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Pabst will launch grocery trade ads.

For the first time in 10 years, Pabst Brewing Co. will launch a grocery trade advertising campaign, according to a brewery spokesperson.

"The campaign objective is to increase Pabst distribution and sales among grocery store chains nationwide," commented Lutz Issleib, Pabst president and CEO.

"This undertaking is a demonstration of our commitment as a major player in the brewing industry," Issleib continued. "Consumers are looking for value, and we're responding to that challenge by providing high-quality, nationally-known products at competitive prices."

Issleib explained that the fullpage ads call attention to promotional tactics of other major brewers. In spite of those efforts, the ad continues, Pabst had the largest percentage increase in sales of all major brewers in 1991.

According to Issleib, Pabst shipments through June were six percent ahead of the same period in 1991, while total 1991 production was up slightly from 1990's figures.
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Title Annotation:Pabst Brewing Co.'s advertising campaign
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 21, 1992
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