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Package Works "Magic" On Print Projects.

Corel Print House Magic Deluxe

Grades: K-12

Platform: Windows 95/NT

For educators desiring a comprehensive and versatile package that lets them create calendars, banners, flyers, signs, awards, cards and more, Corel's Print House Magic Deluxe may fit the bill.

Drawing on the same technology featured in Corel's high-end graphics package, Corel Draw 8 (see T.H.E. Journal, 6-98. p.28), Print House manages to stay very user friendly while offering features like text skewing and rotating. A handy "notebook"-style interface helps you pick various types of projects to create, edit or simply browse for inspiration.

The package comes with four CD-ROMs filled with over 100,000 graphics including 55,000+ high- and low-resolution photographs (be prepared for some CD swapping if you plan on making extensive use of the supplied graphics). Corel has even created a Web site specifically for Print House users ( that features new projects, samples and more. Setting up the program is simple, thanks to Corel's intuitive installation and setup process. Starting a project is also easy, and you can choose to edit a supplied sample or start from scratch.

Included with Print House Magic Deluxe is Corel Photo House 2, which lets you alter, touch-up or enhance photographs, whether supplied on the CDs or imported via a digital camera or scanner. Also included, Corel Family & Friends is a user-friendly address book and calendar featuring date and event tracking.

All in all, we found Print House to be a user-friendly package well-suited to various classroom projects at the K-12 level. Users with more sophisticated needs will want to check out Corel's other packages like Photo-Paint 8 (see T.H.E. Journal, 2-98, p.24). Corel Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (800) 772-6735,

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Title Annotation:Software Review; Corel Print House Magic Deluxe
Publication:T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
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Date:Aug 1, 1998
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