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She was once the angel-faced child star of country soap Emmerdale.

Now stunning actress Camilla Power has grown up...into a red-hot temptress.

And the girl who played a demure doctor's daughter is loving every moment of her re-birth as a raunchy new star.

"What could be better than being asked to go to bed with a gorgeous man all day - and getting paid for it," says Camilla, now 20.

The man in question is hunky Jason Flemyng, co-star in next Friday's Ruth Rendell psycho-thriller The Double (ITV, 9 pm).

Camilla has twin roles as a virginal heiress called Lisa and her tarty double Zoe.

"Playing roles like Zoe is certainly more fun - I love doing them," says Camilla. "It's fun to be bad!"

Camilla believes The Double is one of the most erotic dramas ever made for TV - despite being heavily censored.

She says her sex scenes with Jason - who played Dr David Neil in TV's Dr Finlay - make a Jane Fonda workout look geriatric.

"Jason and I are nude. But at least three close-ups of my heaving boobs and nipples have been edited out," says Camilla.

"It's still a very sexy and electric drama, though, with strong sado- masochistic undertones. Viewers will certainly see enough of me.

"There's a seduction scene in which I wear a see-through silver mesh dress...before I rip it off."

Camilla first tasted TV fame as a 13-year-old in the children's Narnia adventures.

Since leaving the role of Emmerdale's Jessica McAllister, she has been a sexy stripper in BBC's Beck and featured as sexually repressed Dora in the two-hour adventure The Treasure Seekers.

Despite her new wild-child image, Camilla is drawn towards older men.

She says: "I was 16 when I lost my virginity to a man 14 years older than me but it was right and it was beautiful. It certainly wasn't sleazy.

"I have always preferred older men. I knew my man was the right guy. He was able to guide me and talk to me. I don't think teenage boys are mature enough to cope with sex.

"We had been friends for some time before we went out together. And when we did start dating it was weeks before we had sex.

"We didn't even have to ask each other about it. We knew it was right. We just looked at each other and realised what was going to happen.

"We had dinner together and then went back to his place. I had no regrets and I didn't feel dirty. It was beautiful - something we both wanted.

"If a girl knows she is ready to lose her virginity then there's nothing wrong with having sex at 16.

"I certainly didn't feel that what I did was wrong."

Stripping off for The Double was no problem.

"Why should it be?" she says. "I've got no inhibitions on that score and I'm not ashamed of my body."

Jason confirms: "It's true - she has a gorgeous figure!"

He added: "Actually, I had to have sheets taped to me so my nether regions weren't exposed when Camilla and I were at it!"
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Author:Hill, Pat; Parker, David
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 29, 1996
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