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A good scout

Re ``Gerald Ford dies'' (Dec. 27):

I have seen the obituaries and listened to the news regarding his achievements and why he was trusted and had integrity -- unlike today's folks who say they have it but haven't a clue how to get it. Well, folks, he was an Eagle Scout and the only president who ever achieved it.

Now you know why the folks say what he is and yet they for some reason neglect to say it ... he was an Eagle Scout. And, yes, it says you're probably square, too nationalistic, too trustworthy, a do-gooder, and even know how to light a fire when cold, treat a wound when injured, cook a meal when hungry, balance a checkbook, join the military to serve his country and much, much more. Now you know the rest of the story. God bless Gerald Ford, president of these United States.

-- Wynne Ritch

Granada Hills

Ford on Bush

So now that our beloved ex-President Gerald Ford has left us, his strong opposition to the war in Iraq has finally been revealed. The embargo has now been lifted on the 2004 interview between Ford and Bob Woodward in which Ford expressed his view in part that stated, ``Rumsfeld, Cheney and the president made a big mistake in justifying going into the war with Iraq. I feel very strongly it was an error ....''

Now a few years later, it comes down to an upcoming decision by Bush on whether he attempts to save face by staying in Iraq, or save lives.

-- Bill Mouzis

Lake Balboa

Doesn't follow

Two headlines in the Dec. 28 Daily News:

``Former LAPD Deputy Chief admits having sex with subordinate'' and ``Chief gets raise to $268,964 a year; LAPD commissioners give Bratton vote of confidence.''

Isn't there something wrong with this situation?

-- Jimmie Hicks


No mas, no mas

So our City Council members get a third term. Most of us felt duped or feel the attempt was made to dupe us into voting for Proposition R by our council members. But what about their partners in the scheme, the League of Women Voters?

Should we forgive them? I say that anything the League of Women Voters supports from now on we should view with suspicion. They were up to no good with Proposition R and will probably get bolder in the future. Keep an eye on them, fellow Daily News readers. The habit of lying is a hard one to break. We all know a liar or two, don't we? Now we know the League of Women Voters for what it is.

-- Eloy L. Mendoza


What's Harry hiding?

Last week, Sen. Harry Reid was in front of cameras declaring that Sen. Tim Johnson ``looks great.''

If that's true, why doesn't Sen. Tim Johnson hold his own press conference to show all that he ``looks great.'' Why has there been so little coverage by the media on the senator's condition?

-- Tom Spencer


All the statistics

Since Your Opinions are all about how many soldiers die each day, maybe you should put in all categories of deaths on a daily basis. For example, how many people die while driving or on drugs or in gangs or domestic killings and so forth?

Maybe you will find that the percentage of soldiers killed in Iraq in a war zone is far less that any deaths that happen in the USA so you can blame President Bush for that also. How sad it is to be so hateful of our president.

-- Richard Desjardins

Canyon Country

And the line is long

When I report something to our city department heads, I am told that it will be taken care of as resources allow. We will do the same for our mayor and council members getting a raise: wait in line.

-- Joe Pinoy Lozano

Mission Hills
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