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Packaging equipment and uses.

Investment by Walsall Litho

Nearly 2m. [pounds] has recently been invested by Walsall Litho for the purchase and installation of new printing equipment and factory reorganisation and refurbishment. They tell us new lithographic standards are already being achieved on the new flat sheet six-colour press. This system offers in-line varnishing and is supported by high output finishing equipment for hot foil blocking and embossing on labels.

Complete information of their label capabilities can be obtained from the company at PO Box 26, Midland Road, Walsall, tel: 0922 721272.

Holographic Foil for Ice Cream Product

Special holographic foil manufactured by Applied Holographics of Washington, Tyne and Wear has been used for the flexible packaging of a new ice cream product recently launched in Finland.

12 micron polyester wide web holographic foil was used as the basis of the wrap for the new Icing ChocoCola ice bar manufactured by Kotisaari-Ingmann Oy of Helsinki. Foil was supplied to the converters Ahlstrom Europak who laminated the material with 30 micron OPP and overprinted the laminate with the appropriate branding. The product itself is packed on an automatic flow- wrap machine and closed by heat sealing.

A 12 micron holographic polyester material, supplied by Applied Holographics, was coated with a lacquer for embossing and then metallised.

No Chlorine in FasNature Labels

The Fasson Roll Division has brought out five FasRoll brand roll-label products under the generic FasNature banner. All employ facematerial and backing papers made from pulp which fulfills the current 'no chlorine' requirement of the Swedish Group A classification. These five label constructions provide a wide cross section of facematerials to suit most labelling applications.

Readers wanting more information should contact Fasson UK Ltd at Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, tel: 0442 60211.

Kornylak's Mini-Transwheels

The Kornylack Corp have now added the Mini-Transwheel to their range. It will suit those requiring a 1.5in. outside diameter multi-directional wheel smaller than their earlier 2in. one.

With the new unit, 16 free-turning rollers are affixed around the periphery of its body so as to combine the rotation of a wheel and yet permit load movement in any direction. Made in plastics and therefore corrosion resistant, the Mini-Trans-wheel has a load bearing capacity of 10lb but more complete details can be obtained from the American company at 400 Heaton Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011, USA, fax: (513) 863-7644.

CMB's Latest Tamper-Evident Closures

A new closure that offers significant benefits over other forms of tamper-evidence are now available from CMB Closures (UK) Plc of Lake Road, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset, tel: 0202 674321.

For glass packed products the new one-piece closure combines vacuum button with an integral plastics band that breaks upon opening. These features provide the consumer with both audible and visual re-assurance that the container has not been opened previously.

Known as the PT Plus, this closure runs on the company's existing machinery at normal line speeds after only minor adjustments. The PT Plus cap is available plain or printed in both 40 and 51mm sizes.

Easter Egg Transit Pack

Anson Packaging Ltd of Ely has designed clear containers for protecting Easter eggs in transit. In particular, they are being used by Regent Confectionery of Blackpool.

Each thermoformed PVC container with lid, that comes in a number of sizes, follows the shape of the eggs to safeguard them against breakage between the point of manufacture and packing on down the distribution line.

Lower Output Sandwich Packer

To improve profitability under lower output conditions, a sandwich packing machine has been introduced by Multivac UK Ltd. This new machine provides an alternative to purchasing pack wedges from an outside supplier because it offers lower costs per pack and enhanced presentation.

Based on MultivaE's M855 unit, the unit produces a strong lid seal with a smooth easy-peal action. The system that trims the lid and pack simultaneously produces a high standard of finish. An inline labeller can also be built into this unit.

Production speeds of 12 to 40 packs a minute mean this machine can easily be integrated with slower packaging lines, say the suppliers of Multivac House, Rivermead Drive, Swindon, tel: 0793 616416.

British Winners of Tetra Pack Awards

Two British pack designs won first prize in their categories in the 1990 International Tetra Pak Design Competition.

This year more than 360 entries were received but Associated Dairies won the first prize in the White Milk category with its flexographically produced design series for both whole and semi skimmed pasteurised milk.

In the Fruit and Vegetable Juice/Drinks sector, Dairy Crest Dairies won a first prize for their Pure Juice design range of drinks.

Insulpak Containers for Dairy Crest

Insulpak Ltd of Huntingdon are producing for Dairy Crest Foods a clear hot- fill container for the dairy company's latest range of Dennis the Menace brand jellies. They were also asked by the same manufacturer to use their specialist six-colour Polytype print process to identify and decorate a new Custard Crazy range of ambient fruited dessert custard.

Inex System Checks Plastics

A new generation of empty container base inspection systems has been designed to provide reliable quality control both during container manufacture and during packaging operations.

The latest Inex inspection system, evolved from the OptiScan electronic empty container inspector, utilizes high speed vision technology to detect and identify any defects or contaminants in the base of the container. Empty containers are scanned on-line by a high resolution video camera and the resulting image is then analyzed and compared electronically with test criteria.

We understand that the system can be applied effectively to glass or translucent plastics containers of various shapes sizes at speed up to 450 containers a minute. The straight-through container handling mechanism needs no changeparts but complete details should be discussed with Inex Vision Systems of PO Box 95, Atlantic Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, tel: 061-928 6344.

Little David Case Former

The new Little David case former Model CF-4OT is designed for easy changeover. It has standard features that ensure user flexibility and the ability to cope with up to 14 cases a minute. For reliability, this former incorporates dual spring-loaded rollers that pull the case into a chain lug side drive.

Additional features include fewer moving parts and an added power flap closer. Cases can be processed 'on demand' or at a preset rate controlled by a remote timed photocell but these details can be discussed with the machine's makers, The Loveshaw Corp of 10 Fleetwood Court, Ronkonkoma, New York 11779, USA, tel: (516) 471-4090.

GN Machines from Edlon

GN Packaging of Canada have appointed Edlon Machinery Ltd as distributors in the UK and Eire for their pouch machines. As readers may know, the GN machines cover a wide range of pouch applications and include special models for liquid pouches.

There are four standard models and set-up parameters for different runs can be stored in the computer memory but the full technical details can be obtained from Edlon at Edlon House, Ashburton Grove, London N7, tel: 071-609 2266.

Matt Film Used for Lidding

Courtauld's new matt finish OPP film has scored its first success in the lidding centre. French manufacturer Madrange has chosen the film for a special pack to launch LeGrand Torchon, one of its ham products.

In this instance, the 20 micron film is laminated to a web of 50 micron polyethylene, to give a peelable lid which encloses slices of ham in a thermoformed plastics tray.

Amongst the requirements Madrange sought were: A non plastics appearance; the lid to be clearly seen under supermarket lighting - this is achieved by the use of a non reflective surface; the treatment of the two sides to be the same.

Infeed Device for Bag Sealing

A labour-saving device, that greatly increases both the speed and efficiency of multi-pack or unitized bagging operations, has been developed by The Thames Packaging Co Ltd of Senate House, Tyssen Street, Dalston, London E8, tel: 071-254 7132.

Known as the Auto Finger-Feeder, this machine has been designed to be used in conjunction with the company's Saxon range of continuous hot air sealing machines.

It is common practice to feed such packs through the heat sealing mechanism of a Saxon machine by hand to ensure the two plastics surfaces at the neck of the bag are drawn tightly together. The Auto Finger-Feeder performs this operation automatically, ensuring a neat 'high integrity' without the use

of an operator. The unit will accept packages at rates up to 40 a minute.

There is also a loose-pack version, on which the bag seals are placed near the top.

Coded Labels for Tesco's Poultry

Tesco's new coded labels for fresh poultry seek to create shelf impact, make product identification easier and comply with the upcoming EC regulations.

Label Centre and Label King of Dublin have produced new labels for a range of 22 portion packs and ten whole birds, prebasted birds and poussins.

Instead of three labels, each pack now displays a header label carrying nutritional information, cooking instructions printed on the reverse and a catchweight label. The colour coding works by using a red background for drumsticks and a turquoise one for whole birds, etc.

Product Feeder for Bagging Lines

Variations in the characteristics of products handled on the same bagging line can make it difficult to weigh batches with consistent accuracy.

To overcome this problem, Medway Packaging Systems have developed a new gravity feeder capable of handling products that usually defeat other types of feeder.

This feeder has been designed to operate with their G90 gross weighing system and the Medway Midas computerized weight controller as part of semi or fully automated packing lines. Full details of this vibro-assisted gravity feeder can be obtained from the suppliers at Medway House, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Kent, tel:0622 717855.

Labelling System for Scottish Salmon

Strathaird Ltd have introduced a new system for identifying fish during processing; it uses a special plastics tag from Norprint International.

Strathaird control the whole process from farming the salmon to processing to packaging to transport. To ensure their fresh and smoked salmon reaches its destination in peak condition, a strict timetable is maintained throughout the whole chain. This is never allowed to vary by more than an hour, which means the fish is always on display within five days of leaving the sea.

Fast and accurate labelling is essential during processing. Previously, self-adhesive labels, carrying details of the contents, weight and bar-code, were stuck straight on to the boxes but these were far too easily disfigured and were difficult to remove. Now, a large keyhole-style tag, made from matt PVC, is used to carry this information at three main stages. As the salmon is gutted and filleted a tag is attached to the handle of the re-usable box and variable information, such as grading details, are stuck on the tag by means of a self-adhesive label. A different tag, carrying handwritten information, is attached to the smoking trolley while the salmon is curing and being smoked. Another tag is used to identify each box during trimming and slicing. All these tags are discarded after each process.

Designed by Norprint International of Boston, Lincolnshire, the tags fasten by tucking one end through a punched keyhole at the other.

Tesco Contract for Double S

A contract to create bakery product labels for the Tesco chain has been won by Double S Labels Ltd of Bradford. This contract is to produce labels for packs of traditionally made potato cakes and muffins.

These products are made by W W Bellamy (Bakers) Ltd of Salford and each label is printed in five colours flexographically using water-based inks. The design includes a line drawing serving suggestion, a 'best before' panel and a brief recipe summary.

Quality Award for Boxfoldia

Boxfoldia Ltd have been presented with the Lloyds Register Quality Assurance certificate of Quality Assurance. The standards achieved are BS5750 Part 2 and EN 29002.

Readers will also know they invested 4m. [pounds] in relocating to a new factory at Redditch less than two years ago. On top of that some 1.5m. [pounds] worth of new equipment has been installed to help improve quality and productivity at all levels of their carton-making operation.

Oxo Closure from Lawson Mardon

A closure with a three dimensional embossed effect is being has been manufactured by Lawson Mardon Plastics at Sutton-in-Ashfield. This closure is being used for a new range of Oxo gravy granules being made by Brooke Bond Foods Ltd.

The 80mm polypropylene closures are made in three colours which denote the flavour of the granules - red for beef, yellow for chicken and green for vegetable flavourings.

A feature of this new two-level closure is the three dimensional embossing which highlights the brand name Oxo. The closure also incorporates a printed foil membrane that adheres to the body of the container when in place, so serving to retain product freshness and acting as a tamper-evident seal.

Fix-A-Form Help Lyons Maid Research

On-pack questionnaires on tubs of Weight Watchers from Heinz low calorie ice cream are helping Lyons Maid and H J Heinz gather market research information.

A detailed consumer questionnaire forms part of a leaflet/label supplied by Denny Bros Printing Ltd of Bury St Edmunds. The eight page Fix-A-Form also features a 'money-off' coupon as a front page which is printed in bright colours with a photograph of the vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

We understand that special adhesive has to be used to ensure the leaflet will stay affixed to the ice cream tub during deep freeze conditions.

Ambassador's Epefix Tape

Epefix is the name of a plastics tape now available from Ambassador Packaging Ltd of Road Three, Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire, tel: 0606 558505.

Made from kraft paper and a self-adhesive acrylate glue, this tape has good adhesive strength and, unlike most plastics tapes, does not stretch so sealed boxes stay sealed. We understand that Epefix is biodegradable and no solvents that might harm the environment are used in its manufacturing process. It also unwinds smoothly with little noise and works well on automatic or manual tape dispensing machines. This tape is available in a range of standard colours and can be printed.

LinPac Contract for Roses

Linpac Huntley Boorne and Stevens of Reading have won a contract to supply tins for Cadbury's Roses Assortments.

In fact, Linpac are supplying two versions of the tin, one for the UK market and the other for packaging chocolates in New Zealand for distribution in Australasia.

These tins are designed in a heart shape which, together with the principal motive of three roses, conveys Cadbury's message of giving and sharing. For the UK, the body of the tin is decorated in one colour on rolled white, with the lid printed in seven colours and the base featuring blue text. The New Zealand version has a lid printed in six colours on rolled white, with the body printed with a single colour and the base of the container carries black lettering on plain tinplate.

Double S Wins Part 2

Double S Labels of Bradford tell us they have been awarded Part 2 of BS 5750. This award relates to their manufacturing processes.

Intermittent Code Printer

A compact pneumatically operated imprinting unit is now being offered by Mark-O-Print Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentwood, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224. Known as the Markomatic, it can be fitted to most packaging or labelling machines and carries a pre-inked roller for intermittent coding or marking. It can be mounted in any position, thus imprints can be made on the top, side or base of a pack with precise registration.

Pre-inked rolls are available to suit porous, semi porous or non porous substrates. The unit has an imprinting area up to 50 by 20cm and uses rubber type set in quick-change snap-in holders. In fact, two types of holder are available to suit either two lines of bevel type or the company's Easilock ribbed type.

Combined Packaging Expertise for Van den Bergh Product

Three of the UK's largest packaging companies have contributed to the packaging of a new product just launched by Van den Berghs.

DRG Plastics, LMG Mardon and Plastona are each producing a part of the packaging for the vegetable fat spread I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Packed in two 250g polypropylene tubs with a printed card over-sleeve, this product is aimed at the top end of the spreads market.

The canary yellow tubs are produced by Plastona on one of their forming machines at Leeds. DRG PLastics are manufacturing the matching yellow lids at their Deeside site. The board sleeves for this new spread are produced by LMG Mardon in Bristol; they are printed in five colours with a gloss laminate on the front and in one colour on the reverse.

Heat Sealing Literature

Packaging Automation Ltd has published literature highlighting the applications covered by its range of heat sealing and blister packaging machinery. Full colour illustrations are used to show how the company's equipment puts the finishing touches to a diverse range of food products. Copies are available from the company at Green Hedges Works, Moor Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Hot Melt Upgrade Package

An upgrade package for the heads on hot melt systems is being marketed by Peter Holland Ltd of St Peter's Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086.

The Mod-Plus applicator heads from Graco/LTI, in one, two or four nozzle configuration, have been designed so they can be plugged directly into the existing gun on a packaging line. The guarantee from LTI is that will deliver twice the on-line seal life offered by other guns, or defective seals will be replaced free of charge. At the same time, it is interesting to note these heads can be rebuilt as they have fewer parts and require no special tools.

Small Bagger and Sealer

A compact bagging and sealing system for small outputs is now being offered by Erapa (UK) Ltd of Pakrap House, 7 York Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, tel: 0582 22462.

Known as the Multi-Bag system, it utilizes lay-flat polyethylene tube which is fed over a bag-forming tube. This same tube also serves as a chute for product being packed. Bag length is fully adjustable, whilst the tube or chute is interchangeable for different sizes and types of product.

A simple bag-sealing system is incorporated. After filling, this forms a double heat seal to close the top of the bag and seal the base of the next one. Simultaneously, the tubing is cut between the two seals or perforated to provide a tearstrip.

Nova Weigh Equipment at Needlers

The latest addition to the line-up of mixing machines at Needler's Hull plant includes automatic batching and weighing plus management information needed for the BS 5750 operation.

The control and weighing system was supplied by Nova Weigh of Redditch. It is dedicated to weighing and mixing up to eight ingredients for the production of toffees. The system itself comprises Load Mount loadcell assemblies on which the mixing vessel is mounted, a local control panel complete with 3030 weight indicator, PLC, push button control, operator keyboard and mimic, plus a remote IBM PC and printer.

Water, invert sugar, fat and glucose are automatically added to the mixing vessel, the system providing for 'in flight' product and valve control. The Shearmix is initiated, sugar is vibrated in during mixing and condensed milk also dispensed before the completed mix is automatically batched into a storage tank.

Superfresh Horizontal Packer

Omori Machinery introduced the S-5150iS-BX Superfresh unit at the Dutch exhibition Macropack 91. This horizontal machine is able to handle a wide variety of gas barrier materials, including the latest shrink types. Products up to 120mm in height can be handled at speeds of more than 60 packs a minute, using their system which is designed to produce hermetic welded seals. A multiple lance gas flushing arrangement ensures repeatable results for the gas composition.

Manufactured in stainless steel, special attention has been paid to need for hygiene as far as the working of the machine is concerned. In the UK the Superfresh system is being marketed by Selo-Bollans Ltd of Mulberry Road, Rock Ferry, Merseyside, tel: 051-644 9393.

Improved Rejafix Label Printer

Rejafix Ltd of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224 have introduced an improved automatic label printer. Their Model LP will overprint batch or date codes, bar-codes, operating or usage instructions, single colour legends and line or half-tone illustrations.

Two new features are the provision of a gate mechanism to ensure that labels are fed singly to eliminate the possibility of unprinted labels passing through and an efficient label-sensing device to provide improved reliability and eliminate the need for adjustment.

It will accept plain or varnished labels within the size range 32 by 32mm up to 222 by 286mm, and will operate at speeds up to 300 labels a minute.
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