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Pabst revives old label in new ale.

Pabst revives old label in new ale

In an attempt to target the growing microbrew market niche in the beer industry, Pabst Brewing Co. announced the launch of Old Tankard Ale to markets throughout the Midwest.

According to Pabst, the new brew will be produced in small batches under the Specialty Brewing Co. label, a new Pabst division.

The ale, according to Ed Stubblebine, east division manager for Pabst, will compete with Sprecher Brewing Co. and the Boston Beer Co. - microbreweries currently marketing beer in the Milwaukee area.

"There's a renewed market in specialty-type beer," Stubblebine said. "It's growing all around the country."

According to Trevor Goodman, public relations director at Pabst, Old Tankard is a true ale, similar in flavor to Ballantine India Pale Ale, which is brewed by Pabst's sister company Falstaff Brewing Corp.

The original Old Tankard Ale was brewed by Pabst from the 1930s through the early 1970s, when consumers in the Midwest began moving away from ales to lagers.

Pabst will brew Old Tankard in Milwaukee initially, but may expand production to its Tumwater, WA, facility if consumer demand increases.

Goodman added that the Specialty Brewing Co. will create "new and interesting brews from time to time" for distribution in the Midwest.
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Title Annotation:Pabst Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 27, 1992
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