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Grand contrasts

Re "Grand Project receives final OK from city and county officials" (Feb. 14):

In my sad corner of the Northeast Valley, many streets have not been paved in more than 60 years. The water main pipe that broke and flooded recently dates back to 1917. No streetlights. No street cleaning, because the city lacks money for the requisite signs. I haven't seen a policeman around since a nearby Labor Day gang killing.

Our councilman, Tony Cardenas, who voted for the project, is running for re-election, claiming that a vote for him is a vote for "Safer Streets." He must be referring to Grand Avenue at First Street because there are no safe streets here, but we are so very proud to learn that our tax money will be going instead to build exclusive shops, fabulous restaurants, parks, condominiums and a luxury hotel in faraway downtown L.A.

-- Emily Sheldon

North Hollywood

Who's kidding whom?

Re "Antonio's gang plan: Phase one" (Feb. 8):

The mayor's gang plan is a joke. If Antonio really wanted to get rid of gangs and all that goes with them -- violence, murders, drugs, etc. -- all he needs to do is dump Special Order 40 and our "Sanctuary City" policy.

Let law enforcement do its job and keep the feel-good clown college (City Council) out of it; all they can seem to do is increase taxes on homeowners -- isn't this everyone's problem?

-- Henry Magid


Smells like tax money

Re "Antonio wants Wi-Fi free throughout L.A." (Feb. 14):

OK, so now Antonio wants free Wi-Fi in L.A. You can already get free Wi-Fi in L.A. from the unencrypted connections. Who is the free Wi-Fi for? Who's paying for this? Is the next step free computers to those who don't have one? I smell another bond on the ballot.

-- Maxine Abarbara


Hollywood & Vine

Re "Big comeback for an old star" (Feb. 12):

Since when does "143 high-end condos, 297 market-rate and 78 affordable apartments" translate to glamour?

Quick, everyone! Go take pictures of Hollywood & Vine before it becomes one more congested labyrinth of stucco and steel. A far cry from "the glory days of Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra."

-- Penny Antine

North Hollywood

Better-off monkeys

Re "Monkeying with feng shui" (Feb. 13):

Feb. 13, front page -- $7.4 million for three monkeys, $15 million to keep L.A. families together.

I wish I was a monkey.

-- Almut Bower


Conscience decision

Re "Nunez to assist new suicide bill" (Feb. 14):

We have clinical methods to give life to a being who would otherwise never exist, yet we are so scared to reverse the process of life, especially when consciously making that decision?

Nunez's support of the Death with Dignity Act is a brave decision and should be seen with respect toward those who are in pain and have chosen to speed up their imminent death.

-- Christian Aldama

Panorama City

He's kidding, right?

I read "Parks proposes gun warnings" (Feb. 14) this morning and had a good laugh. It's been a very busy day and I see it here on my desk. I read it again and laughed again.

Does Councilman Parks (or anyone) really think that posting warning signs that guns can hurt -- even kill -- people is going to deter a single gun sale? Anyone who reads the paper and/or watches/listens to news shows is acutely aware of what some people can do with the inanimate gun.

-- Terri Andrews


Dim idea

Re "Parks proposes gun warning" (Feb. 14):

So Bernard Parks wants to have gun dealers post warning signs explaining the dangers of firearms. He states that most people are unaware that they can go off accidently or be used to commit suicide.

Wouldn't we all like to have a job that pays $200,000 a year, counting perks and benefits, and have every now and then to come up with some half-wit idea. Maybe spending days working with the mentally challenged council members leads you to believe that the citizens are as dim as you.

-- George Timko

West Hills

Protecting cyclists

Re "Measure would give cyclists more protection" (Jan 29):

I cannot believe a bill is being introduced to create a 3-foot buffer zone around cyclists. In my observance of road cyclists, I believe them to be the rudest, most selfish, "get out of my way" and "laws don't apply to me" group of people ever. I have never seen a cyclist stop at a stop sign intersection. They just sail right through it; they ride in the middle of car lanes, not even thinking of moving over to let a car pass them.

No, I don't think we need a "buffer zone" around cyclists, but we could use a bill that would fine cyclists if they don't stay next to the curbs. A $250 ticket might wake them up.

-- Marie Mull


LAUSD on life support

Re "Money politics -- Special-interest cash fuels school board races" (Our Opinions, Feb. 13):

Exactly how much money should it take to elect actual reform-minded members to the LAUSD? More importantly, how much time will it take to get the school board to turn this failed education establishment in the right direction?

I recently reviewed performance scores for elementary schools in my area and was sickened to see the outrageous level of underachieving that is going on in these schools. These days I constantly I dread where my 5-year-old will end up when he starts first grade in the fall of 2008. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, David L. Brewer and the UTLA can spend and fight all they want over who will win the next school board seat since there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel anyway.

-- Adrian Gonzalez


Underneath the tinsel

Re "Movie biz tax breaks disappoint" (Business, Feb.10):

I find it very interesting all of the ink given to the loss of jobs involved with film production and other entertainment enterprises. What about the tens of thousands of other jobs that have been lost to downsizing, outsourcing or other reasons in the past 10 years? No one ever seems to think or give much consideration or thought to those.

Quite frankly, my commute is made much easier when I don't have to make frequent detours because some film production is being done on yet another mediocre Hollywood project.

-- Matt Peterson


Should not drive

Re "$10.3 million tragedy: child mowed down" (Feb. 8):

Tears were brought to my eyes while reading this article. It was further disturbing to read that the driver of the van should clearly not be driving. The DMV needs to have stricter policies in place for keeping drivers who are not physically able to drive off the road. There are several ways that a physically impaired person can travel without getting behind the wheel.

-- Caroline K. Malloy


A fatherless child

In regard to the alleged fathers and family of Anna Nicole Smith's baby: Suppose there was no fortune to care for this precious child.

After the huge swishing sound, the FBI wouldn't be able to find the jerks.

-- Virginia Haas

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