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Ergo Victory Does Not Free Manufacturers of Responsibility

"ALTHOUGH FEDERAL regulations that would have required nearly all employers to implement detailed ergonomics programs and subjected them to fines and penalties for violations recently were repealed by President Bush, that doesn't mean that employers in the furniture manufacturing industry can afford to forget all about ergonomics."

So begins a brochure promoting a pair of "Ergonomic Practical Solutions Workshops" held at the tail end of last month by the American Furniture Manufacturers Assn. The programs were brought to my attention by AFMA Executive Vice President Doug Brackett, in response to the April Editor's Page in which I noted the AFMA's cancellation of four one-day "Ergonomic Preparation Workshops."

"Yes, it's true we canceled the scheduled workshops because they were targeted to meet the ill-conceived proposals issued under the Clinton Administration," Brackett wrote. "As the enclosed brochure indicates, we have not walked away from the ergonomics issue in any way. We have simply changed focus in view of the changes resulting from canceling the proposed standard.

"Ergonomics will continue to be a focus for the AFMA and more other responsible industries. I would appreciate your correcting the erroneous impression that we no longer believe ergonomics education is a priority."

I think that should do it.
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Date:Jun 1, 2001
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