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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Pyramid Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: PYRD) today announced the introduction and shipment of its new generation of fault-resilient, open system servers for business-critical applications. The Nile(TM) Series is being demonstrated to corporate information officers this week at the Gartner Group Symposium and Exploratorium '93 in Orlando, Fla., one of the information technology industry's most comprehensive strategic planning events.
 The Nile is the industry's highest performing, highest availability, alternative for developing or migrating business-critical applications to open systems, and extending the life of the data center. It provides twice the computing power of Pyramid's current product line at roughly the same price. As a result, it meets the demands of traditional mainframe users in Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. The product has already been purchased and shipped to organizations such as Churchill Insurance, US West and the State of Texas.
 "Pyramid has been strategically positioning itself to lead the market in the emerging client/server world," said John Chen, Pyramid president and chief operating officer. "The Nile Series is the culmination of these efforts to date. It is the first in what will be an evolving family of high-end, open systems designed to usher in a whole new era in enterprise computing. Not only does the Nile Series deliver the performance and capacity required for high-end computing, but it also provides the reliability and availability features demanded by mainframe users."
 "Pyramid has carved a niche in the high-end server market and the Nile Series in the perfect complement to that strategy," said Norton Greenfeld, UNIX service director, InfoCorp. "The Nile Series provides enterprise computing capabilities that are both available and affordable. And it provides a new level of scalability and performance that will strengthen Pyramid's leadership position in the high performance server market."
 The Nile Series features Pyramid's industry-leading symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture and its powerful, commercially enhanced UNIX operating system, DataCenter(TM)/OSx(R). Combined with Pyramid's expertise in running many of the world's largest open system databases, the Nile supports the largest and most demanding business- critical applications. The Nile Series helps companies become more competitive. It increases their flexibility, improves their access to information and speeds the development of new applications.
 "Pyramid's early investment in Oracle7 Parallel Server technology has allowed it to lead the pack in building a robust foundation to support today's largest databases," said Ray Lane, president, Oracle USA. "Pyramid's commitment to support very high-end applications is expanded even further with the introduction of the Nile Series. The market is coming Pyramid's way, and I feel Oracle will benefit greatly by developing that market with Pyramid."

Features and Benefits
 The Nile Series' architecture, a RISC-based SMP environment, offers industry-leading scalability, functionality and price/performance as well as higher capacity. It provides data center-class hardware and software features to promote data integrity, application availability and system serviceability, and offers the flexibility and low cost inherent in open systems. Compatible with industry standards, it supports a rich suite of third-party solutions. Key benefits include:
 -- Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS)
 The Nile Series features the most robust set of hardware and software capabilities available in an open systems to address MIS managers' increasing concerns for system reliability, availability and serviceability. With fault resilience, the Nile can automatically recover from most single points of failure. This means customers running business-critical applications, such as stock exchange trading and hotel reservation systems, can be assured near continuous availability of those applications when run on a Pyramid clustered solution. Enhancements to Pyramid's DC/OSx operating system, system- wide error detection capabilities and automatic self tests also provide the reliability needed for fault resilient computing.
 Fault resilience is further ensured through the system's configurable redundancy and automatic recovery features, redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) and N+1 power and cooling subsystems. Pyramid's newest family of enterprise servers also has been designed for on-line maintenance and repair to allow "hot" insertion of replacement components, allowing problems to be fixed with minimum impact to users.
 Additional serviceability features include an error reporting network that gathers intelligent information about the health of the system and then continually monitors the information. Comprehensive online and off-line remote consulting/analysis gives users convenient access to preventative maintenance, configuration and system management information. These features, along with Pyramid's clustered solution products, provide data center-class reliability and availability.
 -- Improved Performance
 The first system in the Nile Series, the NS150, is based on the MIPS R4400 processor running at 150MHz. Initial configurations range from four to 16 CPUs with total performance ranging from 440 to 1760 MIPS. Single system performance is estimated in excess of 1,000 transactions per second. Overall, the first Nile Series system has a single thread performance of more than twice that of Pyramid's current product line.
 In addition, Pyramid is one of the first companies to provide a 64-bit hardware platform that offers higher performance in handling large numbers of users. As 64-bit applications become available, the Nile Series environment will provide an even greater performance increase.
 -- Expanded Scalability and Availability
 The performance and availability features of the Nile Series are further enhanced with Pyramid's cluster technology which provides near continuous availability even during failure/recovery and maintenance procedures. Clusters of up to four Nile Series servers extend the range of performance beyond any other open system solution. Clustered systems also ease migration from one product generation to the next.
 -- Higher Capacity
 The Nile Series provides companies with room to grow by supporting up to 4GB of memory and 1TB of direct connected disks. Together with faster primary and secondary caches, multiple memory controllers and a faster, wider system bus, these features allow the Nile Series to handle extremely large volumes of data effectively and efficiently.

Pricing and Availability
 Pricing for entry-level enterprise configurations with 500 MIPS, 256MB memory, 10GB of disk, Ethernet, TCP/IP and Pyramid's SVR4-based DC/OSx for 256 users starts at less than $450,000. Customer shipments of the Nile Series began in July 1993. Volume production is scheduled to begin this month.

About the Company
 Founded in 1981, Pyramid Technology develops high-end, large-scale enterprise servers that deliver mainframe-class performance and reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) for the open enterprise client/server environment. These fault resilient systems run the largest UNIX relational databases in the world, and are based on a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture that combines an enhanced UNIX operating system with the RISC processor technology. Pyramid's systems currently support up to 1760 MIPS, thousands of transactions-per- second and more than 10,000 concurrent users in clustered configurations.
 NOTE: Nile, Nile Series and Resilient are trademarks and MIServer and OSx are registered trademarks of Pyramid Technology.
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