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Villaraigosa vs Romer?

Re ``Antonio, Romer go to war'' (May 31):

Antonio Villaraigosa, the man now running our bloated cash-rich, money-wasting, behemoth bureaucracy, wishes to take over the other cash- rich, money-wasting, behemoth bureaucracy, LAUSD. What delicious irony. Oh, and did anyone even notice that we were promised 1,000 officers if we would only allow city officials to increase our ``trash fee'' by $7 per household, but we only get 685 officers now that the deal is inked?

I'll bet the odds that we net 685 new officers is similar to the odds of getting back the $2 million the Department of Water and Power ``lent'' to the Hawaiian scooter company. The real need for police officers is somewhere around 30,000 for a city this size.

-- Mylani Reyes


The fault lies with us

Re ``Civilian deaths traumatizing'' (May 30):

Ask not who is at fault for the slaughter and execution of some innocent civilians by U.S. Marines in Haditha, Iraq. We are at fault. The least culpable are those Marine youngsters. The more unpopular the war becomes, the more vague our reasons for invading and remaining there, the more resentment and hatred are demonstrated against us both in Iraq and all over the world in our role as ``liberators,'' the more frustration will surface among our brave men and women in combat.

These kids knew they were acting out of rage at the loss of a comrade, but their frustration was overwhelming. It will only get worse. We are at fault for allowing our government to continue with this national disaster. Bring them home now.

-- Bernard Lehrer


Protest vote

Re ``Capturing the center'' (Our Opinions, May 31):

Suffering from election exhaustion, it would be great if a choice between Steve Westly and Phil Angelides were exciting, rather than the bland choice of opting between wallpaper pastes. Instead of the inspiring, we've been dealt the repulsing: A choice between cleaning up the dog's poop or rinsing out the baby's diapers. Either way, neither of these men deserves to get California's top job.

My protest vote of ``a pox on all their houses'' comes from a ``McIntyre in the Morning'' (KABC Talk Radio) listener. I will vote for Tom McClintock. Although there are areas in which I'm in total disagreement with him, he seems to be the most principled and to have the best interests of Californians at heart.

-- Sandy Sand

West Hills

In praise of Abbe Land

Re ``Four for Assembly'' (Our Opinions, May 30):

I was rather shocked to see that you endorsed Mike Feuer in the 42nd Assembly District primary. Mike may be hard-working and intelligent, but when you speak of passion, you speak of Abbe Land. Abbe has been a tireless champion for reform of the health care system, affordable housing, gun control, education, domestic violence, and a host of other issues.

In addition, she has done her best to send a positive message, unlike the mud-slinging campaign that Feuer has chosen. I feel that, if you have a strong message and a righteous cause, you do not need to resort to those tactics. I hold my head up high that I chose to support Abbe Land for state Assembly.

-- Gay Lannon

Sherman Oaks

LAX officer training

Re ``LAPD at LAX'' (Your Opinions, May 29):

Speaking of Airport Police officers, Monica Harmon states ``they will need to go back into the police academy to get trained.'' This is nonsense. Airport Police officer training actually exceeds the standards set for all police officers in California, including LAPD. In addition to regular police training, Airport Police officers are required to complete a state- mandated field training program, specialized aviation law enforcement and security training and airfield operations training.

As to ``LAX had to call in the big guns of LAPD to handle'' the July 4, 2002, shooting at LAX, she missed the point. It was a terrorist incident. The FBI was in charge.

-- Bernard Wilson

Chief (retired), Los Angeles Airport Police

Granada Hills

Waiting is a pain

Re ``Americans fed up with long wait: Poll finds a nation in a big hurry'' (May 31):

No surprise there. People don't want to stand in line when they have a lot of errands to run or if they have a bad back, arthritis or other health problems.

Several customer service experts have stated in various articles, newsletters and/or books that negative customer service equals long lines and long wait times. Americans also seem to be demanding better customer service. Hopefully, businesses will be able to provide better service in the future, but then maybe not.

-- Eden Rosen


Church complicity

Re ``Pope prays on visit to Auschwitz'' (May 29):

Pope Benedict XVI seems to be ignorant of Catholic history when he asks, rhetorically, ``Why, Lord, did you remain silent?'' In 1933, the Vatican signed the Reichskonkordat with Germany, which did much to further the acceptance of Naziism. The Vatican, in the interest of self-preservation, subsequently turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the slaughter of millions.

Benedict XVI had been Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which, in overseeing Catholic dogma, is the direct descendant of the Inquisition. Is it any wonder that he would so shamefully deconstruct the complicity of the church in abetting the Nazis?

-- Billy Bauman

Van Nuys

For a change

Enron's Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling should be doing lengthy prison terms for their misdeeds, but it does nothing for the money people lost and the lives ruined due to the criminal actions of Lay and Skilling. If there was ever a case to apply Federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statutes, this is it.

Every penny of these criminals' assets, every dollar, every piece of property, anything of value should be seized and sold to pay back what they have stolen. For a change, the money should be returned to the people who actually lost it due to these criminals' actions instead of the usual: Ggovernment getting the money, where it promptly goes down the rathole.

-- John R. Schlank

Granada Hills

Enron connection

With the convictions of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling I'm wondering how come we are not hearing about their connections with President George Bush. After all, it's well-known they are good friends. In fact, doesn't George call Lay ``Kenny Boy''? How come we don't hear about the jets Enron gave Bush during the 2000 campaign? How come we don't hear about their donations they gave to the Bush campaign?

How come we are not hearing from the media their role in our energy crisis when Bush and Cheney wouldn't step in with the price gouging that Enron and companies like Enron were charging California?

-- Erik Weinberger

Woodland Hills

Political ad tsunami

I'm an avid reader of the Daily News for over 25 years and I was wondering if anyone, someone in your readership, would have an idea, way, suggestion -- something, anything -- to stop the mass mailings of political ads that come in the mail and to get taken off the call lists. I watch the news and read the paper and I so would like not to be contacted otherwise. Does anyone have a clue? If so, I'd appreciate it.

-- Diana ``Lee'' Bridge


Not a lifetime job

I think the Daily News should take a survey on term limits for members of the county Board of Supervisors. No one should have a lifetime job.

It's time for a change. We need new ideas and new blood on the board.

-- Allan A Smaul

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