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Packaging equipment and uses.

Starpack Award for Gateau Pack

The challenge of packaging a gateau version of Terry's famous Chocolate Orange has brought a Starpack award for the team that developed a novel container that also acts as a mould, transit pack and presentational device.

Impact Packaging, part of the DRG Plastics Group, received a Silver Star in this year's awards for the work of designers Steve Upcraft and Steve Boldy on a brief from Ross Young's, the manufacturers of the frozen gateau. In consultation with Ross Young's packaging development team of Bob Campbell and Steve Rooke, they produced this unusual pack.

Consisting of an HIPS thermoforming in the style and appearance of a halved and peeled orange, the pack is used initially as a mould to carry the dome-shaped sponge and its layer of flavoured mousse through the freezing process. When required by the consumer, the product is removed from its eye-catching outer carton and, while still frozen, the styrene forming is torn along predetermined segment lines prior to careful peeling it from the layer of mousse.

Compact Hot Foil Printer

A high speed hot-foil printer, designed for fitting to intermittent packaging machinery, has been launched by Mark-O-Print Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224.

Model M.11 is air powered and of such compact design that it is suitable for location where space is limited. It is fitted with a standard 305m capacity leaf reel, although by using the alternative 180m capacity reel its overall width can be reduced to 210 from 272mm. Using brass type, the M.11 produces sharp imprints at speeds up to 700 a minute and the maximum print area is 25 by 25mm.

A feature of the unit is a leaf-saver device, which allows fine adjustment of leaf usage. It also uses a leaf reel cassette loading system to keep change-over time to a minimum.

Parkside Preforms for Geest

Parkside Flexible Packaging Ltd of Leeds has won its first order for the range of Preformed sleeves it introduced at the Pakex exhibition.

Geest are applying these sleeves to salad tubs as a back-up supply to their automated application equipment, and on particular lines where volumes do not justify automatic application.

These preformed sleeves, used for tamper-evidence, are available in either printed or unprinted form with options for tear-tape or vertical perforation.

InkSource Food Grade Ink

Videojet Systems International are now supplying InkSource food grade ink. This non toxic ink is suitable for use by manufacturers and processors who must conform to FDA regulations in making their products.

Manufactured in Videojet's InkSource manufacturing facility, this food grade ink is produced under conditions similar to those found in the modern food plant. It is formulated and produced separately from other inks in a specially designed area. This ink is intended for use where direct contact, or the possibility of direct contact, between ink and product exists. The ink is a vegetable dye that can be printed directly on to food supplements in tablet form, chewing gum, confectionery items, etc.

16-9000 Food Grade Ink does not contain artificial preservatives. Its alcohol content prevents the growth of micro-organisms and the alcohol also improves the drying time on non porous surfaces. This ink has a shelf-life of six months and can be safely stored in the temperature range +4|degrees~ to +32|degrees~C, say Videojet of Videojet House, 153 Dixons Hill Road, Welham Green, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, tel: 0707 275844.

Vernon's Minimal Packaging Systems

A new concept in minimal packaging has been launched by Vernon Packaging Ltd of Hill Close, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, Harlestone Road, Northampton. tel: 0604 754831.

This concept has been developed with a view to meeting new EEC Directives on environmental packaging. It eliminates the necessity for polyester film sealing, whilst using a third less board than conventional packs. At the same time the pack allows for good graphic presentation and also achieves tamper-evidence. It can be microwaved or put into a conventional oven.

The first orders have been received for the new carton from Eismann UK of Corby for their range of oriental foods. These food ranges are purchased ready-packaged from various manufacturers and Eismann sell direct to the consumer via their home delivery service. In this instance, the products are packed in fibreboard trays supplied by Bowater Foil and Paper Products Ltd.

Such cartons can be formed to suit a wide range of food products - anything from standard trays to pots for individual or mixed servings.

Hygiene Award for Flexpack

Flexpack UK Ltd has won the ADAS Hygiene Award. They tell us they are the first food packaging company to gain this accreditation.

ADAS has considerable experience in hygiene auditing and provides a 'third party' view of production conditions. It also places considerable weight on management attitudes and staff involvement and motivation. This award marks a shift in emphasis for ADAS. For many years the independent body has been involved with all parts of the food chain but recent developments have led to a greater pre-occupation with environmental protection and food processing.

Blagden's Bag-in-the-Box IBC

At the recent Pakex exhibition Blagden Packaging Ltd unveiled a new concept bag-in-the-box intermediate bulk container.

Manufactured by LB Systemer to UN Chapter 16 and meeting Group 2 and 3 performance criteria, these foldable IBCs are suitable for the transportation of many food materials or products.

The Uni-Fold collapsible 1000 litre container incorporates a hinged folding system for fast erection and fold-down. An integral pallet base, shaped for optimal drainage, allows the empty inner flexible liner to remain in place when the unit is folded. The disposable shaped inner liner is manufactured from linear low density polyethylene, whilst the outer frame is made from square hollow stainless steel sections with steel insert panels available in a choice of colours.

Each Uni-Fold IBC folds and locks to a third of its opened height for return transport. A dispensing valve is incorporated in the integral stainless steel pallet but fuller details can be obtained from the company at St Vincents Works, Silverthorne Lane, Bristol, tel: 0272 776087.

Holographic Foil for Australasia

Material from the Holoflex range of holographic foil has recently been used to launch a chocolate bar product in New Zealand and Australia.

The new Wobbly bar from Cadbury is a multi-coloured wafer and candy product covered in milk chocolate. It is packaged in a holographic wrapper developed jointly by Applied Holographics Plc and Flexipac located the other side of the world. The iridescent pattern created by the foil displays a spectrum of colours which shimmer and change to produce an eye-catching effect.

The holographically embossed and metallised polypropylene film was supplied to Flexpac, part of Borden (NZ), who overprinted it flexographically and added cordseal. In the printing they used both opaque inks for the text and bar-code and translucent ink to produce the purple colour through which the holographic pattern can be seen.

Sparkprint Labels for Greenbank

Sparkprint's new 6-colour litho-image wide web label press was chosen for printing labels for a new herbal drink called Ame.

The drink, made by the newly formed Greenbank Drinks Co Ltd, is a blend of vitamins, fruit juices and Eastern herbs. This oriental mix was to form the basis of the label design which depicts a torn parchment of rice paper tied to the bottle with raffia.

The fine background print texture was achieved out of a 4-colour process set, using very high screen values on each litho printing plate. The parchment effect was completed using in-line matt varnish. The raffia knot was also printed from the 4-colour set, embossed and gloss varnished in-line to accurately match the original design brief from the designers, Miller Sutherland.

We understand that such is the level of demand already expressed by designers and label specifiers that Sparkprint Ltd of Northallerton have already ordered a second similar press, and the present one is only the first of its type in the UK!

Scottish Agent for Yamato Lock

Bill Gibson of Total Packaging Services, who for many years has provided packaging systems throughout Scotland, has recently joined Yamato Lock Inspection Systems Ltd as their Scottish agent. This packaging consultancy is based at Lockerbie.

Blagden Plametha's Range Now in UK

Blagden Plametha of Holland specialize in the production of tinplate and steel containers. In anticipation of the various trade barriers coming down, Blagden's wide range of cans, boxes and intermediate steel drums is now available in the UK from their distributors, Taylor-Davis of Abtro House, Moat Road, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury, Wiltshire, tel: 0373 864324.

These containers include both cylindrical and square types that can be internally lacquered or plain, tapered tin cans, kegs and pails, variously using wheel-on lids, seamed or flexspouts, lever-lids or lug-covered lids. All are available suitably decorated by means of multi-colour lithographic reproduction to customers' own designs.

Pitney Bowes Thermal Printers

Pitney Bowes Marking Systems Ltd have added to their 9400 Series of thermal printers. The 9406 table-top printer has been designed to satisfy the needs of the smaller manufacturer or manufacturers with low volume marking applications. This 4in. unit has a maximum print area of 4 by 8in. and a print speed of 2in. per second. It contains all the popular bar-code symbologies and runs on-line to a PC.

At the same time they have launched the 5170 with a wider print width and faster speed. This 6in. printer will handle large carton or address labels; it offers a maximum label length of 9.84in. and will print at speeds up to 6in. per second.

Readers wanting further information should contact the company at Horsecroft Road, The Pinnacles, Harlow, Essex, tel: 0279 416771.

Seal Tester from Best Inspection

An in-line seal tester integrated with a checkweigher and optional metal detector has been brought out by Best Inspection Ltd of Little Forge Road, Park Farm North, Redditch, Worcestershire, tel: 0527 517283.

This tester provides 100 percent seal testing for products emerging from at bagging machine. Known as the Seal Check 30, it will combine the three quality control functions of seal testing, checkweighing and metal detection into one compact unit, based around a modified version of the company's D30 checkweigher.

The system works by carrying out a series of tests, measured against preset tolerances, to detect the level of air within packs. A space-saving design benefit of the Seal Check unit is its location - in-line directly below the exit point of the bag-making machine. This position is usually occupied by a take-away conveyor. With Best's latest idea, quality control checks are performed at the same time as the product is being transferred to an acceptable working height for further processing.

We understand this new unit will handle packs weighing from 25 to 250g at speeds between 55 and 110 packs a minute for packs presented in single file. It is capable of detecting minute holes or a split in the longitudinal seal and incorporates features designed to prevent resealing of the holes.

Single Handed-Opening and Dispensing Pack

The Mailway Packaging Group are the first in Europe to offer the DispenSRpak. This single portion pack can be opened with one hand. Such a system overcomes the problem of liquid not entering the container of choice.

With the DispenSRpak one does not need scissors or teeth to open it because pressure on the two ends breaks a seal in the face of the pack and liquid is dispensed evenly from the central opening.

This machine, that is already being used in the USA, Japan and Australia, was supplied by Linro Ltd of Newbury, who are the European agents for the makers, Sanford Redmond Inc of the USA.

Readers needing to contact Mailway should know they are located at Springfield Mills, Springmill Street, West Bowling, Bradford, West Yorkshire, tel: 0274 720019.

Meadkote Board for Eden Vale

When demand for Eden Vale's 3 by 175g multipacks of Ski Gold Split yogurt outstripped hand packing operations, Waddington Cartons supplied and installed a Certipack GCU automatic sleeving machine for them.

For the carton sleeves to run on this new 30 cpm line they recommended Coated Natural Kraft board from Mead Coated Board UK Ltd of Rickmansworth. This material, known as Meadkote, combines the protective qualities and packaging performance of unbleached wood fibres with a smooth coated surface for quality colour reproduction.

Waddington's print Ski yogurt sleeves in 5-colour offset litho plus an emulsion varnish to give them good point-of-sale appeal.

CNK's high strength to weight ratio allows the use of 315gsm Meadkote to carry three pots of different fruit yogurts. The sleeve, designed in Waddington's constructional design department, incorporates a compression lock that makes use of Meadkote's strength and stiffness to maintain the integrity of the pack.

Hassia's new Sachet Machine

At the recent Pakex show a new sachet form fill seal machine, designed specifically for smaller production runs, was given its worldwide debut.

The two-lane FVL 18/18 has a capacity of up to 110 sachets a minute; these sachets can be up to 180mm long and 90mm wide (two lane). It incorporates electromechanical drive with packaging feeding through Cardan shaft and filling system, and there is a ball valve shut-off. Sealing stations swivel 90|degrees~ to either side to give easy access for maintenance, checking and size change.

Like other machines in the Hassia FVL range, the 18/18 can handle an extensive range of liquid and 'pulpy fill' products but fuller information can be obtained from their UK agents, Engelmann and Buckham Machinery Ltd, Buckham House, Lenten Street, Alton, Hampshire, tel: 0420 82421.

Dunns Wagtail

Dunn Systems Ltd have developed a high speed pack orientation and channelising machine, known as the Wagtail.

There are two versions of this machine. The free-standing model accepts products at random from a conveyor system by controlling the packs into the turning module of the machine. Under optimum conditions, this unit will operate at speeds up to 220 packs a minute.

One application of the Wagtail is for handling multi-packs, discharged from the packer with the narrow face leading, that need to be turned through 90|degrees~, with throughput speed of 300 packs being achievable. Dunns, of Smisby Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, Leicestershire, tel: 0530 414444, have also developed a system to feed packs from the Wagtail to a high speed shrinkwrapper.

LMG Superior Helps Treats Ice Cream

As part of the product development and image upgrading programme being carried out by Treats Ice Cream, the packaging material produced by LMG Superior Packaging for all the overwraps is being changed from 35gsm MG bleached kraft paper with all-over coldseal to a 40 micron pearlised polypropylene with all-over coldseal and lacquer. All the designs are printed flexographically in either four or five colours.

The ice cream company has also shown its commitment to the upkeep of the environment by adding the Keep Britain Tidy logo on all the designs.

Because of the sales successes due to a marketing push, Treats have allocated |pounds~5m. to the capital programme for increasing production, and this investment should be completed in the next year. Redevelopment of its packaging should trigger further growth for them.

RPC's Half Litre Rectangular

A 1/2 litre rectangular OPVC bottle has been brought to the market by RPC Containers Ltd of Northampton Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, tel: 0933 59136.

This latest bottle completes their stock range of rectangular shapes which, besides the new size, come in 1, 2, 3 and 5 litre sizes. The new small size is seen as a 'single serve' bottle for mineral waters or for use by bottlers of edible oils.


A strapping machine that can print messages, times, dates, identification codes and other variable data on demand has been developed by Payne Strapping Systems, a division of P P Payne Ltd.

This print-on-demand facility is now available as an optional feature on the Payne-Akebono SP555 semi automatic strapping machine. Copy is simply programmed into the modified SP555 when required and the messages are then imprinted on the strap by an ink-jet printing system as the machine is in operation.

Using such a unit means that it is no longer necessary to stock strap with preprinted messages or to interchange reels when different information is needed. Alternatively, this unit could he used to add print that can be changed at will, even for the shortest of runs but complete information can he obtained from the company at Giltway, Giltbrook, Nottingham, tel: 0602 384800.

Berkel Add to Surewrap Range

Berkel Ltd have extended their Surewrap range of stretchwrappers by introducing the SW250.

This unit has been designed for high volume applications in meat, poultry and fish packing stations. It automatically adjusts for different sizes of pack, selecting the appropriate film width and cut-off length to suit the size of tray. It will wrap trays in sizes from 130 by 100mm to 365 by 255mm, with a maximum pack height of 180mm.

Automatic tray centring can be specified as an optional extra but such detail can be discussed with the manufacturers at 27 Cobden Street, Leicester, tel: 0533 620891.

Skerman Link with Corazza

Skerman Promac Ltd has announced a link-up with the Italian packaging machinery company Corazza. This agreement gives Skerman sole fights to promote and sell the Bologna-based company's equipment in the UK and Ireland.

As readers may well know, Corazza's specialist areas include the forming and wrapping of cubed products, the forming and filling of semi liquid products into preformed foil to produce cubes and the pleat-wrapping of round products. Skerman of 162 Windmill Road West, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, tel: 0932 789646 will be pleased to tell you more about the extra equipment they are now marketing.

Domed Head Aids Hygiene

In order to encourage improved standards of hygiene, Cintex Ltd has designed a new style of search-head casing for its metal detection systems. To prevent items like tools, packaging materials and other objects being left on top of detector heads, all Cintex units will in future be available fitted with steeply domed heads if required.

We understand from the metal detector suppliers of Unit 12, Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colnbrook Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 685261 that this optional facility is available for the majority of aperture sizes on both their AutoSearch and MicroSearch systems.

Graseby GK's Heavy Duty System

Graseby Goring Kerr have introduced a heavy duty checkweigher system that will accommodate items weighing up to 60kg. This means such a unit could be used for checking bulk raw materials.

The new models come in two types - the Series HD2500 will handle weights up to 25kg and the HD6000 will handle the 60kg size items. Both units have a maximum throughput of 40 packs a minute and various options for the design are available from the makers who are located at Vale Road, Windsor, Berkshire, tel: 0753 869351.

DRG Pot for Clifford's Sauces

A specially developed microwaveable pot from DRG Plastics is being used by Clifford Dairies for launching a range of sauces. The custard and chocolate sauces are being supplied under the County Dairies brand name to various supermarket chains.

Previously, County Dairies had used cartons for sauces, and it was essential that the change to pots was cost-effective. The pot size was critical and DRG Plastics of Bristol had a pot they could modify to accommodate the required capacity and the specific microwave needs of the product.

The new sauces are packed in 12oz, 97mm pots with 'top hat' lids and peelable foil seals that can be removed cleanly for microwave use.

Bar-Code Printer for Packaging Lines

A thermal bar-code label printing unit, for incorporation in packaging lines, has been introduced by the Systems Equipment Division of Norprint International Ltd, Horncastle Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, tel: 0205 365161.

The M8400S printer includes most of the features found in their desk-top series of thermal printers. All the popular bar-codes, together with human-readable fonts, are available from the unit's memory. This small and compact unit has been designed to allow the printing of self-adhesive labels and tags in-line.

Printer parameters are user-programmable through the LCD display and keypad. The unit will produce the full range of bar-codes, graphics and text at speeds up to 125mm a second across a print width up to 104mm. Print resolution is 8 dots per millimetre and the unit has different media-sensing options; for instance, there is automatic pitch detection for continuous form printing and an automatic back-feed to ensure each label or tag is correctly printed.

Quality Award for UCB

During the run of the recent Pakex exhibition UCB Films Plc actually received their award of BS 5750 Part 2/IS0 1002. This registration covets production of UCB Films Rayopp range of biaxially orientated polypropylene films together with administration areas like marketing, purchasing, quality assurance, sales, training and transport.

Dutch Order for RPC

RPC Containers of Oakham and Rutland have won a major order to supply custom-moulded PET jars in 525 and 850ml sizes to Euroma BV, the Dutch sister company of The British Pepper and Spice Co Ltd.

The 850ml size was originally designed and produced by RPC in clear PET for British Pepper and Spice. However, as well as an additional size, Euroma also specified the use of a green pigment for the PET. These jars are being used to package a range of naturally decontaminated herbs and spices.

Not only do the jars combine functional packaging with a distinctive appearance, they also feature a flip-top closure, supplied by Weatherchem, that is designed to allow sprinkling from one side and spooning from the other.

Packaging for Hot Food Vending

CMB Performance Plastics has joined forces with Food Co, the company formed by Vending Management Services and Ryebrook Foods, to produce the first Today's Choice hot food vending machine.

The Today's Choice vender, installed in two cafeteria in Harrow, serves nutritious hot meals at any time of the day or night. Once payment and selection from a choice of up to six recipes has been made, a preset microwave heating cycle that is predetermined by the meal selected is initiated. Such a system ensures that each meal is dispensed, complete with fork and napkin, at the correct temperature, in around 50 seconds.

The speed of heating is enhanced by the use of non foil lidding developed in conjunction with lawson Mardon Flexible. All containers are heat sealed with a peelable barrier film to provide consistent microwave penetration and easily removable lidding for the user.

Custom-made for this unusual application, CMB Performance Plastics' Lamipac shallow dish-shaped container features handles for consumer convenience and ease of progress through the vending machine along a patented hygienic food transport system.
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