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Re ``Deep Throat breaks silence'' (June 1):

Thanks to W. Mark Felt, we now know how long rats can live: at least 91 years!

- Jason Miranda-Levi


Fanning the flames

Re Portfolio, May 31:

David Horsey's cartoon depicting a U.S. military torture room disgraced all Americans. It was especially horrific to vilify our military just one day after our country honored those soldiers who gave their lives for us. Such irresponsible depictions only serve to aid and abet our enemy by fanning the fire of hatred that envelops them.

- Wayne Knitter


If you build it ...

Re ``Building bans to blame for housing prices'' (Their Opinions, June 2):

As usual Thomas Sowell completely missed the mark when asked why he thinks housing prices are so out of control in California. He thinks we need to ease building restrictions and build more. Take a look around! Where should we build? Los Angeles is out of space, and the Bay Area has been building houses on top of each other for decades. Building more homes won't solve the problem, it will only encourage more people to move here (and clog our roads even more), driving prices up even further in the long run.

- Desmond Ortega

Granada Hills


Is Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa still a member of the Los Angeles City Council, and are we still paying his council salary? He cannot possibly be in two places at once. The council has been minus a member for a long time. Only in America will they let you run for mayor, do all your campaigning, and still get paid for doing nothing. It must be nice!

- Joe Pinoy Lozano

Mission Hills

Hidden cost

Re ``Effects of living wage studied''(June 2):

What's left unsaid is that workers and all consumers are paying for these pay raises with the higher prices caused by such inflationary programs.

- Robert L. Rodine

Sherman Oaks

Car-pool insanity

Re ``I-5 HOV-lane work to start today'' (May 17):

When will the insanity stop? Once again, millions of taxpayer dollars are about to be spent on car-pool lanes! Car-pool lanes have never done what they were intended to do. Time and time again, I see cars whizzing by in the car-pool lane with an adult and child. All these lanes do is take a lane away from the general traffic, thereby creating further slowing.

- Robert Kunz

Canoga Park

We're at war

Re ``Guantanamo destroying U.S. image'' (Their Opinions, May 31):

Thomas Friedman's solution to help our decades-old ``image'' problem with the Islamic fascist world is to close the doors to Guantanamo Bay and give the ``inmates'' a trial. Really? It has been recently reported that al-Qaida instructs its members, if taken captive, to claim prisoner abuse and mistreatment of the Quran. Closing Guantanamo Bay will only embolden the enemy the next time they disagree with a U.S. policy or action. We are at war, Mr. Friedman. The people held at Gitmo are not inmates. They are prisoners of war and are not entitled to a ``trial.''

- Bruce Hunt


The real problem

Re ``Track kids' progress to ensure school success' (May 31):

The higher the level someone reaches in the state educational establishment, the less he or she seems to be in touch with or willing to acknowledge the real problem: Too few families who value education, and fewer still who reinforce it at home.

Richard Riordan and Bernard Parks are politicians, not educators, and that's exactly what their article reflects. It's easier for them, and not a political hot potato, to blame principals and teachers.

If they're intent on tracking something, I suggest it be parents' progress in becoming more involved with their children's education. This will better correlate with student academic success.

- Hal Rothberg


Study this

Re ``Dems seek education tax on rich'' and ``State Senate votes 24-14 for universal health care'' (June 1):

Here we go again. Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Los Angeles, says her health-care bill is ``affordable and completely comprehensive.'' I am just waiting to see when a liberal Democrat will have the guts to say what they really want to do: ``We have decided to confiscate all the money the rich have and are going to split it up equally among every California resident.''

I have seen studies about everything from the mating habits of the dodo bird to how many holes it takes to fill Albert Hall. The one study I would love to see: Is it nature or nurture that makes Democrats believe their primary job is to redistribute wealth?

- Robert Gardner


Nosy neighbors

Re ``Get neighbors organized and get angry'' (Their Opinions):

Ellen Weiss Vukovich writes about her disdain over the fact that one of her neighbors is tearing down an older home and building a newer, bigger home in its place. But in doing so, the neighbor is taking out the existing landscaping. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

What's it to Vukovich if a private owner wants to take his privately bought property and make it better? So a tree is lost. If she and her nosy neighbors are so concerned about a tree, why not put their money together and buy the tree themselves, replant it in a local park or in one of their own yards?

But that's not a consideration. People like Vukovich want to tell other people what to do with their money, time, houses, trees, cars, etc. I live in the Valley as well, and, for the most part, people who build these ``McMansions,'' as they are called, go through great expense and hurdles of regulation to build them, and they are usually built tastefully, with new and better landscaping. They most certainly always improve the neighborhoods and bring up property values.

Instead of going after those who improve their environment (again with their own money and property), why not go after the people who let their properties go into disrepair? Such thinly veiled ``concern'' just sounds like plain old jealousy.

- Gregory A. Conte

West Hills

City ineptitude

Re ``Get neighbors organized and get angry'' (Their Opinions, June 1):

I commend Ellen Weiss Vukovich and her community for questioning the ineptitude of our city departments regarding trees. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there.

The Department of Water and Power installed water-saving toilets in my building. Wonderful; however, in my case the handle was unable to work properly because it was wedged against the wall. You pushed it down and had to pull it up or the toilet would keep running.

On a second visit, the DWP simply changed the handle to the other side where space was ample. Possible water waste; two visits. One step forward; two steps back. Get angry.

- Monica Mauro

Toluca Lake

It's OK to make fun

Re Daily News Line, May 28:

We were appalled to find that fully 54 percent of respondents to the question ``Is it OK to make fun of the president?'' replied that it is not. How did this 54 percent get out of elementary school without at least a passing knowledge of the Bill of Rights?

Didn't first lady Laura Bush just recently endear herself to us all with her playful jabs at the commander in chief? Perhaps the 54 percent would have her shackled and tossed into a cell in Guantanamo Bay to contemplate her sins.

Poking fun at the president - and even, God forbid, disagreeing with him - is an inalienable right in this country. (You can look it up). To believe that it is ``not OK'' to do so is, frankly, un-American.

It is both ironic and pathetic that this survey appeared at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, in which we purport to honor those who have fought and died to preserve the piece of paper that 54 percent choose to dishonor.

- Mike Walsh and Renee Fraser

Simi Valley
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