons, that carry mouth-watering illustrations of the contents, are printed by Harwell Cartons in 5 colours plus gold, and lacquer varnished. The large full flap glued skillets, measuring 300 by 120 by 300mm, and two smaller sizes are hand loaded on a semi automatic packaging line.

High Speed Labelling with Reduced Downtime

A virtually unbreakable synthetic backing material allows Denny Bros Printing Ltd of Mildenhall Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, tel: 0284 701381 to overcome the problem of excessive downtime on automatic labelling equipment.

This new label liner is now available for backing their extensive range of Fix-a-Form leaflet/label products. It is particularly suitable for high speed applications where label roll breakage is a potential or actual problem. Manufactured from 50 micron recyclable bioriented polypropylene, the liner supports an 80gsm high gloss or 90gsm woodfree face paper.

Flexpack's new Packaging for Walkers

Flexpack UK Ltd have produced new packaging for a premium sector biscuit product made by Walkers Shortbread Ltd.

Milk Chocolate Shortbread Rings were previously packed in a litho printed carton, with a clear film inner. To change the overall image of the pack, Walkers required a pack that would not only offer ease of use but also give an excellent graphic image. A metallised laminate was created by Flexpack to give the desired appearance and improve the barrier characteristics.

This new packaging was reverse-printed by Flexpack in six colours. The design, which has a mix of subtle tonal work and fine text, was printed using both chemically etched and electronically engraved cylinders, that were engraved in-house.

Many designs now incorporate small text as well as high quality illustrations and, by using a combination of chemically etched and electronically engraved cylinders, higher quality levels are achieved.

Pigmented Codes for Ink-Jets

The growing use of dark colours for packaging materials and jars has created the need for a high density, highly contrasting ink-jet coding and marking system.

Videojet's new Excel P ink-jet printer delivers a clear, crisp and bright code on to any dark matt surface. Printing capabilities include the use of character heights from less than O.07in. to 0.35in. It can operate at line speeds up to 916ft per minute and code products at any angle via its omni-directional print-head. It has a tri-line capability and can print bar-codes either left to right or in reverse. There is also a custom character capability and four language options. Other features include an incrementing expiry date and the printer can be set to apply the code to the same position on each pack no matter whether the line speed is variable, uniform or intermittent.

Like all Videojet ink-jet printer, this one is environmentally friendly. Positive internal air pressure to the print-head ensures the pigmented ink supply does not attract outside contaminants but the fullest details should be discussed with the company at Videojet House, 153 Dixons Hill Road, Welham Green, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, tel: 0707 275844.

Tamper-Evident Sleeve

The Double S Group have developed a new tamper-evident sleeve, the Tampershrink. Made from heat-shrinkable PVC, it can be used with standard labelling equipment.

Tampershrink is intended for use on jars or bottles but complete details can be obtained from Double S Labels Ltd at Victoria House, Victoria Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, tel: 0274 630099.

New Thurgar Bolle Container

Thurgar Bolle Ltd have extended their FS container range by adding a 2.5 litre unit. Suitable for solid, liquid or granular materials, this size offers economies in both container and transport cost.

A high nesting density means that some 960 of these new containers can be stacked on a pallet which would only take 520 of their EZ containers. Moulded in food grade polypropylene, the new FS units will withstand a wide range of onerous conditions. A small upstand around the lip provides a surface for foil-sealing and a polypropylene lid provides a positive snap-on closure, either manually or by machine.

Both containers and lids are available in white, natural or various colours and screen printing in up to six colours can also be provided, say the injection moulders of Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire, tel: 0536 410111.

Thurgar Bolle's Pallets and Boxes

An extensive range of injection-moulded pallets and pallet boxes has been launched by Thurgar Bolle Ltd of Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire, tel: 0536 410111.

Manufactured from food grade high density polyethylene, these pallets and pallet boxes are available in a range of sizes, including both the 1200 by 1000mm pallet and the 1200 by 800mm style. These pallets are available in four different formats, including full perimeter slatted pallets suitable for racking.

Their IBCs include sizes using the same base dimensions, besides other shapes and sizes. These can be provided with solid or ventilated sides, and some models even have a lid. Variations include a unit with a drop-leaf side for easier loading and a fold-down version.

Multivac Packs for Safeway Steak

In what is believed to be the first time a non see-through pack has been used for premium quality fresh meat in the UK, Safeway Plc have launched Tenderchoice Steak in a totally opaque vacuum pack. This pack is produced on a Multivac R7000 3-web vacuum packaging machine by G E Shoulder, part of the Sims Food Group Plc.

As this steak is vacuum packed, It continues to mature in the pack in a similar way to the effect achieved by traditional hanging for developing a fullness of flavour and tenderness. This technique means the meat is darker than usual but its colour becomes bright red again on contact with air.

Since the quality of the two steaks inside the packs cannot be seen, it has to be expressed by the pack design. For this, Safeway have chosen a burgundy coloured base web complemented by a gold lid with an attractively printed label.

The Multivac machine covers the steak with Darfresh film and a vacuum is drawn to provide a skin pack. The whole pack is then lidded with a gold metallised polyester/polyethylene film base. A label is applied on the front and a second label, with cooking instructions and sample recipes, is applied to the base.

As far as the Multivac is concerned, the process covers form, fill, seal, vacuum skin pack, lid and cut.

Collapsible, Recyclable Multi-Pak System

A recyclable Multi-Pak system for the storage and transportation of a wide range of large and small items has been launched by Processed Timber Products.

Their new system uses a corrugated Resy-approved box with a lid fixed to a moulded recycled wood nesting pallet by means of a mushroom and keylock slot system. This whole system can be collapsed and packed flat in minutes.

Base dimensions of the pallet are 1200 by 1000mm, and the two types of container carry weights either 600 or 1000kg.

Whilst there is a standard box of 84Omm, the specification an be changed, say the makers of Redwither Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, tel: 0978 660444.

Improvements to SMI Tray Loaders

Since the recent launch of the SMI range of tray loaders at Pakex, the builders of this equipment have made a number of improvements to their standard designs. One of the most important, say the UK distributors, Medway Packaging Systems of Medway House, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent, tel: 0622 717855, is the development of twin-track machines; these provide for higher outputs. Another is the introduction of integral continuous stackers for operation with all the SMI shrinkwrappers that handle products packed in trays. SMI machines are also now capable of producing shrinkwrapped packs with printed film in register with the pack, and a separate servo-drive for the film section allows for computer control of film length and speed.

Bottle Top/Cap Torque Tester

This bottle top/cap torque tester has been designed to measure the peak torque required to twist and open a bottle or can top. Their standard tester is available with a torque capacity of 10Nm/10lb-ft and will take bottles with a maximum diameter of 195mm.

We understand from the suppliers, Mecmesin Ltd of Unit 30, Lawson Hunt Industrial Park, Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex RH12 3JR, tel: 0403 56276, that this unit can be battery-powered or connected to a standard Advanced Force Console.

Powered Perforator Improves Sleever

An in-line powered perforator has been developed by the Sleevit Division of Turpins Packaging Systems Ltd for use with their range of sleeving systems.

This new unit physically drives the shrink sleeve material while producing the perforated lines, which reduces drag through the sleeving machine.

Various size perforator wheels can be specified bur such detail should be discussed with the Sleevit Division at Kennedy Way, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, tel: 0255 423402.
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