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DOCTOR ONLINE: There are few moments in life more frightening and uncertain than those preceding a major surgery, much less on one's child. For those times, Emmi Solutions, creator of a Web-based patient-education system for surgical procedures, has introduced EmmiKids. The spinoff is a series of education modules for parents of children who are about to undergo surgery. Created in partnership with kids'-health Web site, each module includes clear diagrams, an explanation of what the operation entails, risks and a section allowing users to write questions to the doctor.

The limited time patients now spend with their doctor can now be focused on specific concerns and more detailed information, said Emmi Solutions CEO Jordan Dolin.

Doctors who use Emmi Solutions' education modules will provide patients (or their parents, in the case of children) with a special access code, which they can use to access the modules from any Web-enabled computer. Any questions will then be forwarded to the doctor, who can address them in person.

-- Andy Wang

PATCH IT UP:A new patch may be the answer to the pain associated with canker sores, those shallow, painful sores on the inside of the lips, the inside of the cheeks or on the gums that affect millions of Americans, primarily teens and you adults.

The Canker Cover is a tablet-like patch made from edible ingredients. It sticks to the canker sore within seconds and forms a clear, gel-like protective seal that lasts eight to 12 hours. It serves as a barrier, as opposed to most other products, which are topical pain relievers designed to numb pain.

The patch protects the sore from tongue, teeth, food, drink and other irritants, and won't come off while eating. While on, the patch releases menthol, sea salt, citrus oil and other nutrients included to prevent pain and speed healing.

Available at drug stores including Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreen's and select Wal Mart stores. A package of six retails for about $9.99.

-- Diana McKeon Charkalis


Creative Specialties International spent hundreds of hours in people's bathrooms taking notes on the shower routines of the elderly and disabled. The result is a line of bath safety products that combines style and functionality. Two collections of Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant grab bars match faucets and accessories produced by Moen (Creative Specialties' parent company). Other products include an adjustable tub and shower chair, adjustable transfer bench (for stepping over the side of the bathtub), a dual tub grip, an elevated toilet seat and also a variety of bath safety accessories such as nonslip handles and basket organizers. The bath accessories are available at Lowe's locations. For more information on the new ADA-compliant products, call (800) 882-0116 or visit

-- A.W.


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