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The recently launched Advantage Australia program is designed to cut imports and to reduce unemployment, but it could also help fund ACF campaigns.

This latest `Australian' program was launched on 5 October, when 2 million of its points passbooks fell out of Sun day newspapers across the country.

The passbooks are the basic difference between Advantage Australia and its predecessors. Gone is the idea that we only need to encourage people to buy Australian. It doesn't work. Although people want to support Australian-made products, their purchasing behaviour belies this. The pass books are designed to bridge the gap between a consumer's heart and head.

How do they do this? By offering rewards.

When consumers purchase Australian-made goods and services from the 25 or so participating companies in the program, they will receive a number of redeemable stamps. These are collected in the passbook which, when full, can earn collectors a free pass to an Australia movie, meals for the family or film developing. Bigger prizes, including bedding, tyres and domestic travel, are available to committed stamp collectors. The stamps -- or the cheques issued for more expensive items -- can be redeemed at any of the thousands of participating outlets across the country.

What's the catch? The catch is that you have to keep buying Australian-made goods and services and collecting stamps.

How can this help ACF? The stamp books are transferable and can be collected by major charitable organisations, church groups and schools. Each completed book is worth $10 to these organisations when redeemed.

If you would like to help fund ACF and its campaigns, send us your completed passbooks or individual stamps -- and encourage others, even your local school, to do likewise. For more information, call Michael Fogarty at ACF's Melbourne office, Ph: (03) 9926 6714.
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Publication:Habitat Australia
Date:Dec 1, 1997
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