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Re ``Monarch Stadium renovation celebrated by Valley College'' (June 21):

It sure is nice to see that Wendy Greuel is concerned about the rise in childhood obesity. Unfortunately, the millions spent on the new Valley College athletic fields will not make a difference.

Unlike before the renovations, other than a minuscule new walking ``track,'' the facilities are closed to the people who paid for it -- the public.

-- Brian Peterson

Valley Village

The parent job

Re ``LAUSD's graduation rate: 44%'' (June 21):

When are the mayor and the elected officials going to put the blame where it belongs, on the parents and the students? Never! Because elected officials don't get elected by telling their constituents (the parents) that they're not doing their job.

Until the parents get involved in their kids' education, nothing is going to change. You can reform it, break it up, take over control, but if something doesn't change at home, nothing will help. I don't know if it's because parents don't care, don't have time or can't speak English.

The LAUSD has graduated millions of successful people over the years, the curriculum hasn't changed, so you do the math -- if you can.

-- Jeff Kravitz


Bentonville article

Re ``Jewish families bring diversity to Bible Belt town'' (June 20):

Your article regarding Jewish families bringing diversity to Wal-Mart's Bible Belt town of Bentonville, Ark., was truly one of the most bigoted articles written in a long time. Especially the front-page line, ``Then the Wal-Mart Jews arrived.'' Did the Jews invade Bentonville? Did Wal-Mart need the Jews? Why was it necessary to even point out ``Jews'' for Bentonville? This is truly a racist, ugly article.

-- Dorrit St. John

Studio City

Someone to blame?

Re ``Prisoner treatment'' (Your Opinions, June 22):

Dana C. Johnson wants to know where the ``loud and vocal outrage for our servicemen'' is? Before these poor kids and 2,500 others were killed in a useless war, we protested loudly and vocally, but you and your ilk refused to listen and sent them to the other side of the world while you stayed safely at home. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror.

-- Cliff Shannon


It was Clinton

Re ``Iraq policy has a case of ADHD'' (Their Opinions, June 21):

Richard Cohen suggests that Iraq policy failed because of lack of planning. Then he incorrectly blames the escape of Osama Bin Laden on both Bush presidents. Has ADHD prevented Cohen from remembering Bill Clinton's role in ignoring Africa's Osama offer. Typical of the left, they propound no solution of their own for Iraq except to cut and run.

Cohen tells us, mind you, that the first rule of war is kill your enemy. Oh, but hear the left complain when our troops do their duty.

-- E. Larry Henen

Santa Clarita

Eye for an eye

Well, that's just great. The Iraqi war murderers whom the ``politically correct'' call insurgents not only maim, torture and kill our U.S. soldiers unlucky enough to fall into their hands, but let one ticked-off American soldier, in a fit of pique, go as far as slap around one of theirs and the PCs scream that we're torturing them. Why is only our side obeying the Geneva Convention rules?

Only the brilliant Israelis seem to have heard of ``An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,'' (Exodus 21:23-27), which al-Qaida, mad in its extreme hate, apparently doesn't understand.

-- Phillip Barton



Re ``Israeli airstrike kills 3 children'' (June 21):

Why is it when the Israelis drop bombs killing innocent children and civilians it's on Page 14 of Wednesday's Daily News. However when the Palestinians who are fighting the occupation of their land retaliate it makes front-page news. Do I sense a bias here.

-- Alex Bey

Los Angeles
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