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Packaging equipment and uses.

Heinz Use Ferrolite Cans

CMB Foodcan Plc is supplying the HJ Heinz Co with its 52 by 70mm babyfood can that utilizes their easy-open end technology and white Ferrolite material. This new two-piece Ferrolite food can is a drawn-redrawn can made of tin-free steel with a PET polymer coating.

Ferrolite, previously known as Metpolam, is a fully processable and recyclable polymer-coated steel, which gives a strong scratch-resistant finish to a can. By combining different polymers with either tin-free steel or tinplate, Ferrolite can be given different properties, offering versatility in terms of shape, application and choice of closure.

The new Heinz babyfood can incorporates an easy-open ring-pull end and appears in a crisp white colour in this instance, although other colours can be supplied.

The can itself is being produced at CMB Foodcan's Westhoughton factory and the ends are being supplied by the same company's Components factory at Neath.

Bradlok Indexing Cartoner

Bradman-Lake Ltd have developed an intermittent motion, end-load machine for the automatic cartoning of multiple contents, delicate or 'difficult' products.

The Bradlok SL60 is based on a machine designed to run large cartons at low speeds, that was first produced to pack cereals in Russia. It was then adapted for use with biscuits on the continent of Europe.

The new unit has been uprated to handle smaller cartons at higher speeds. Instead of a reciprocating feed, a twin-head rotary unit, operated by venturi vacuum, lifts flat cartons from the magazine, ready for automatic erection. A synchronized product inserter handles both individual items and collated products automatically with equal efficiency. The pusher arm lifts between strokes to achieve operating speeds up to 60cpm. After loading, the flaps are ploughed down and the cartons sealed. Closure is by hot-melt jet gluing but machines for tuck closures can be supplied.

Readers needing more complete information about this new development should contact the company at Yelverton Road, Brislington, Bristol, tel: 0272 715228.

Moplefan's new Film

SLG/M 36 micron OPP film is a new concept from Moplefan (UK) Ltd of Britannia House, Brantham, Manningtree, Essex, tel: 0206 393345.

Using cavitated white film base metallized and acrylic-coated on both sides, it does away with the need for co-extruded film laminates. This results in a significant improvement in production and packaging efficiencies, with superior finished pack presentation and visual appeal.

Burtons Gold Medal Biscuits Ltd are the first company to use this new concept in packaging film. Their Edinburgh factory has adopted it as a wrapper for Royal Tea biscuits, the chocolate version of Rich Tea.

For these biscuits the wrapper is gravure printed with converter-applied overcoat in a shade of royal blue, the converters being Courtaulds Packaging Colodense Ltd.

More Cellulose Capacity for UCB

UCB Films Plc now has increased capacity for its cellulose film production. The 25 percent increase follows on from the commissioning of a new line at its plant in Wigton, Cumbria.

UCB now claim to be the largest manufacturer of cellulose film in Europe and the new line pushes their UK capacity to around 13,000 tonnes a year.

Programmable Pick and Place Unit

A programmable pick and place unit for loading flexible bags or cartons of delicate goods into open cases or trays is being introduced to the UK market by Kanepack and the newly formed company, Continental Packaging Machinery.

Built in Holland by PM Systems, the Allpac 300 has been designed to remove the need for repetitive handwork in end-of-line packaging operations. This unit will load up to 200 items a minute.

Potential applications include cartons of gateaux and products like pizza that must be kept upright but such ideas should be discussed with Frederick C Kane Ltd at Kanepack Works, Aintree Road, Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex, tel: 081-998 4404.

The Allpac 300 accepts bags or cartons from an infeed conveyor, and spaces and collates them into the appropriate pack formation, using a Lamel layering device, which can shingle the bags to reduce the space they take up in the case.

Limpet's Latest High Speed Case Taper

Limpet Tapes Ltd has brought out a new fully automatic high speed case taper. The SM11/HS automatically closes the top flaps prior to sealing top and bottom flaps with self-adhesive tape.

The makers, of Bond House, 9a George Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, tel: 0480 459461, tell us that up to 3000 uniform cases can be processed in an hour on this unit and the size range that can be accommodated at this speed runs from 140 to 450mm in height or width and from 150 to 750mm in length. Adjustment for different sizes apparently takes less than a couple of minutes.

This machine is an upgrade of their SM11. It features a pneumatically assisted taping head that ensures tape is applied with the right tension and pressure to obtain the best seal with maximum economy, at speeds which, in effect, double the original capacity.

Five-Layer Bags form Dixie Union

Dixie Union (UK) Ltd have introduced the 3DMX range of five-layer barrier bags. Apparently, this range combines the clarity and shrinking properties of the 3DM range with the overall strength and sealing properties of the irradiated 3DX range of materials.

These bags protect product during transport and still allow crystal-clear presentation on the shelf.

Readers wanting fuller information should consult the company at 34 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, tel: 0908 614567.

Lean Cuisine For Healthy Appetites

To bring it into line with the rest of the Lean Cuisine range, Lean Cuisine For Healthy Appetites has been given a new brand identity. Designed by Packaging Innovation, the logo echoes that of the parent brand, which was relaunched in January with a new pack that was also designed by Packaging Innovation.

Lean Cuisine For Healthy Appetites now comprises seven recipes of similar quality to the original Lean Cuisine line but in larger portions of at least 14oz each.

Holographic Packaging Wins Award

A holographic foil, developed by Applied Holographics Plc of Washington, Tyne and Wear, has won a Nordic Packaging Association award.

In its recent Scanstar awards, the Finnish packaging company Ahlstrom Eurapak was commended for the holographic metallised wrapper used for the launch of the Icing chococola ice bar.

The 12 micron polyester-based holographic foil, developed by Applied Holographics, was supplied to Ahlstrom who laminated it to 30 micron OPP and overprinted the packaging with the appropriate branding.

New UCB Pack for Jacobs

Jacobs have brought out a new pack for their Club range of chocolate biscuits. It features five different designs - one for each of the Club flavours - printed in six colours on SHD35 white film.

This pack has been developed jointly by Jacobs and the St Helens-based film convertor UCB Packaging. In the course of experimentation, metallised film was examined but was thought to be too expensive, then pearlised film was tried but rigidity was lost. Next the metallisation process was re-examined but this was done using a metallised ink base printed on plain SCB25 material; such a system was more cost-effective but the presentation fell short of what was desired.

Aseptic Fillers and Sealers from Fords

Fords Packaging Systems, a division of Barry Wehmiller International Plc, now have the ability to offer aseptic filling and sealing machines in association with Shikoku Kakoki Co Ltd of Japan.

The machines involved are the aseptic versions of the Shikoku Kakoki cup filler range for yogurts and desserts, for use with preformed containers. Designated the ULA-100 and the ULA-200, they are capable of outputs up to 12,000 containers per hour.

Readers wanting more information should contact Fords at Ronald Close, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedford, tel: 0234 852365.

Double S Labels Bind Cakes

Strong and durable labels for binding twin-packs of cakes have been produced for Lyons Bakery by the Double S Group of Bradford.

Three different labels were produced by their roll label and sheet fed litho house, Melprint Ltd. The self-adhesive labels have been created for Lyons Viennese Whirls and jam tarts and for branded products - Sainsbury's apple pies and Safeway's 12 assorted jam tarts. Lyons apply separate labels with sell-by and bar-code information.

The Melprint labels are printed in two or three colours flexo on wide web converting equipment and they are printed with the wide edge leading to suit Lyons' production line equipment.

Silver Spoon Revamp by Welton

Welton Packaging Ltd of Midsomer Norton near Bath has recently been involved in revamping the retail sugar brand Silver Spoon.

Back in 1948 Welton began producing blue flat bags for British Sugar and started supplying their SOS block-bottomed bags in the 1950s. As long ago as 1984 Welton produced printed polyethylene reels for use on sugar company's automatic filling lines.

The Silver Spoon brand was recently redesigned as part of a complete packaging overhaul designed to ensure maximum impact on the shelf and easier product differentiation. Welton was responsible for printing the caster, vending and icing sugar redesigns in three colours on both mono and co-extruded polyethylene films.

EPiSYS' Label Design Software

What is claimed to be the first fully featured label design software to be developed in the UK for use under the Windows system has been released by EPiSYS Ltd of A1, Ash House, Melbourn Science Park, Melbourn, Royston, Hertfordshire, tel: 0763 262629.

Called EpiTAG ELiTE, it is claimed to be the most advanced software and includes its own batch print manager and a Windows database manager. Such a unit enables users to design perfect labels on screen that incorporate industry standard bar-codes, a wide range of graphics and typeset quality text. In fact, labels can be designed whilst the software is running several different printers simultaneously!.

Heinz Jar an Award Winner

The 2.5 litre multi-layer plastics catering jars produced by RPC Containers Corby for HJ Heinz & Co Ltd won a Bronze Star at the recently announced Starpack packaging awards.

This award was made in recognition of both RPC Corby's technical abilities in developing jars and Heinz's original concept. This saw the need for safer packaging for frequently handled food products, with the requirement for maximum visual appeal to meet growing public interest in the smartness of food preparation areas.

The jars were commissioned by Heinz and developed to meet their latest requirements for a lightweight, virtually unbreakable jar, with the same clarity and surface gloss as the glass containers they have replaced.

Limpet Tapes' Latest Equipment

Limpet Tapes Ltd have added an automatic case erector/bottom flap sealer to their range of machines for on-line packaging operations.

The latest unit, the F144, will accept cases in the size range 150 to 350mm wide by 120 to 500mm by 200 to 450mm long in its automatic loader. Cases are formed with their bottom flaps folded and U-sealed with self-adhesive tape at the rate of 14a minute ready for subsequent filling.

The suppliers, of Bond House, 9a George Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, tel: 0480 459461, tell us that size changes takes a matter of 2 to 3 minutes only.

More Treats Cratons from Marchmont

Marchmont Packaging Ltd of Dublin have developed such a good working relationship with Treats Ice Cream that they are now producing a greater range of cartons for their ice cream products.

Recent additions include cartons for Strika and Fruit Splits assortments. Apart from the Strika carton, which is a five-colour job, all the others are printed in six colours on 500 micron hard-sized board. They all carry a high gloss emulsion varnish.

There are five different designs in the range and they tend to be re-ordered a couple of times a year.

GEC Avery's New Labelling System

GEC Avery Ltd have developed a computerized labelling system. It has been designed to provide the detailed traceability of products that is now required by both customers and the latest legislation.

This system, which integrates with most automated warehouse and stock control procedures, adapts to the needs of individual prepacking operations. It produces large labels that carry both bar-coded and human-readable product information to suit stock control and quality assurance. The type of information that can be included covers the requirements needed by most manufacturers and additional information, like load destination, customer name or order number, can be included, to allow dispatch notes and invoices to be generated automatically.

Readers wanting more information should contact the company at Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands, tel: 021-558 1112.

KP Chose Courtaulds Snack Pack

Courtaulds SWH white OPP film and the use of Courtaulds Packaging Colodense's Bristol converting facilities has been chosen for the packaging of Royster's, KP Foods latest snack launch.

This new snack was developed in America by the United Biscuits' subsidiary Keebler and involves strongly Americanised marketing. KP were looking for a striking way to present the new line, which is how they came to chose SWH and 40 micron white film to carry the multi-colour gravure surface printing that features pictures of the product. This combination gives the high opacity and light barrier needed for the four flavours - Original, T-bone steak, Texas chilli and Cheese and chives.

Welton Packs for Shearway

Welton Packaging Ltd of Midsomer Norton, Bath are currently producing metallised film packs for Shearway Foods Ltd.

Their new products include Summer fruits in seven-colour and Tropical fruits in six-colour 500g packs, and Melon balls in seven-colour 500g and 1kg designs.

These packs utilise a triple laminate film developed by sister Bowater company, Camvac (Europe) Ltd, to provide good barrier properties against light, oxygen and moisture. Shearway opted for the metallised bags, in preference to poly bags, because of the need for an eye-catching pack with a quality image.

For this pack, Welton received a Highly Commended certificate in the recent 1991 European Flexographic Technical Association awards for excellence of print quality.

New Press Installed by Courtaulds

A 10 colour gravure press has been installed at the Bristol factory of Courtaulds Packaging Colodense. This |pounds~3m. press has been built specifically to cater for the requirement to use water-based inks, which the company feel confident will become evermore necessary in view of all the pending environmental legislation that will surround the whole packaging issue.

Upgraded Ink-Jet Carton Overprinter

The Rejafix K.800JP ink-jet carton overprinter is now available with upgraded software that provides a choice of a dozen print options. Developed from the K.800 rotary letterpress carton printer, the machine can now print upper or upper and lower case characters 1.5, 2.5 or 4mm tall in either standard or bold type. Output speed is variable to allow the printing of up to 100 cartons a minute.

This completely self-contained unit will print single line batch and date codes, texts or similar markings on a wide range of stack-fed collapsed cartons or rigid flats. Maximum line length is 215mm or up to 64 characters but the full specification should be discussed with the makers, Rejafix Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224. This printer uses a snap-in cartridge complete with disposable print-head and operates with a no carton-no print facility.

High Speed Tray Packer/Film Wrapper

A high speed, adjustable tray packer/film wrapper for tray packing and shrinkwrapping a wide range of cans, bottles and jars has been introduced into Europe by Simplimatic Engineering Package Handling Systems, part of the CMB Engineering Group Plc.

Called the Simpli-Pak ATFP-60, this unit produces up to 100 shrinkwrapped cases per minute and, through the incorporation of a servo-controlled single roll film feed system, reduces changeover time and film wastage.

The machine uses a series of synchronised servo motors to help ensure smooth operation of the tray feed section, the pin grouper and the film warp assembly. Computer control allows the changeover from one pack size to another to be made in less than half an hour. The programmable single roll feed system uses less film than the conventional two-roll systems by measuring and cutting the film to the required length. Bottom-of-the-pack overlap sealing eliminates the need for dual heat seal bars and trays with lower side walls may be used.

The Simpli-Pak ATFP-60 will accept corrugated, kraft board or plastics trays, according to the company of Bilford Road, Blackpole, Worcester, tel: 0905 54598.

New Yorkers in Multivac Packs

A successful range of beefburger products from J L Quality Foods is now being packed on a Multivac thermoformer, which enables the company to meet changing demands from retailers and extend its business into new areas.

When first launched, the New Yorker range of burgers and relishes was packed on a premade tray with a thermoformed lid, both of which were bought in.

The company were looking for increased tamper-evidence and longer shelf-life. Having installed an in-line Multivac R5200 thermoformer, J L Quality Foods is now able to offer both its plain New Yorkers and its Cheese new Yorkers in gas-flushed, fully thermoformed packs that extend the product's shelf-life up to eight days and also provide tamper-evidence. Operating at speeds up to 33 packs a minute. The company is also using this machine to pack chilled burgers for the catering trade, as this type of packaging extends their shelf-life.

RPC Corby Jars for Suffolk Foods

The suitability of plastics containers for all types of foodservice operation is being demonstrated by RPC Containers Corby's supply of 1/4gal. multi-layer polypropylene jars to Suffolk Foods, who produce a range of mayonnaises and dressings.

The company packs a litre of their product into these jars, which provides the caterer or sandwich-maker with flexibility without creating wastage because of large volumes of product. The RPC jars use a multi-layer construction, with an EVOH barrier to prevent oxygen permeation. This gives a shelf-life before opening of up to six months, although Suffolk Foods quote three months to ensure their products reach the consumer in the best condition.

Marryatt's Multipik

Marryatt Automation Ltd had on display at the recent Pakex exhibition a rig to demonstrate their latest development, the Multipik system.

This system is claimed to be the world's first fully automatic whole layer order picker. It is capable of randomly picking from as few as 10 up to 1500 pallets, with from 6 to 50 containers per layer, all with their own unique layer pattern with voids, and making up, randomly, multiple pallets at the rate of three layers a minute.

Such is the engineering that can be incorporated into this system that it can even be used inside cold stores at temperatures down to -30|degrees~C. It is versatile enough to fit various applications but these will have to be discussed with Marryatt at The Oxford Business Centre, Osney Lane, Oxford, tel: 0865 722005.

Stevens New Snacks System

Stevens AWS have designed a pack filling line control system to improve materials traceability and product control. Their modular system allows accurate process adjustment and provides quality control analysis, as well as fill data in conformance with Average Weight packing legislation.

The complete system, from Stevens of Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel: 0371 876224, comprises two subsystems - Materials in process and Finished pack. These are linked to a central PC for data analysis and spreadsheet reports.

The Materials in process system has Stevens C111 industrial terminals positioned at each input-to-process point. These collect data on processing conditions, materials quality, weight/flow speed, etc. At the end of the line the Finished pack system comprises a number of off-line Stevens 290 weigh stations. Sample packs are weighed and additional quality attributes recorded, either automatically, semi automatically or manually. The terminal may be linked to other devices to scan bar-codes or enter colour values for both product and pack. Pack weight data are separated to provide proof of Average Weight conformance.

Thurne's Latest Bag Sealer

Thurne Engineering Co Ltd have developed the MK 5P automatic bag sealer.

This unit can handle between 25 and 90 bags per minute, incorporates jumbo rolls to reduce downtime and the sealer can be supplied with its own hot-foil printing unit to allow the printing of variables, such as date, price, sell-by date, etc, prior to sealing. There is a choice of seal adhesive tape, paper tape or hot-foil ribbon - and optionally it can use PVC or polypropylene tape.

The MK 5P is attached to the discharge conveyor of a bagging machine but full details can be obtained from the company at Delta Close, St Faiths Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk, tel: 0603 410771.

PET Bottle for Denmark

In Denmark, environmental issues are high on both the political and commercial agendas, and packaging as a whole is under great scrutiny. PVC packaging is discouraged and will be banned in due course. There is a movement to reduce the total amount of packaging being used and materials used have to be environmentally 'friendly'.

In the light of these and other considerations, Pebas Scandinavia, in co-operation with Wellstar UK Ltd of Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire, have produced a new half litre bottle for their super concentrate, that has a dilution ratio of 1 to 11, so that a bottle makes 61 drinks.

The range uses less packaging material than standard bottles and therefore takes up less shelf space. Drinks are available in a range of flavours and come in a two-piece clear PET bottle with a standard 28mm BFP neck finish and a black HDPE base cup.

Multivac's Longer Life EPS Pack

A new form of modified atmosphere pack, resembling the film overwrapped expanded polystyrene tray, has been introduced by Multivac UK Ltd of Multivac House, Rivermead Drive, Rivermead, Swindon, Wiltshire, tel: 0793 616416.

The new pack is produced at speeds up 100 a minute on one of their reel-fed thermoformers which forms a base web from a high barrier version of the familiar EPS foam. This is then lidded with conventional polyester/PVdC/polyethylene antifog film used for most MAP packs.

The gas barrier properties of this combination of materials provides a much longer shelf-life than the standard EPS tray and overwrap, and there is still the feel and presentation of a standard tray and overwrap. Another advantage claimed for this style of pack is that it can be stacked in crates or boxes without damaging the product inside.

New Feeders from Pack-Britannic

Pack-Britannic Ltd of Britannic House, Shannon Way, Canvey Island, Essex, tel: 0268 694958 are currently introducing two product feeders made by Longford International of Canada.

The 3D-91 dispenser has been designed to enable customers to feed three dimensional items at high speed, either vertically of horizontally, into a bag, carton or tray; modular construction allows it to be fitted into confined spaces. Products are wrapped in film, bandolier fashion, and the dispenser cuts and feeds them, on demand, into the final pack. Product sizes that can be accepted range from 38 to 102mm wide by 63 to 356mm long and 0.254 to 63mm thick.

The C350-3WF three-way feeder will dispense at speeds up to 300 pieces a minute and will accept roll-fed printed coupons, leaflets or labels, cut them to the correct length, fold them and feed them into boxes, cartons, trays or packets but fuller details can be obtained from Pack-Britannic.

Chlorine-Free Packaging Paper

A chlorine-free packaging paper is being introduced by Henry Cooke Makin, part of J Bibby Paper Ltd.

Designed as an alternative to standard bleached kraft and its grease-resistant derivatives, the new TCF (totally chlorine-free) product is made from oxygen-bleached softwood pulp. This method of bleaching is considered to be a better environmental alternative to traditional chlorine gas bleaching.

The new paper is available in a substance range from 35 to 135gsm and they reckon it is only a little less bright than the more conventional papers and shows no loss of performance. Uses for this paper would seem to range across all the usual applications but HCM of Waterhouse Mills, Beetham, Milnthorp, Cumbria, tel: 05395 63363 will be pleased to explain the various opportunities for it.

UG's new Design Centre

United Glass officially opened their new St Albans Design Centre towards the end of July. Claimed to the most advanced in Europe, it uses the latest CAD technology to show potential customers exactly how their product will look while the brand is still a concept.

A completely new hardware and software package allows UG designers to develop a packaging concept in a few hours, then visualise it in realistic colour and place it in a lifelike retail end-user environment. From this, a fully dimensioned specification drawing can quickly be produced.

Such is the power of this system that model bottles can even be strength-tested, using Finite Element Analysis, to point out potential stress points in designs. Shortly, UG will be introducing a direct computer link to transfer design information to its mould manufacturers.

Codeway's Label Printers

Codeway Ltd of Codeway House, Telford Way, Colchester, Essex, tel: 0206 751300 have just introduced an extended range of label and ticket printers for logistics applications. The 16 models in their range cater for most needs, such as printing retail bar-codes, labelling outer cases and pallets, serial numbering, identifying materials and products, etc.

There are 106 and 53mm wide models for direct thermal printing on limited-life labels and for thermal transfer printing on durable labels. There are 6 dot per millimetre models and 7.52 dot/mm ones to suit the application. We understand that maximum speed is at least 150mm per second and all the printers can rewind rolls of printed labels, dispense single labels on demand, and print in strips.

Such is the versatility of this range that you will have to contact the company to understand the full characteristics of these units.

Bagging and Lidding Foils from Walsall

Walsall Litho are now able to offer bagging and lidding foils printed to high standards. Their foils are printed primarily using the flexographic process, however it is also possible to litho print the foil.

The bagging foil, in thicknesses ranging from 12 to 40 microns, is delivered preprinted in reel form for use on form fill seal equipment. Their lidding foil will shortly be available in two preprinted forms, either on the reel or converted into cut form, ready for application. Wallsall, of PO Box 26, Midland Road, Walsall, tel: 0922 721272, are also developing a foil laminate to provide additional product protection.

Large Character Ink-Jet Printer from Mark-O-Print

Mark-O-Print Ltd have developed an economy-priced large character ink-jet printer that is capable of producing 10mm high single line messages. Known as the Unicorn, it can be used in eight different languages, say the suppliers of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224.

This unit will print on to conveyor-fed cartons at speeds up to 60m a minute but it is equally at home when used for low volume work that doesn't need a conveyor. Data are entered into the Unicorn via a soft-touch menu-driven keyboard. On entry, characters are displayed on a screen for checking.

The message length may be up to 32 characters and this unit incorporates an automatic date change and clock function facility. Its ink system uses self-pressurised cartridges to feed the 7 by 9 dot matrix printing system.

McVitie's Multi-Pack from UCB Packaging

McVities recently launched a Summer Saver multi-pack featuring three of their most popular chocolate biscuit brands. The new pack was rushed into being due to some fast-turnaround origination by UCB Packaging. This system was possible because there are compatible computer-aided design systems at UCB Design and cylinder engraver Keating's Gravure of York; the need for hard copy was eliminated and McVities were able to approve the designs on-screen at an early stage, so saving time.

The three biscuit brands involved were Penguin, Taxi and 54321. They are all being marketed in a pack made of 25 micron polypropylene laminated to 30 micron polyethylene. This lamination not only enhances the stiffness of the pack but also the brightness because it is reverse-printed in six colours.

Accurate Sleeve Shrinker

Accurately controlled sleeve shrinking, for tamper-evident seals, is provided by the 450 Thermoshrink tunnel that has been introduced by Secomak Ltd of Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, tel: 081-952 5566. With their system, heat sensitive sleeves are shrunk on to containers, without splitting or bubbling, to provide added protection and decorative labelling.

Unlike more conventional tunnels, the 450 incorporates fully adjustable hot air dispersal nozzles to control air flow direction. This allows sleeves to be accurately fitted to containers of unusual shape. Even photographic images can be reproduced on the sleeves without distortion. This self-contained unit incorporates an infinitely variable temperature control system, so it can be used with glass, plastics or metal containers equally well.

Low Temperature Sealing Protects Biscuits

When Burton's Biscuits created their new range of Royal Chocolate Digestive biscuits it quickly became obvious that the choice of packaging would be critical to its success.

The company wanted to use a roll wrap as the best way to present and protect the new product but the high temperatures needed to achieve a proper end-seal could have caused heat damage and spoilt the appearance of the biscuits. In a dual effort, Burtons and Colodense decided to use Colocote 2, a chloride-free coating devised by the converter to replace PVdC coatings for films. This technique allows the use of reduced temperatures in the sealing areas, so reducing the risk of product damage by heat. As readers may remember, Colocote 2 was originally devised to overcome environmental fears associated with incinerating PVdC packaging.

For the new Burton's biscuits, the packaging used is Mobil 36MO747 polypropylene gravure printed in six colours then coated. Two packs have been launched, using a purple design for the milk chocolate and a rich burgundy for the plain chocolate pack.
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