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 LOS ANGELES, July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- This week the focus will be

on the Democratic Convention convening in New York. A lot of very important issues and problems will be addressed in regard to the American people. "One of the main issues talked about will be that of putting americans back to work. This is a crucial problem that has to be addressed for the economic survival of our country," said Ann Williams, author and creator of "Income Earning Alternatives."
 According to recently released information, unemployment is at an 8 year high, over 9 million Americans are out of work and the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates to the lowest they've been in 29 years.
 "These are just symptoms of our very serious economic troubles," stated Williams. "We no longer have a work arena that we as Americans can count on to provide us with jobs and income of years gone by. We've reached an impasse, and everyone, especially the politicians with this being an election year, are struggling for solutions to this major problem of putting americans back to work."
 A short time ago an article titled, "Americans Need More Income Earning Alternatives," was released throughout the United States. It focused on a new booklet that provided information on full and part- time business opportunities that can be started at home with very little money. "This information has sparked a long awaited nerve in a lot of Americans across the United States," said Williams. "We've had so many inquiries, that we can't get the information booklet out fast enough.
 "People are looking for something viable to get them through these rough economic times. "We've received hundreds of calls and letters in response to a need that is not being filled. People not only need alternatives to income earning, but they need help in making those alternatives successful," Williams continued.
 According to the United States Government and other economic experts, small businesses with 25 people or less, have created more jobs and employment than any other means over the last 10 years. "This becomes a very significant statistic," said Williams, "when you consider the need for Americans to be put back to work. We've got to stop depending on the government to provide all the solutions to the jobless problem, and take things into our own hands, and start looking at other alternatives to help ourselves and others."
 "Income Earning Alternatives," is one solution to this very serious problem. The main goal of this information is to provide people with researched information on income earning alternatives that can be started full or part-time, with very little money. "We even provide several opportunities that can be started with as little as $25, right at home," commented Williams.
 "I've personally been through enough struggles, pain and economic despair to know how hard it is to really be successful in a small business. I've made money, lost money, failed and succeeded. It's really hard to start a business and be successful without proper information, help and often times capitalization. There were so many times I wanted to give up, but couldn't or wouldn't. Now in retrospect, those often painful experiences has allowed, 'Income Earning Alternatives,' to be created.
 "'Income Earning Alternatives' tries to go beyond just providing information, like a lot of companies already do. It's very easy to provide useful information to people, but it's much more difficult and time consuming to really help someone. We've tried to develop a thorough and comprehensive consortium of information, knowledge and wisdom, plus an 800 helpline number for questions and concerns surrounding business opportunities," stated Williams.
 "The Income Earning Alternatives Program and Information is not just information to be read and put on the shelf. This is an entire comprehensive program created with a lot of compassion to really help an individual get started and be successful in his or her business, career or professional opportunity," said Williams.
 "It's been well proven and documented time and time again that success is so much easier when there is a mentor or guide to go by. 'Income Earning Alternatives' hopes to be one such guide to thousands of Americans, who want to start and succeed at a small business of their own," said Williams.
 The general information booklet is free, and sent out per request. $1 for postage and handling should be included with request, forwarded to Income Alternatives, 10962 N. May No. 221, Oklahoma City, OK 73120.
 "Due to the tremendous response to this information, please allow 7-10 days after request is made to receive information. This kind of response lets us know that the American people are ready for positive changes and alternative solutions to our job and income earning problems. 'Income Earning Alternatives,' though not the only solution, is one solution to a very serious problem. And when it's all said and done, and all the political hoopla of this election year is over, we are each, along with the government, going to have to start looking for solutions to solve many of our own economic problems. This reality is quickly not becoming just a choice, but a necessary requirement," commented Williams.
 -0- 7/15/92
 /CONTACT: Ann Williams of Income Alternatives, 800-682-5226; or Beverly Snowe of Ann Ross Agency, 800-642-0381, for Income Alternatives/ CO: Income Alternatives ST: California, Oklahoma IN: SU:

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