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ACEI's publication program continues to progress. Over the past year, we have added several new publications to our collection and have added a new Professional Focus newsletter, Focus on Teacher Education. Our two journals, Childhood Education and the Journal of Research in Childhood Education, have contained some exciting articles, and we have some very interesting theme issues forthcoming. We are also very excited about the special publications that are in the works. Watch for a number of new titles throughout the year.

New Publications

Our latest special publication, From the Minds of the World's Children, is a collection of anecdotes about what children say. This entertaining and thought-provoking book was a joint project with the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP). Editors Jim Hoot, Judit Tamas, Leah Adams, and Patricia Kostell spent several years soliciting and recording stories from around the world. Also new are two ACEI Speaks brochures for parents: "Commercialism in the Schools" and "Enjoying Humor With Your Child."

We also have revised the position paper "Child-Centered Kindergarten." The Position paper clearly states ACEI's determination to support high-quality kindergarten programs that provide developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate experiences for children. It outlines the program goals, content, and implementation necessary to achieve that goal, stressing the importance of play, and of having the appropriate physical environment and classroom materials.

Theme Issues

The Annual Theme Issue for 2001 will focus on international migration and migration within a nation, and its effect on schools, children's families, and community services offered to children. Articles will discuss the issue within larger education, social, cultural, historical, and political contexts in different countries. The guest editor for this issue is Navaz Bhavnagri from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

The International Focus Issue for 2001 will explore nontraditional education settings around the world. This issue will investigate various non-public school settings where children are receiving education, examining both the positive and negative; assess what education in these settings means for children, teachers, parents, and community; identify where research is needed; and evaluate how children are doing. This issue is guest edited by Ramsey Koo from The Hong Kong Institute of Education, and Rebecca Harlin, from Florida International University in Miami.

Publication Outlook

The outlook is good for at least five more new publications by this time next year (from among the following list: Children and Stress, Brain Research, Special Topics in Elementary Education, Caring for the Very Young, Multiage Classrooms, and Educators Healing Racism: Case Studies). Other authors are pursuing publications on the following topics: Leadership, Outdoor Play, Activities From Around the World, Technology, Science, Gifted Children, Foundations of Education, etc. By the end of the year, we expect to have drafts of position papers on child-centered care for infants and toddlers and child-centered primary education.

Your Involvement

As a member-run organization, the Publications Committee welcomes the input of all interested persons. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about ACEI publications that you want to share, please do so. We will be having a special open forum meeting at the ACEI Annual Conference in Toronto. That meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 4, from 5:45 - 6:45 p.m. We hope to see you there.

Watch Your Mailbox!

September renewal notices will be sent out soon. Renew when you receive your first notice and you'll be doing ACEI and yourself o big favor. Early renewals save ACEI a lot of money, and help us avoid dues increases. Also, you, don't want to risk missing any issues of Childhood Education. A late renewal may mean that your records in our database are not updated? in time for you to receive the Foil journal (we need to pull the homes two months in advance).

And don't overlook our special offer of o free year's subscription to the Focus Newsletter of your choice. This offer is only available to early

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