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A kind soul

Re "Bidding Bob farewell" (June 7):

Bob Barker is certainly worthy of the front page of your newspaper. He is the epitome of a human being. A man with a gentle, kind soul. He deserves every single accolade given him, not only for his years of dedication and achievements in television, but mostly for being a wonderful person.

You can just see it by his actions, and in person, he's just as kind as can be. Now that he's retired, just watch out for him, though, on the golf course.

-- Pamela Taguinot

Woodland Hills

And Bill Cullen

Re "Bidding Bob farewell" (June 7):

Amidst all the deserved kudos for Bob Barker for his amazing stint as host of "The Price is Right," I would offer a tip of the hat to the guy who started it all -- the first host of "The Price is Right," Bill Cullen.

I was the NBC floor manager on the very first show in November of 1956, when the producers didn't even know how they were going to reveal the prizes. (That first show they decided on a turntable, the curtains or simply rolling the prize on stage with a dolly.) Bill was gracious, kind and started the great success rolling. Also, a lovely young woman named Beverly Bentley was the head model those early years. She later married Norman Mailer.

-- Ronald Rubin


Weather page

I was dismayed to see the change in the weather page. My 5-year-old son and I enjoyed sharing time looking over the colorful map and graphics each day. He was very upset to see it gone, as was I. It was his window into the daily habit of reading a paper. That opportunity is lost with the drab map I saw today. Why change a good thing?

-- Lana Escobar

Woodland Hills

Toothy Tony, again

Re "City: Cut water use by 10 percent" (June 7):

On June 7, you ran yet another photo of Mayor Villaraigosa -- this time he and a bunch of "suits" are turning on a water valve. It's on the front page of the local section. Big deal. Really important news.

On an inside page is a photo one half the size of the mayor's photo. It shows our local hero, Cpl. Joseph Anzak, being buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Now that's a photograph that deserves to be big, and on the front page.

-- Ken Green


Be waterwise

I'm glad that the city of Los Angeles is asking its residents to limit their water use during this time. My only suggestion is that it must be mandated year-round. Then, anyone who won't adhere must have their water bill doubled or tripled to pay for the water they waste.

When the pocketbook is hit, then the people will wise up.

-- Deborah A. Hill

Van Nuys

Don't turn blue

Re "City: Cut water use by 10 percent" (June 7):

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but last time I checked with my neighbors, my water usage was half that of anyone else in the neighborhood. But in the spirit of community, I will cut my water usage 10 percent just as soon as the city stops issuing building permits that require the use of more water. Please don't turn blue holding your breath.

-- Craig Crippen

West Hills


The article "On a quest to recycle" in the June 7 section points out how few recycling centers exist in the Valley and therefore how overused the few of them we have are. It takes me three visits, on average, before I can successfully complete my recycling task. (I use the same one at the Ralphs on Victory and Fallbrook, as mentioned in your article.)

You mention that in Oregon there is a recycle center at nearly every store that sells anything with a refund value. Why isn't this true here? I thought part of the rationale of the recycle program is to conserve energy. How do we do that if we have to make multiple trips to recycle centers? And how can a store morally charge CRV and not provide a means of recouping this charge?

-- Norman Schuster

Woodland Hills

The system worked

Re "Libby pardon urged" (June 7):

Bush appointed the judge that sentenced Libby to prison. Bush appointed this judge because he was sick of judges being "soft on crime." Libby was found guilty by a jury of committing a crime. This judge gave him jail time. Hey, the system worked.

Why should Libby be pardoned for being a loyal Republican? Being a loyal American is more important. I say, dress him in orange and let him pick up litter off the side of the highway. Keeping America clean should be everyone's responsibility -- even Republican politicians who have dirtied and mocked our Justice Department.

-- Catherine Flynn


Liberal justice?

So Scooter Libby gets 2 1/2 years in the slammer for lying plus other charges. Yet Sandy Berger, a former ex-aide and national security adviser to ex- President Clinton received basically a slap on the wrist for stealing documents from the National Archives.

Oh, yes, ex-President Clinton also was charged with lying under oath, and we all know what penalty he received.

-- Brad Accosta


Not a liberal bias

Re "Democratic debate?" (Your Opinion, June 8):

Reader Larry Wolfe argues that MSNBC displays a liberal bias. MSNBC's lineup is full of extreme right-wingers such as Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson, and hired such offensive right-wingers as Michael Savage and Don Imus until public outrage made them back down. Even Chris Matthews, former aide to Tip O'Neill, has made a hard turn to the right as host of "Hardball," and Phil Donahue complained about MSNBC's pressure to include more conservative guests during his all-too-brief stint on the network.

MSNBC may have token liberals (Keith Olberman, Stephanie Miller), but they are neither as numerous nor as extreme as their conservative hosts. MSNBC's conservative leanings should be clear to all but Fox News fans.

-- David Holland


Care for vets

Barbara Boxer is co-sponsoring a bill to set up new mental health treatment "Centers of Excellence" to treat the veterans with mental illnesses and brain injuries suffered in combat. As a disabled Vietnam vet who gets medical care at the VA, her first step should be to make sure the VA has sufficient budget to accomplish not only this, but care for all injuries our military people receive. Some of us need care for the rest of our lives, not just a couple of years.

The VA has consistently been given a budget far below what is needed to provide the care and compensation it is charged with providing. This has gone on for many years, under both Republican and Democratic-controlled congresses, both Democratic and Republican presidents.

We need to keep our word to our all-volunteer military that any injuries received as a result of their sacrifice will be taken care of.

-- Jerry Schwartz

Granada Hills

Filling the demand

"Breeders" objecting to mandatory spay/neuter laws are nothing more than modern slaveholders, forcing sentient souls into servitude for profit. Too many Americans take smug satisfaction in condemning Chinese prison labor camps while participating in the same activity here through the buying and selling of living beings. For every home filled by a breeder's offspring, another life is murdered in the governmental death camps.

Two hundred years ago, people of color were exchanged for money by those who were likewise "filling the demand." Adolph Hitler, along with breeders, was a firm believer in the eugenics movement, working to create the perfect being, discarding those deemed inferior. God does not create junk. All, whatever the pedigree, are beings deserving of a full life.

-- Terry L. Clark

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