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LANI ROSE R DIZON DOHA SUMMER is here in Doha! And what better way to keep your cool amidst rising temperatures than to learn new things? While some ladies have decided to go abroad on short breaks during the summer, those who choose to stay here have still got tonnes of reasons to enjoy and not feel left out. Here are just some ways to maximise your summer enjoyment in Qatar this year.

Learn the art of cake decoration The renowned Wilton Method of Cake Decorating course for beginners has three levels that cover cake basics and butter cream, advanced techniques and royal icing flowers, and fondant and gum paste. Each course consists of four sessions for QR750. The PME professional cake decorating programme consists of three courses, covering making of figures, sugar flowers and advanced icing techniques. The course consists of six sessions for QR1, 200. For more info, call Tavola at Royal Plaza (44131222).

Learn to play Arab and Western musical instruments Qatar Music Academy offers more flexible instrumental lessons to music lovers that do not require compliance with the regular curricula or exams. While students taking these personal lessons do not receive credit or certificates, in the future they have the option of moving to the Academic Music Programme subject to their age, performance level and availability of seat.

A full range of instruments will be offered to students of all ages. Instruments include violin, viola, cello, double bass, 'ud, buzuq, french horn, jazz piano, trombone, trumpet, nay, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, qanun, piano, Western and Arab percussion, Western and Arab voice and Arab violin.

Students must have their own instrument.

The student and instructor can agree on a mutually convenient time (September onwards). Fees include QR200 per hour or QR100 per 30 minute and must be paid by the term.

How to apply your own make-up Qatar International Beauty Academy (QIBA)- Tajmeel offers First Steps Beauty Make-Up classes starting at QR450.

A professionally made-up face can dramatically change the way you look by hiding every flaw and bringing out the very best of your features and you can learn to apply your own make-up in this short, halfday course provided by QIBA-Tajmeel. With their First Steps Make-Up course you will learn every single trick you need to know about basic make-up that suits your skin tone and colour the best, learn brush techniques and how to prepare your skin for a picture perfect finish.

The Qatar International Beauty Academy was founded by the Social Development Centre (SDC), a branch of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development. Tajmeel offers courses lasting several months to those spanning a full academic year. The academy also offers short courses and workshops aimed at skill development for personal grooming and non-vocational training.

Professionals who wish to enhance their qualifications with postgraduate training have several additional course options.

Their institute is renowned for its highquality training courses and unique services.

Lessons in self-defence Aikido Yoshinkai Doha is a leading traditional martial arts programme offering professional and quality instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido for adults and kids in Qatar.

Classes in Doha are open every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday (7:30pm to 9:00pm) and Friday (3:00pm to5:00pm).

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Veshiba (often referred to by his title 'O Sensei' or 'Great Teacher') in the early 20th century and has now grown to be one of the world's most popular martial arts.

Aikido is also an effective method of self-defence but it is essentially non-competitive and non-violent encouraging harmony and avoidance of confrontation. There is an incredibly powerful and practical self-defence side to Aikido that is for everyone, irrespective of size, age, gender, race, religion, or culture which must never be forgotten.

In Aikido, control of an attacker is achieved by maintaining one's own centre and posture, while causing the attacker to become unbalanced. The attacker is then pinned using various joint locks or is thrown. There are an infinite variety of responses to any attack. Aikido training also includes defence against multiple attackers and weapons, including sword, staff, and knife.

In particular, Yoshinkan Aikido, which was founded in 1955 by Gozo Shioda, one of the earliest and most talented students of the founder of Aikido, uses six fundamental training movements and about 150 common techniques which are practised repeatedly. Mastering these basics conditions the students to be able to execute the remaining techniques, which are thought to total about 3,000.

In addition, followers of Yoshinkan Aikido say that it is not a sport or religion.

It is the development and strengthening of the mind and body.

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